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Dick Show review

Summary: Dick Show features yummy amateurs whipping out their dicks and having a good old time with themselves. While they work themselves into an explosive orgasm, you'll see that the video quality is on the low side, and it's a very sparse and bare bones site.

Score 65.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2010-09-20

Amateur, Solo

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Intro promises

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First impression

A Dick Show sounds like it is a grand idea - in fact I'm pretty sure that I don't know of a time when something like that wouldn't be welcomed. Sure, it might be inappropriate at the time, but I know I would find it grand entertainment. As you might have guessed, the Dick Show features plenty of amateurs that get off for the camera and you - they tend to be in the 20 something age group, with a combination of looks that will keep you interested.

The member's area has a bit of an amateur feel to it, which actually does work out pretty well with the overall theme. There's a basic navigation at the top, some cute looking boys saying hello, favorites, an about the photographer area, and a model directory at the bottom of the page. Simple but serviceable.


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Our opinion

I'll take all the masturbating men I can get, and it looks like you're getting 312 videos in total. The approach seems to be short and sweet when it comes to the layout, and that seems to be coming through for the videos too. There are updates once a week, so that collection is going to keep your attention for quite some time from the size alone. The variety of men looks perfect, and I certainly enjoyed watching them show off their dicks. There's monster cocks, average cocks, and even little dicks, so they're definitely giving you a full amateur experience.

The video pages are simply Flash video pop ups that come up when you click on a model. There's no episode pages or anything of the sort with the most recent, although the layout is a bit different with the oldest videos. The Flash videos are 480x360 and 1 mbps the buffering is fast and the Flash is crisp and clear. You might miss the download link underneath the Flash video, as it's small and green. The downloads are lower quality than the Flash, shown at 320x240 and 1 mbps. The older videos are given in MOV format, and are shown at 480x360 and 1 mbps. That's about it for Dick Show. There are two bonus sites, and you're done.


Dick Show has a good sized collection, but the content quality bothers me quite a bit. I did enjoy all of the wanking that is going on, so if they could just get some higher resolution videos in here it would be easier to get into all of the action.


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