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Celeste Fox review

Summary: Celeste Fox is a hard-core personal/amateur site with fetish content. There are hi-resolution hard-core and soft-core images, video clips, live web cams and bonus sites.

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Uli, 2003-03-04

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Intro promises

- You get full access to one of the largest amateur sites!
- High Resolution Hard & Soft Core Photos - updated weekly
- Video Clips of Celeste in action! - updated weekly
- Weekly live cam chats with Celeste and her girlfriends.
- Invitations to Celeste' wild parties.
- Foxy Babe of the Month.
- Full access to three friend's sites.
There is a daily pic (not full hardcore) and there are also previews of actual series, so you will get a good impression what the site offers.

First impression

Well, I have to admit my first impression was five years ago, when I was a member of Celeste's site for the very first time. From that time to now I subscribed for five times and to state it just at the beginning: I never felt ripped off.

So Celeste's site is one those rare internet sites that have been up for a long time. Entering the site for the first time, you will agree with me: there is a big lot of stuff, old and new, and there's a lot to see. This is indeed a big site!


Our opinion

Celeste is a nice little lady with beautiful tits and a sexy ass. If you would have asked me some time ago, I would have said, she's a blonde, but nowadays she's a readhed.

Celeste is an amateur with a simple nice hobby: sex. She's nothing but a swinger and simply does it all. Of course there are those pics simply showing off ("just me!"), but that's obviously not most important to her. There are more pics showing her having sex with others (no matter one man, one girl, threesomes, lesbian, orgy, whatever) than showing her alone. As you might have guessed, this site is definitely a full hardcore site, leaving nothing out - you'll see it all! From masturbation and toys via straight or lesbian sex to fetish-sex of different types (bondage, peeing), it is indeed complete.

I already mentioned the size of the site: I counted about 250 picture series, having from only a few up to 150 pics each series, perhaps an average of 40 to 50 pics/series. Furthermore there are collections of her daily pics, as well as those available on the free site as the daily pic posted every day on the member's site. All the pictures are obviously amateur pics; their quality ranges from acceptable to quite good; even the older pics are still ok. However their size is varying quite a bit: the older pics are small (~350 x ~450 pixel), the newer ones go up to fullscreen 1000 x 750 pixel. By clicking on the pics, each of them will open in a new window. They can be saved without problems.

The site has about 80 video clips. I didn't find them that smashing; all clips I have seen had a small picture (200 x 150 pixel maximum) and only a short playtime. They are in Real-Player-, WMV- or in Quicktime-format and are not downloadable.

The membership includes admission to SexCamCentral and Amateur Camz. Both cam systems are good and a recommendation for a subscription. I have already seen webcam-shows by Celeste; they are as hot as her pictures. If you are a member of the cam-systems, give her shows a try.

One of the intro-promises is a membership to four other amateur sites:,, and All of those sites are amateursites; the Casey and Autum sites are quite small and did not seem to me like getting much updates. Vannessa's site is more elaborated and seems to be in full developement while Alexis' site is a full featured amateur site with ~1400 pics. All of these sites are of course hardcore sites.

The navigation of the site is ok and not very difficult to handle. But there are quite a lot of broken links, too many, if you want my opinion. This needs a repair, Celeste! A good way to find broken links is to ask the members for a report when they discover one. The trouble I had with broken links on Celeste's site was even more annoying on the other web sites; I found most of the links on Autumn's site broken and sometimes there wasn't even admission to the four included sites from the Celeste site.


If you are into amateur sites on the web I bet you will already know Celeste's site or it won't take long until you'll see a link to her site. If you are thinking about subscribing, her free pics might give you a good impression what to expect - check regulary, she updates them from time to time. She can compete with most bigger hardcore amateur sites on the net. Although there's some need for improvement I find her site good and with the other included sites a place worth a subscription. The average picture quality is not quite as good as on e.g. 4Realswingers (Look for review on this site) but since you get four other sites included with Celeste it deserves the same overall rating as this site.

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