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Gay Asian Anime review

Summary: If you love to watch yaoi, you might be stuck trying to find a good source of it online. Gay Asian Anime offers their own exclusive series, as well as other interesting toon photos that have a variety of art styles. There's also a bit of animation as well, making this an interesting place to take a look at. It has a good collection size as well, so you'll spend some time going through it.

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Tiffany, 2010-08-30

Asian, Hardcore

gay anime, gay hentai, yaoi

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Well, the name pretty much says it all - it's Gay Asian Anime through and through, with a cast of characters that shows several different art styles that mainly are geared towards hentai. This Yaoi adventure looks to be as intense as it is hot, with plenty of different fantasies to keep you going.

The member's area has a dark feel to it, with plenty of toons at the top of the page, navigation that separates things into the different yaoi niches that they offer, and the latest updates right down the middle for the network. Under that you are treated to their exclusive anime books, as well as various other sections from the site. There's a pretty wide mix of content on the main page alone, speaking to what you'll find inside.


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Good gay hentai can be incredibly hard to find either it's all the same content, or the art is horrible, or it's just very random. At Gay Asian Anime, it looks like they're taking the time to produce exclusive series as well as well done yaoi. Having the various styles separated also makes it simple to get around the site, as well as getting right to where you want to go. There are 37 exclusive anime books (12 page comics), 120 toon sets, the animated series section takes you to a third party feed, 5 flash videos, 6 hentai DVDs, and 12 erotic stories. It's a good mix of content, and as expected the focus is more on the pictures than the videos. I'm not entirely sure when they update, as there are no dates on any of the content. They do claim weekly updates, however.

The toon sets cover what you expect to see with most yaoi sites, so I'll start with those. While the pictures are put into galleries, they usually aren't any sort of series, but rather a grouping of similar style pictures. The art style does look rather nice, and many different themes are covered such as the anime series sex pictures, impossibly large cocks, and positions that would leave you in a pretzel. There are slide shows with the galleries, but no zip downloads for the sets.

I am very interested in the exclusive anime books that they have. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that in other yaoi sites, and the art style is very distinctive. It almost looks a bit like cell shading to me, although not quite. There are a few different ongoing story lines here, so you can follow along for more than the sex. They are pretty interesting with 12 pages each, and I think the only thing that bothered me after awhile was the same action sounds over and over again. Then again there is probably only so many sounds you can put in print for a cumshot.

The Flash animations are very basic animations, so you aren't looking at any sort of long videos or anything like that. It is nice to see all of the different styles that Gay Asian Anime offers, though. The videos are short hentai series, up to 10 minutes in length. It follows a samurai that ends up having a lot of hot gay sex as well as buckets of cum splayed about him, in a rather fantastic fashion. You can stream these videos, or just go ahead and download the Flash, MPG, or MP4 version. The streaming is handled in WMV, and is shown at 352x272 and 350 kbps. The downloads are shown at 640x480 and 224 kbps and 320x240 and 500 kbps.

You get access to bonus sites that cover gay Asian porn not yaoi, but at least it's remotely in the same niche. These are very high quality and exclusive sites, with HD porn. There are 7 bonus sites in total, and 4 of those cover gay Asians. There are also a handful of streaming Asian DVDs, erotic puzzles, and erotic games.


Gay Asian Anime offers a good sized collection of Yaoi content that gives you a mix of pictures and videos with a mix of styles. While it might not be the biggest site of its kind, overall it is handled very well and the variety will keep you coming back for more.


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