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Steal Your Bitch review

Summary: Steal your bitch is a reality site where a guy steals another guy's girlfriend and fucks her brains out. About 10 episodes so far and not much info about update rate, but the videos that are present are pretty good looking.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Fred Lake, 2006-02-24

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Intro promises

Breaking up couples one bitch at a time! Exclusive content, movies and still photos.
The Site Premise is similar to other "screw my wife" and "watch me screw your girlfriend" sites, but takes it a step farther by actually kidnapping the bitch before fucking the hell out of her. In theory, the couple agrees to the "let the woman screw another guy for a thousand bucks" pitch, but doesn't realize that hubby will be left behind to ponder the question "Is she enjoying it? Will she come back?" The preview mentions seven women who have been given the treatment.

First impression

Upon entering the member's area you find a listing of the eight women who have taken the deal so far (Jenna, Amiee, Daisy, Loretta, Haley, Dani, Jenaveve, and Alexia). At the top is a link to the bonus sites, and at the bottom is a notice of the next update (which is a month out of date and mentions the eighth girl added).


Access to only Steal Your Bitch:
1 month $24.95

Access to Steal Your Bitch and its 7 bonus sites:
1 month $29.95
3 months $59.95

At $24.95 (just for this one site) it's no bargain, and indeed grossly overpriced for the content available. A VIP membership for $29.95 includes the bonus sites and may be marginally worthwhile. A platinum access for $59.95 is just a three-month VIP membership, but given the lack of consistent updates I cold not recommend this. You can pay by phone, on-line check, or credit card through CCbill (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, or Discover).

Our opinion

This is a very interesting variation on the "indecent proposal" theme. While it could use more content, they haven't been at this very long and will hopefully build up a bigger library as time goes along.

Each girl comes with 200-300 Photos. (Note, girl #1 has no hard-core photos, the second girl no photos at all.) The photos are huge (1000x1500). About 2/3 of the photos are posing and undressing and 1/3 or less are hard-core fucking and sucking. This is a little ridiculous; a few nude photos let you see the girl but you're getting a lot of "filler" content. The hardcore photos are explicit and in your face. Real porn-studs were hired to do the deed and their cocks are huge.

Each girl comes with 48-67 minutes of Videos in WMV format, divided into five-minute chunks. (Girl #8 has no video yet) The videos are clear, well-lit, and show all of the action.

Navigation is efficient, if only because the site is so small. From the main member page, you select the girl. (Tricky bit, if you're looking for photos you still click "View this episode".) Once inside, you can select from the ten or so video clips and three photo archives (two are soft-core undressing, one is hard core; not all girls have all three.) Once inside an archive, you see 25 thumbnails per page. The system starts losing steam, however, once you click on a girl, since there is no direct "next picture" link and you have to go back to the gallery to click on the next picture.

Each scene starts with picking up the girl, taking her to the studio, getting her naked, licking her pussy, getting her to suck cock, and then fucking her brains out. The fucking is bareback but there are no creampies in the still photos. (I did not watch every movie.) The porn studs know their business and the women enjoy themselves; some even reach orgasm. I didn't see any anal sex.

The material is exclusive to this site. In theory, they upload new girls but seem to be having trouble recruiting more of them as there had not been a new girl uploaded between 9 Jan and 3 Feb.

Bonus sites include Sickogames (an attempt to do a X-rated version of fear factor), BoyGirlBang (hiring porn girls to fuck loser guys), girlgirlbang, Tubby Bob (don't ask), female depot (solo scenes), and a file of "bonus" stuff they bought from a broker. The "bonus sites" have little material and few recent updates and this site has the look of guys who ran out of ideas, girls, and money, but hopefully they will pick back up soon.

I should note that the bonus stuff includes something over 80,000 pictures (including anal, snowballing, DP, DV, pissing, fisting, even a creampie or ten, and more) and it's not their own stuff, I have seen most of it elsewhere. Seems to be old material from a professional porn company. These photos are in a random order and you won't be following any story lines, but the photos are medium-size and totally explicit and hard core. If the rest of the site disappoints, this bonus file is worth at least what you paid to get in. The only annoying part is that navigation is difficult. You cannot get the gallery to open a picture in a new window, so you actually have to back-arrow to get to the gallery again, and there is no 'next picture' button.

The site promises a new girl every week but there has not been a new girl in four weeks as of early Feb 06.


There are only eight girls (some parts of the episodes are missing) and no recent updates. The bonus sites also have little content and not a lot of updates. It seems that this group of sites is not thriving. It's probably worth checking out, but it's low on the priority list.

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