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Sex For Breakfast review

Summary: Sex for Breakfast is a German reality site where amateur women are offered a hotel room in return for sexual favors. The content here is strictly streaming, but comes in above average quality and fast-buffering videos. The dialog is completely German and there are no subtitles. This may make less attractive to some despite good reality and hardcore action.

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Mephistopheles, 2010-03-09

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Berlin, European girls, German spoken

Intro promises

"Looking for a place to stay in Germany's sexy capital, Berlin? Every lady is welcome for these flatmates. The babes that book a room at this flat have to pay with their pussy!"

"Watch the movies in HD Quality and enjoy a complete new episode every week. You will find each story in our member area. Vote for our top list or add them to your favorites."

First impression

I've always been a big fan of the German school of porn. They really know how to get down and dirty, and have no qualms about crossing over into the realm of vile and repugnant.

So, it's only natural my curiosity would be aroused by a German site that, among other things, specializes in taking advantage of women who want nothing more than room and board for a night or two. Is a roof over your head worth a cock in every orifice? That is the question.


Payment Processors:

Our opinion

In my youth I worked as the assistant manager at a sleazy Motel. Often, I fantasized about taking advantage of the more attractive female clientele. In my daydreams, the women were always teary eyed and desperate, cashless and utterly devoid of any dignity or self-respect. Naturally, being the kindhearted and helpful guy that I am, I was always more than willing to suggest alternative payment methods. But that only happens in dreams, right? Don't be too sure.

Sex For Breakfast is a reality site that has very little to do with early-morning meals, but quite a lot to do with sex. The premise is rather simple. Attractive ladies, tourists and locals alike, are offered room and board in exchange for sexual favors. Though the premise could easily be argued unoriginal, I was still willing to give it a chance. Execution is everything, after all.

I checked out the videos first. There are currently 42 HD-Quality episodes, just as promised on the tour. I was saddened, however, to find no option for downloading videos directly. Instead, users are limited to streaming videos only. Technically the "High" setting gets us a resolution just a little short of 1280x720, disqualifying it for HD quality. The bit rate is also a bit low at 1.5Mpbs. Still, the videos do look fantastic, and even look great when expanded to full-screen. Worse is the fact that the dialogue was entirely in German and provided no subtitles.

As you can imagine, I was more than a little perturbed by this. Without the luxury of subtitles, it makes it all but impossible for me to lose myself in the concept, let alone gauge how effectively they pulled it off.

On the bright side, the videos had a massive resolution and buffered without a hitch. Running times average at the half-hour mark, and episodes are filled with muscular studs jack-hammering beautiful European amateurs.

Language barriers aside, the action is pretty much what you'd expect. Dicks are sucked, pussies are ate, and there's always a money shot to punctuate the scene. That's not to say it's average. Some scenes were down-right impressive. It's a pity they can't be downloaded.

Watching these videos, you can't help but get the impression that many of these girls are amateurs, perhaps even on their first shoot. And even if they aren't, they all do an amazing job of convincing you otherwise. The models, for the most part, have the look of your average girl, lending an air of credibility to the whole charade.

One of my favorites was a stunning blond named Jenny. Straight out of Berlin, Germany, she's a hometown babe with legs that don't end and a pussy so perfect that I'm convinced God himself must have taken special care in its creation.

With a penchant for gambling and lousy bankroll management, it was inevitable that poor Jenny's luck would run out. And having placed a hefty and wager on a losing team, she had to pay up. Problem was, the poor girl didn't have any cash. Solution? A deep dicking she'll never forget.

Each episode is also accompanied by a photo gallery. On average you'll find 90+ high-quality images, with your choice of two reslution options: 900x600 and 1500x1000. Pictures are clear and crisp, well lit, and expertly shot in a variety of angles. My only gripe would be that there is no option for downloading full galleries.

Another troubling aspect of the site is that I can't find any indication of timestamps on these updates, making it virtually impossible for me to discern how often these guys update.


All in all, Sex for Breakfast is a damn solid reality site. The premise is simple but effective, the scenes are delightfully raunchy and well shot, and the streaming videos are some of the fastest loading I've ever encountered.

Unfortunately, episodes cannot be downloaded directly, and I find the fact that they didn't mention the videos were entirely in German and devoid of subtitles more than a little misleading.

Still highly recommended for those who are fluent in the German language. Other wise, I'd advise you to steer clear. I mean, if you don't care about dialogue, why bother with reality porn in the first place?


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