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Sssh review

Summary: This might not be the first place you'll look when you're in the mood for some gay porn, but you're going to find a great quality experience that is quite unlike any other porn site that you've ever been on. This isn't just porn, it's a destination that you're going to want to visit even when you don't want to get off.

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Tiffany, 2010-08-18

Straight, Hunks-and-Muscle, Fetish

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I know what you're thinking Sssh is a female erotica site, why's it getting reviewed in the gay section. I'll let you in on a little secret these ladies have very good taste in men and more plot orientated porn. In addition to the eye candy, there's plenty of additional articles and erotica if you want your mind stimulated along with your dick.

The member's area looks more like a magazine than a normal porn site, which makes sense since Sssh is far more than a mere pornsite. There are so many sections to start off with that it's probably going to make your head spin quite a bit. You're going to be spending plenty of time looking through the many different sections, such as the Advice Goddess, Beauty and Fashion, World of Kink and the Man Menu. There's literally dozens of different sections with everything from boy toys to the news, making it a rather glorious place.


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One thing that you'll need to wrap your head around at Sssh is that the text content is just as important as the visual stuff. You're going to be enjoying every second of this well written content, whether you're reading a sex toy guide or getting into an incredibly spicy bit of erotica. As you might expect a great deal of the content is focused on women, but much of what the ladies talk about is men, so you could easily pick up a few pointers here and there. Even if you just read these articles for entertainment it's the type of thing that you'll rarely see on other porn sites.

The style of content is a lot different than what you would normally see elsewhere as well. There is a focus on foreplay and romantic, sensual encounters instead of just balls to the walls gonzo style porn. While this is a straight and lesbian orientated collection, if you enjoy watching videos that have a big focus on the straight man then you'll enjoy the videos here. There are also plenty of solo hunk galleries that will let you see some of the most drool worthy men doing their thing. There are over 80 videos and 88 photo sets in these sections. The sets range from tame as hell strip teases to intense bondage sessions that will leave you breathless.

The videos are listed on one main page with no individual video pages. You'll find that the different sections have qualities that range all over the place, but generally the latest are shown in HD quality 1280x720 and 2 mbps or 640x360 and 1 mbps. The latest formats are WMV and Flash, with downloading and streaming. You can get full scenes or just clips depending on your preference. As you go back to older videos in the collection, you'll find 300x200 and 240x120 videos with WMV, MPG and Real Media. The HD videos look very good and generally all of the videos have a high production value.

The photo sets are part photo gallery and part story, which really helps to bring you into the scene setting. The photo sets average about 50 pictures a pop spread across several pages. They are medium quality and you can get a zip download if you want to grab all of the photos at one time. The photos take their time progressing from stripping to foreplay to the sex. It's a nice, slow pace and there is a good amount of focus on the men. As I mentioned above there's also a section that is nothing but hunk after hunk. These are super masculine men, reminiscent of the type of guys that pop up in Playgirl a whole lot. The picture size varies on the age and the section. You have 400x600 pictures in one gallery and 1000x1500 elsewhere. The photo quality is generally professional, with production values similar to the videos. The photo gallery descriptions are sometimes a full story and other times a very lengthy normal description.


Sssh might be a porn site geared towards women, but that just means that it's filled with hunky men and porn that is more than just the normal suck and fuck. Along with that there are enough articles to to keep you busy for a long, long time. The site is constantly updated in all of its sections and there is great looking HD porn with male focus.


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