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25 latest gay porn reviews

This is the page to find the newest gay porn site reviews. Below you can find the 25 latest gay site reviews all featuring textual descriptions, ratings, members area screen shots and sample pictures.

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  • Latin Leche screenshot
    Latin Leche
    Date: 2018-06-07

    Summary: Ever wanted to persuade a cute Latino to drop his pants, flash his cock, taste yours and then get his cherry popped by your throbbing dick? Search no more because Latin Leche is upon us. Here, we have straight 'off the street' Latinos who need cash. Our filmmaker has that, and all he wants in return is some first-time straight boy cherry-popping hardcore, which is bareback. It's a great new site, currently with an introductory sign-up price that's not to be missed, and it's going to go right to the top of our favourites 'gay for pay' and Latino reality sites list.

  • Young Perps screenshot
    Young Perps
    Date: 2018-06-05

    Summary: Shoplifting boys are caught and used for the pleasure of the guards at this exclusive content site that mixes interracial action, the domination fetish (not BDSM), uniforms, big dicks and tight-ass twink niches in a unique and exclusive site. Long slow build-ups to the sex make for horny anticipation, the quality is good, the models do well, and it's believable. It's also HD and easy to use, not expensive but not yet a large site. Mind you, it holds some of the hottest 'go gay or go to gaol' videos I've even seen.

  • Family Dick screenshot
    Family Dick
    Date: 2018-05-30

    Summary: The 18 + teen stepsons and the 30 + hairy stepdads at this site know no boundaries when it comes to illicit getting off with each other at home, in the woods, at the Dr's clinic (with doctor involved). You've got exclusive older/younger hardcore here, bareback, believable and boner-making through and through, and it's one of those hardcore gay sites that's going straight to the top of the charts. If you have a thing for step-sex, gay, youth with 'dad' then this is the site you've got to see next.

  • Mormon Boyz screenshot
    Mormon Boyz
    Date: 2018-05-25

    Summary: Young recruits, some who are actually Mormon and gay, appear in older/younger movies with hot dads and handsome twinks at a site that is one of the best of older/younger hardcore. It's something of a legend now, Mormon Boyz, because of its cinema-standard filming, the quality of models, and its theme which is explored fully in ritualistic sex scenes that are dripping in quality.

  • Teach Twinks screenshot
    Teach Twinks
    Date: 2018-05-14

    Summary: Teach Twinks is great with their concept - these naughty college twinks get nasty anywhere they can manage, whether it's the classroom, under the desks, or in the janitor's closet at school.

  • Broke Straight Boys screenshot
    Broke Straight Boys
    Date: 2018-05-14

    Summary: Broke Straight Boys turns these straight guys into cock sucking bottoms that are learning what it's like to be at the receiving end of some dick. A massive collection and fast update schedule give you plenty to occupy yourself with, and the content is pretty good quality overall.

  • CJXXX screenshot
    Date: 2018-05-14

    Summary: CJ XXX might not be the fanciest network in the world, but it does end up being a pretty strong one. There is a monster amount of content here, especially if you like twinks, and there are also one rather fascinating niche site. The updates are fast and furious, and while the video content is on the average side, it ends up being a pretty entertaining time.

  • Blacks on Boys screenshot
    Blacks on Boys
    Date: 2018-05-14

    Summary: Blacks on Boys is a wild, crazy, and above all hot gay interracial site. These white boys have no idea just how much dick they're going to have to take in these fuck fests, but after they're done you can see the smiles on their faces. Decent quality videos and a large collection make this a must see gay interracial site, and the bonus gay site helps too.

  • Homoactive TV screenshot
    Homoactive TV
    Date: 2018-05-14

    Summary: Homoactive TV is a gay pay per view pornsite that throws credits out the window, and gives you the price per minute in actual dollars. That's a great thing to see (I'm not a fan of credits, Microsoft points, or any other random currency used instead of cash). The collection is large, and daily updates keep a fresh variety coming in. It's a solid effort that could probably use a few bells and whistles to take it over the top.

  • Next Door Twink screenshot
    Next Door Twink
    Date: 2018-05-14

    Summary: Next Door Twink will take you to a gay amateur porn world that is hot and delicious, with plenty of 18 to 21 year old twinks who are going to make you damn happy. However, the collection is not as big as many other twink sites, and it's not growing at a fast enough pace to overtake their competition. The exclusive content and network access is pretty damn good, though.

