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Tailheat review

Summary: Tail Heat is one of the elusive gay furry porn sites out there, and they are one top notch site. I found myself loving the quality pictures, great stories, and excellent comics. They are a bit small as of yet, but with weekly updates they'll keep on growing. The only thing they need to fix is their lightbox style galleries.

Score 80.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2010-09-18

Fetish, Hunks-and-Muscle

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Intro promises

Gay furry art
From the publishers of Sexy Fur
Weekly updates

First impression

There is plenty of gay furry porn out there, but precious little of it passes over my desk. I'm not entirely sure why that is, but I'm happy to see that the folks over at Sexy Fur have set up a gay furry porn site called Tail Heat. Just glancing through the tour I'm seeing a very polished art style, and they have plenty of artists on hand to lend their creative vision to the furry sex shown here.

The member's area has a clean and easy to use look. The main navigation is spread across the top of the page, while a year based browsing system is set off to the sidebar. You can also see the individual characters, and there are currently 6 of them on the site. The latest updates are shown in the main content area, and there's an admin journal that covers site news.


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Our opinion

There are three distinct sections at Tail Heat. The first, browsing, takes you through all of the characters. The Comics section is a separate area that shows you the ongoing comics, and finally there's a stories section. The gay furry community is one of the most interesting ones that I've ever seen, and while I'm not a furry myself I do respect the art and culture. Hell, I look forward to Anthrocon just for the art room! There are weekly updates, which matches the promised schedule.

Most of the galleries are actually single pictures, and while this might seem a bit odd, the care taken on each picture really shows through. I did have an issue with the lightbox style of display the pictures took some time to load, and the compression looks odd. If you open them up in a new tab you get a much faster and better quality experience.

There are 55 pictures, one ongoing comic, 1 animation, and 6 stories, some with multiple chapters. Tail Heat is a new and growing site so I wasn't particularly surprised at the relatively small amount of content. The pictures vary in size a bit, and you are exposed to 11 different artist styles. If you let them open up in lightboxes they're rather small, and I couldn't find a way to open them up to a full size directly from there. Just go ahead and go for the new tab, and you'll find that the pictures are shown at 1200x900 on average. I would have liked full galleries, obviously, but the single pictures really captured a special moment in time. There's a few nice browsing options for the pictures you can go by year, artists, change the size from large to small, look via keywords, or choose popularity or upload date for sorting.

The animation is somewhat basic, but it's neat to watch. I really liked the comic, which seems to have a bit more depth to it than your typical porn comics. Plus it wasn't in broken English, which seems to happen in most gay porn comics I see. It certainly annoys the hell out of me, so I'm happy to see that Tail Heat has managed to produce a great product. The stories are high quality as well, and I found myself being rather thrilled that Tail Heat caters to the story loving crowd as well.


Tail Heat is a small but growing site, and one of the few gay furry porn paysites out there. They spent a lot of tender, loving care with all aspects of the content. You'll find every picture and comic intriguing, and they really paint a scene with a single picture so well that you won't even mind the lack of series galleries.


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