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Hardcore Gangstas review

Summary: Hardcore Gangstas is a reality site featuring rap stars like Ice-T as the main attraction. Unfortunately that is indeed the main attraction since the content is more or less standard hardcore porn. Part of BrainPass.

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Joseph, 2006-10-29

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Intro promises

“Cum watch out booty-poppin’ sluts. The ultimate pimpin’ reality site.”

First impression

“Welcome to the West Coast Players Ball,” announces Hardcore Gangstas when you enter this site. But what kind of players are in attendance at this illustrious event? Well, you got your big-time rap superstars Ice-T, Knockturnal and Tha Realest, but a number of players in the porn industry are also on hand, like Mr. Marcus, Kelly Jensen, Avena Lee, Brittney Skye and Misty Mason. Of course, the rappers don’t actually participate in any of the hardcore fucking, they merely introduce some of the scenes and occasionally watch the action from the sidelines. While rap and porn may seem like strange bedfellows, the two have a long and storied history together, particularly following the success of Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle, a porn flick that was shot at Snoop Dogg’s house and features Tha Doggfather’s music. Yup, everyone’s trying to cash in on the rap-porn connection (even Lil Jon has his own porn site now!) and the makers of Hardcore Gangstas certainly aren’t any different. But is the site itself different from the pack? Let’s take a look at it and find out...


Our opinion

Hardcore Gangstas was launched in October of 2006. None of the videos on the site are date stamped, so I have no idea how often Hardcore Gangstas is updated or if it’s ever been updated at all. Still, Hardcore Gangstas has a decent amount of material on it for a site that’s been online for such a short period of time, thus there’s plenty here to keep any player satisfied. The site is incredibly easy to navigate as there are only videos to look at here and the videos aren’t hard to find.

There are twenty videos on Hardcore Gangstas. These twenty-minute videos depict straight fucking, lots of threesomes and even a ten-woman lesbian lick-off; there are also a couple of non-sexual clips showcasing bloopers and Ice-T freestyling. The videos are broken up into two to seven separate WMV or QuickTime clips which can be downloaded as high speed or low speed videos and are accompanied by a set of screen captures taken from the videos that can be downloaded one at a time or in a single ZIP file (the screen captures look terrible but are actually pretty useful with regards to helping members decide which clips they want to download first). The full movies can also be downloaded as one big WMV clip which can be burned to a DVD-R by interested parties (that’s right, kids, there is no DRM on Hardcore Gangstas — clearly, Hardcore Ganstas “keeps it real”). The video quality is excellent, with the WMV clips being 480x360 in size and the MPEG clips being 352x240 in size.

I would guess that rappers are affiliated with Hardcore Gangstas to give the site some street cred, but they really have no reason to be here. I mean, they’re not fucking anyone or directing the action, so what’s the point of having ‘em stand around in the background or introduce clips that they had nothing to do with? The very premise of Hardcore Gangstas is completely pointless.

Hardcore Gangstas is part of the famous Brainpass network, thus members of this site will get access to over forty-three bonus sites in the aforementioned network, including Annie Berry, Bang Me Boys, Cherry Potter, Deep In Cream, Feet Frenzie, Lex Steele and Peter North. These bonus sites include a variety of different genres and niches, so there should be something for every player — there’s no hatin’ on the Brainpass network! Each site contains exclusive material and all forty-three sites together will keep you and your little soldier rather busy for quite some time.


I really have to wonder why anyone would join Hardcore Gangstas just because Ice-T and company are associated with it — the rappers really add nothing to the site and their combined presence is unnecessary at best. At the same time, if the rappers weren’t here, this site would be indistinguishable from countless other ebony sites — without the rappers, Hardcore Gangstas is just another faceless porn site. Honestly, I would only join this site to get access to the forty-three bonus sites — I wouldn’t even join Hardcore Gangstas if I were a hardcore gangsta and I certainly wouldn’t recommend this site to fans of Ice-T, Knockturnal and Tha Realest. Proceed with extreme caution and play on, player.

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