  • Bulldog Pit screenshot
    Bulldog Pit
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: Bulldog Pit is one of the rare gay fetish sites that I get to check out, and they do a great job at representing many different fetishes. The videos are in HD so you can see every spank, whip, and command, and you get many different options in both resolution and formation for viewing.

  • Fisting Central screenshot
    Fisting Central
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: Fisting Central looks insane right from the get go, and for good reason. This is going to be one of the most intense fisting sites that you will ever lay eyes on, and you're not going to want to leave. The collection is a great size, and the variety of men that come through here will keep you busy. The fisting is as real and authentically enjoyed as you can get, and there really isn't any downside to all this.

  • Extra Big Dicks screenshot
    Extra Big Dicks
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: You're going to be pleasantly surprised by all of the HD porn that they have hiding in here, wrapped up in a 1999 design. The cocks all look nicely long and (more importantly) they have a girth that will make your ass pucker. If you are into big dick gay porn, this is well worth your time.

  • Circle Jerk Boys screenshot
    Circle Jerk Boys
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: Circle Jerk Boys might not make a good first impression, but once you get into the meat of the site you're going to be satisfied, fulfilled, and eager for more. Beautiful HD videos draw you into the action that these horny experimenting hunks are enjoying, and the weekly updates will allow this collection to keep on growing for quite some time.

  • Naked Kombat screenshot
    Naked Kombat
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: Take muscular, well trained, and hunky guys, throw them into the ring at Kink, and what happens is Naked Kombat. These guys know how to wrestle, and the fact that they end up pretty much naked shows you just how erotic it can be. This is an incredibly well done site that offers superior quality and camera work, and plenty of updates to keep you hooked.

  • HDK Raw screenshot
    HDK Raw
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: HDK Raw does a lot right – there's a giant collection, an easy to use design, and plenty of hunky men getting the hell pounded out of them, dominated, and even fisted. It's a great view of the most intense side of the HDK studio, and you'll find that you're going to love every second of it.

  • Island Studs screenshot
    Island Studs
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: Island Studs features sexy hunks from the islands – namely Hawaii and the Caribbeans. A tropical locale and happy nudist hunks combine to make this an interesting amateur site. The navigation is a bit weird, but usable, and the quality is good amateur. You'll find that these hunks are always at the ready, whether it's to walk around the islands naked or whip out their dick for a quick piss.

  • Hot Older Male screenshot
    Hot Older Male
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: When you want older men, you won't go wrong with Hot Older Male. This is a great gay DILF and silver daddy site that gives you plenty of quality and quantity. It's hard to resist the experience of these older men, and when you see them fucking you're going to fall in love.

  • Older 4 Me screenshot
    Older 4 Me
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: Older 4 Me offers a great amount of mature gay content but I was disappointed that it did not have true HD quality. The video options that were offered are good but just not quite where they needed to be. The content overall is great to watch, though.

  • Next Door Buddies screenshot
    Next Door Buddies
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: Next Door Buddies has apparently found a neighborhood filled with damn fine, toned men that are perfectly fine with sharing their fuck sessions on camera. This polished site has plenty to keep you busy with, and an extensive bonus network that brings you the best in gay porn.

  • Male Digital screenshot
    Male Digital
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: Male Digital is a non-exclusive hardcore DVD site that features gay and bisexual material. You're getting a pretty extensive, frequently updated collection of DVDs that should suit many different needs, as well as two good bonus sites. The site could be more user-friendly, however.

  • Bound Gods screenshot
    Bound Gods
    Date: 2018-05-07

    Summary: Bound Gods takes hunky looking guys, brings out their submissive side, and turns them over to some rather creative Doms. They offer HD videos of the action, a new update every week, and a plethora of BDSM related fetishes that culminate with sex while the guys are in bondage. If you're into the fetish scene, you have got to check this out.

  • Rugger Bugger screenshot
    Rugger Bugger
    Date: 2018-05-07

    Summary: Rugger Bugger gets in on the dirty side, whether intentional or not, of male athletes from all over the world. The main focus is on Euro footballers, but you'll definitely see just about every type of hot, fit hunk making their way through the site. The quality is a bit over the place, and the navigation is a gigantic mess, but it's worth checking out.

  • English Lads screenshot
    English Lads
    Date: 2018-05-07

    Summary: English Lads is all about the hot gay amateur Brit boys. They tend towards twinks and your general guy next door, and they make sure that they're all British and all uncut. The owners of the site show that they really love their niche, with a gigantic collection and dedication to updating that will make your head spin. You need to join this site if you're even remotely interested in these boys from across the pond.

