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Dirty Jason review

Summary: Dirty Jason films his dates with a hidden camera while having sex with them. The girls are actually pretty hot and the action seems believable. There is however only 16 episodes on the site available in average quality. And there doesn't seem to be new episodes on the way. That makes the membership pretty expensive in spite of numerous bonus sites.

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Pete the Meat, 2009-07-01

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Intro promises

"Hi, my name is Jason and I had an idea. I see these websites all over the place showing regular guys fucking all sorts of babes and I thought I'd like to give it a try. I decided I was going to secretly videotape my dates and put them on my own site. I set up hidden cameras in my livingroom and my bedroom and started asking out girls I know who I'd like to fuck. I will use mostly my own house or the apartment. I take them out, then get them back to my place. I never know for sure which ones are going to come through but you might be surprised how much pussy a guy like me can get. The best part is these chicks never know they're on camera!"

First impression

Dirty Jason is a dirty man. He claims that all of his videos are completely candid, as he fucks unsuspecting girls in his apartment and films them with hidden camcorders. The cameras are set up in his living room and bedroom, so there isnít much of a change in scenery. But there are a wide variety of hot babes, as Dirty Jason goes to work. The site looks promising, and Dirty Jason may be good, amateur fun with a hidden camera theme.


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Our opinion

Like any good man, Dirty Jason likes to get frisky. He also appears to have a way with the ladies, as he sets up the story at the beginning of each scene. Some he meets at the grocery store, others he meets at the bank, online dating sites or other random locales. There are a total of 16 different scenes, each featuring a different girl Jason has supposedly lured into his apartment.

All videos are available in average quality WMV format at 640x480 pixels. The videos are laid out from most recent to oldest, with written synopsis from Jason that are quite funny as he describes how they met and what she was like in bed. Each scene is broken into three parts to download individually, averaging at approximately 30 minutes per girl.

The first part of each scene usually begins on the couch as Jason performs a brief introduction before going out on his date. The scene then cuts to what appears to be several hours later, as they return and he already has her warmed up and ready. Clothes come off and Dirty Jason, playing the role of the ďaverage joeĒ, goes to work. The second and third parts to each scene take place on the couch or the bedroom. The lighting is dark and audio tends to be muddled, but the upside is the quality of amateurs featured and their ability to act more natural to suit the reality theme. Most girls are sexier than the average amateur, and donít over-moan or look at the camera at all. There is even one humorous scene in which things donít exactly go as planned, as the girl rejects him and storms out.

Essentially, Dirty Jason is just one page. There are no photo galleries or any other extras to check out. With a current total of 16 videos and no promises of updates, the best news is that your Dirty Jason membership also gives you access to 13 other sites with their own downloadable videos as well as photo galleries. The bonus sites are: Hot Mom Next Door, Hot College Girl Next Door, Handjob Next Door, Lesbian Next Door, Big Cock Next Door, Hot Virgin Next Door, Throat Fuck Next Door, Ebony Next Door, Masturbating Neighbors, Girl Voyeur Next Door, Squirting Next Door, Fuck Next Door, and Shemales Next Door. There is plenty of variety given the amount of different themes, and hundreds of full-length scenes to download throughout the network. The bonus sites vary in the amount of content, but there is definitely a lots of great amateur stuff to check out throughout the network as well as photo galleries on each site.


Itís funny, the girls are hot, and Jasonís ability to work these girls into a frenzy is highly educational! Dirty Jason is a funny theme, and the best part is, these sluts are hot! The reality theme works well, and in all, Dirty Jason is a fun site that isnít meant to be taken too seriously. The down side is that there is only 16 episodes and no sign of any more coming up. The inclusion of the bonus sites from the ďNext DoorĒ network at least makes this package somewhat worthwhile.


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