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Booty Seeker review

Summary: Booty Seeker is a reality ebony site. 100% amateur content with images and videos in MPEG and WMV formats.

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J C, 2005-01-11

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Intro promises

"100% Original Amateur Girls With Azz!"

"Welcome to the ONLY site with 100% original Amateur Ladies of Color where every female featured has plenty of ass. Watch as we search the streets of America for sexy females with booty and convince them to participate in the search for the finest booty in America (yeah right:) Once we get them back to the studio they soon offer to do anything to increase their chances of winning the grand prize!!!"

First impression

Alright. It looks and sounds like a typical reality site. This one has the added advantage of focusing on full figured black women. Other than that, I don't think I should expect too much originality. I shall booty seek, but will I find?


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3 Day Trial - $4.99, renews to monthly fee of $37.49
Monthly membership - $37.49/mth recurring

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7 Day Trial - $9.99
Monthly membership - $37.49/mth

Our opinion

When first entering the members section of the website, you're greeted by a simple, efficient layout. There's the main graphic at the top, followed by the most recent update, then a box containing other relatively current updates, archive material, sister sites, etc. It all flows nicely and is set within a very functional and visually pleasant design scheme. However, I had to question just how much content could really be in the site considering the simplistic look of it all. It didn't seem like there was enough to click.

Well, to help curb that thought is the numbered episodes. As I write this, they are on number 37, and they seem to update on a fairly regular basis. A whole new episode is completed within two weeks. Considering that each episode has two picture and four video pages when everything is all said and done, that works out to quite a bit. So, the problem actually lies in the navigation.

The design works well, but navigating through it all isn't as fluid as it should be. If you don't want any of the seven featured/most recent escapades or if you want to just take a look back and some of the earlier stuff, you have to use the pull down menus. One of the menus is for the most popular episodes and that lists the five highest ranked (I'll get into that a little bit more later on). The other is for the episode archives and they are listed in order of update from newest to oldest. The problem I have with this is that you can't see the girls before you pick. It's such a pot luck, especially in this site.

The girls in this site run the gamut. Sure, they're all African American, but the body types vary so widely that preview pictures are needed to find something you like. I really like the variety. You won't find that most places. You get some skinnier girls, you get some very full-figured women, you get some dark skin, you get some light. You get a nice buffet to choose from. If only the site made it easier to choose your meal.

Getting into the content side of it all. The pictures are a little bit of a crap shoot as well. I looked at some sets where the quality was painfully bad. The pixelation and the gradation, mixed with the poor lighting made the jpgs especially ugly. Othertimes, and it seemed like these were from video screenshots, instead of still camera shots, the quality was quite workable. The shot selections once again showed good variety and depth while not being too incredibly repetitive. Plenty of angles are covered and it's easy to sift through the sets and navigate the pages. I would like to see the images open up within the design template or else in a new window, but I can make due.

The video showed me two things. The most important thing is that the on-camera personalities on these people are some of the most lifeless I've ever seen. It's honestly the least believable reality scenarios I've encountered. The other thing is that no matter what you download, the picture quality will never be all that fantastic. You can get each 8-10 minute section in parts (in three different sizes, depending on your connection speed) or you can get the whole section in one swoop as either a wmv or mpeg. The wmv will be somewhat cleaner, but they're both virtually the same and not as crisp as it should be. This could be a case for quantity over quality. I really like the options given.

As for the action, you can see various positions as they go through the traditional set of moves. You'll see blowjobs, missionary, girl on top, doggie, etc. You won't find anything to exotic or acrobatic, which is fine. The basics still get the job done. I would have loved to see a little more life put into the scenes. Both the guy and the girl obviously acted it up and appeared to be doing a job more than anything.
Other sites hire personalities that can at least ad lib some stuff. The cameraman should have stepped in and started talking or something. Give it a little more life. There were also occasionally audio problems, because the mic wasn't pointed directly at whoever was talking. Speakers had to be pumped up too loud and the volume knob had to be adjusted a little too much for my taste.

This site doesn't bog you down with extras and stores and all that other "bonus" stuff. In lieu of all that, you get to rate the episodes. From the main menu, you can see the top five and their rankings (on a five point scale) rounded to two decimal places. If you click on an episode, you can see the ranking rounded to the nearest half star and you can place your vote. You can also look to see how many people have voted on that particular episode. I like the system. I would suggest letting people see the dispersion of votes. How many people voted what. Maybe add a comment system so that people can better express why they did or didn't like what they saw. Just a thought.


The site seems to thrive on giving its member options. You can choose from a wide array of women and video downloads. It listens to its members to some extent through the grading system. That could easily dictate future content. However, the asking price is pretty steep. This is one of the highest prices I've come across. I just don't think there's enough content here to justify that yet. You have to be pretty sure you'll like the content before shelling out that kind of dough.

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