  • Boy Napped screenshot
    Boy Napped
    Date: 2018-05-07

    Summary: In the mood for some great gay BDSM fetish action? Then you're going to love Boy Napped. This is the only gay BDSM site that divides things up between light and dark BDSM, and the collection size is great. It does tend more towards the dark side of things, so you'll get the most out of this site if you want the really intense stuff. Finally, the quality is great and you get a pretty good set of bonuses.

  • Hard Brit Lads screenshot
    Hard Brit Lads
    Date: 2018-05-07

    Summary: Hard Brit Lads introduces you to the many different type of gay guys who call Britain their home, and they're happy to be taking their clothes off for you. These lusty guys all share big dicks and the sexual stamina to use them, with a variety of action letting you see the guys in many different fuck forms. Check this one out if you love good gay amateur porn or British men.

  • Cumpigmen screenshot
    Date: 2018-05-07

    Summary: When the men at Cum Pig Men get done getting each other off, they take the time to savor the aftermath. These lusty men just love cum every way they can get it, and they're making sure that they're going as hard as possible to get the maximum amount of cum. The site has a great sized collection but sadly the quality really doesn't live up to the quantity. An adjustment in the technical quality would help out a lot.

  • Bi Latin Men screenshot
    Bi Latin Men
    Date: 2018-05-06

    Summary: If you like seeing Latino guys slamming their uncut cocks into other Latino asses, then you need to sign up to Bi Latino Men. This is one of the best gay Latino sites out there, and other than a dated interface there is very little to complain about. Frequent updates, many video options, and a gigantic collection will bring a smile to your face, and the price will bring a smile to your wallet.

  • Breed Me Raw screenshot
    Breed Me Raw
    Date: 2018-05-06

    Summary: Breed Me Raw combines bareback action with HD quality video, and does a good job of it. The guys are looking mighty fine, and you're looking at a decent sized collection of no condom porn. They could use a larger selection overall, but updates will take care of that.

  • Black Boy Addictionz screenshot
    Black Boy Addictionz
    Date: 2018-05-06

    Summary: Black Boy Addictionz is an amateur black gay porn site that is going to impress you at every level. The content is entertaining and hot, the webmaster is involved in every part of the site from running it to being in the videos, and the bonus network is a great addition as well.

  • Thug Orgy screenshot
    Thug Orgy
    Date: 2018-05-06

    Summary: If you're looking for something different in your ebony gay porn collection, you're going to want to turn to Thug Orgy. Instead of the same old, same old, you're getting treated to groupsex, gangbangs, and orgies galore. It's hot as hell, and the photography and camera work are both top notch, adding to your enjoyment.

  • Bear Films screenshot
    Bear Films
    Date: 2018-05-06

    Summary: Bear Films takes you on a journey with real men – husky guys covered in their bear hair. These men aren't going to be shaved or waxed ever, and they're all the more hotter because of it. This site features a large collection of bear action, and the only real complaint is with the technical quality of the videos. They're streaming only and could use a resolution increase.

  • Dudes Raw screenshot
    Dudes Raw
    Date: 2018-05-06

    Summary: Dudes Raw takes on gay pornstars in hot bareback porn, throwing away the condoms for the feel of a raw dick deep inside of their asses. The site is fast growing, thanks to a fast update schedule that has grown this site to a decent size in just a year. However, the quality is a bit lacking, both in resolution and bitrates.

  • Eric Deman screenshot
    Eric Deman
    Date: 2018-05-05

    Summary: Any sort of gay porn or straight guy sneak peeks you can think of are shown at Eric Deman, but they take a particular delight in showing off athletes and celebrities in compromising and just damn sexy positions. The navigation and layout is a bit of a mess, but you are going to forget that once you see the size of this collection.

  • Bareback That Hole screenshot
    Bareback That Hole
    Date: 2018-05-05

    Summary: Barebacking sites are all over the place these days, it seems, but Bareback That Hole makes sure to set themselves apart from the crowd in a few significant ways. The first is that you'll get HD quality barebacking, along with a plethora of other viewing options. Then you have weekly updates in a good sized collection. Finally there's the bonus sites, which bring you even more bareback fun.

  • Chaos Men screenshot
    Chaos Men
    Date: 2018-05-05

    Summary: Chaos Men might sound like an odd name, but these lusty, manly gay amateurs are going to knock your socks off. The content quality is excellent, they have a great site setup, and the collection is gigantic. There's no reason not to join this site.

