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Big Gay Apple review

Summary: Big Gay Apple won't get you interested when you look at the very sparse tour, but you'd be disappointed if you pass this one up. The personality of the site and the variety of features helps to offset a severe lack on the technical side of things, and you'll find yourself loving the bonus network as well.

Score 80.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2010-03-23

Amateur, Hardcore

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Intro promises

Get access to Bad Puppy network with membership

First impression

Big Gay Apple doesn't seem to worry too much about you figuring out what they're all about - in fact the tour is pretty much just a list of their videos, and the only text is about the Bad Puppy network. It's a bit odd, but the guys do get you staring and it looks like they're all from New York.

The member's area is just as plain as the tour, and you pretty much just have the videos running down the page, and basic navigation going off to the right side. It seems like the Big Gay Apple videos are in the left most column, and the other side features other Bad Puppy sites.


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Our opinion

While they might not have a lot of flash presentation wise, some of the best sites I've ever been in have had nothing more than a wink and a nod at your standard pornsite design. So I'm not too concerned about that, although I always appreciate several different browsing options when I'm looking around.

There are 50 videos from Big Gay Apple, and it's a mix between your standard gay porn amateur action, and some very entertaining interviews with a whole slew of random people, including pornstars. It's one of those sites that really wins you over with its personality as opposed to anything spectacular on the technical side, and it looks like Big Gay Apple has that down pat. There are only a few updates a month at most, and it looks like they are on a once a month update schedule currently.

The video pages aren't anything to write home about. It's just a basic streaming player that is shown in 320x240, and it looks like a 500 - 700 kbps bitrate. The video quality is pretty bad, even for an amateur site, and I'm not sure how much I like that video player. Plus I'm also not a big fan of streaming only unless the player has a ton of options and is really really nice.

There are two sets of bonuses - the ones that they offer right on the site, and the ones that you get with your Bad Puppy membership. The ones on the right are mostly from, and between these videos you also have some illustrated erotica that is well written and entertaining. The bonus videos are presented in the same streaming only player as the main site videos. There's a blog that covers the latest updates to the site, as well as reviews of sites that they recommend. There's also a list of cruising spots in New York city. Down the sidebar, you get a list of different niches that feature downloadable mpgs, and these mostly seem to be promotional galleries for other sites.

Finally you have the Bad Puppy network, which is pretty much the best gay megasite around, along with one of the longest running. There is a gigantic main collection on the network with daily updates, plus over 80 bonus sites that are a mix of contributor and third party sites.


Big Gay Apple doesn't really impress on a technical level - the site is bare bones, and the streaming only videos have a basic player. On top of that, the videos are below average quality. With that said, they make up for it with personality, with great interviews, great action, and even great writing, which is not something you can say too often about porn sites. Plus you get bonus access to the Bad Puppy network, which is purely kickass.


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