  • Boy Fun Collection screenshot
    Boy Fun Collection
    Date: 2018-05-05

    Summary: There are so many twink and gay amateur sites out there that it makes me want to scream sometimes – but Boy Fun Collection makes it all better. This is THE go to site for those gay porn niches, and you are going to have to check it out at least once. They do everything right, the collection is almost all exclusive, and daily updates mean that you will never, ever get bored.

  • Alternadudes screenshot
    Date: 2018-05-05

    Summary: If you want to know where all the really interesting men are in gay porn, you'll find them at Alterna Dudes. These guys come from all over, the goths, the emos, the skaters, the punks, the surfers, and while you won't see them very often on mainstream gay porn sites, they're kicking ass and taking names in this HD porn extravaganza.

  • His First Huge Cock screenshot
    His First Huge Cock
    Date: 2018-05-05

    Summary: His First Big Cock takes you on an adventure with plenty of massive dongs going right for these asses. The collection is available primarily in HD, with older episodes getting converted over. Along with the large collection, you get bonus access to Male Spectrum Pass for even more gay hardcore action.

  • Butch Dixon screenshot
    Butch Dixon
    Date: 2017-01-05

    Summary: Butch Dixon is run by a webmaster/photographer who really knows his stuff. His men are muscle bound, hairy or both and the content quality is utterly breathtaking. You’re getting a lot of content in the main collection, frequent updates and one of the best muscle bound and bear sites around.

  • Cody Cummings screenshot
    Cody Cummings
    Date: 2016-09-02

    Summary: Cody Cummings is a hunky, muscular bisexual guy that tends to walk on the man side way more than the times he hooks up with girls. There's just something about cock he can't deny. This HD solo gay pornstar site features a lot of action, and a lot of content. There's a few bumps in the road, but overall it's a very solid experience.

  • Czech Boys screenshot
    Czech Boys
    Date: 2016-06-20

    Summary: The only thing that you really need to know about Czech Boys is that it's a huge twink site that demands your respect, and you need to sign up for it right away. They're doing absolutely everything right, with daily updates, one of the biggest collections in porn, extras upon extras, user friendly everything and HD videos.

  • Colt Studio Group screenshot
    Colt Studio Group
    Date: 2016-06-01

    Summary: Take some of the sexiest gay pornstars around, get them into every sort of hardcore situation you can imagine, and put all the videos up on the studio site – that's about what Colt Studio Group has done here, featuring their own studio and a few others that offer great quality gay porn. It is streaming only, but they make it easy for you to enjoy yourself on their site, and the massive collection helps too.

  • Bisex Digital screenshot
    Bisex Digital
    Date: 2016-02-02

    Summary: Bisex Digital features non-exclusive biseuxal videos in a DVD site layout, and while the action is good the updates are no more. This site is large enough on its own that you might want to check it out for awhile, but unless you want to indulge in the gay network sites as well you aren't going to get a lot of value for your bisexual dollar.

  • Flava Men screenshot
    Flava Men
    Date: 2013-10-07

    Summary: What we have here is a gay porn magazine that has taken itself online, and it looks like the transition is fairly smooth. I have no complaints with the content quality, but I do have to whine a bit about the fact that there are sets strewn all over the place. They could use a bit of a layout revamp.

  • Papi Cock screenshot
    Papi Cock
    Date: 2013-10-06

    Summary: Papi Cock gets you into the world of hot gay Latino lovers, and you're never going to want to leave. The site might look a bit amateur, but it's hiding some incredibly high quality HD porn that will have you whacking it like a wild man. Plus the collection is rather massive, and you'll love exploring every bit of it.

  • Hot Foot Action screenshot
    Hot Foot Action
    Date: 2012-05-24

    Summary: Hot Foot Action, as you might expect, is a world filled with hot male feet, mainly on sexy twinks that just love to show off their foot loving ways. This plain looking site has pretty good looking material, with HD quality WMVs that offset the amateur layout.

  • Gay Creeps screenshot
    Gay Creeps
    Date: 2012-04-12

    Summary: Gay Creeps has a straight goes gay theme that has roommates messing around with their straight friends until they can agree that gay is the way to go. The HD videos are above average quality but could probably be better, and the site could use a bit more personality. It's a pretty solid gay reality porn site but it's not breaking any new ground.

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Total 48 reviews