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Curvy Kitty review

Summary: Curvy Kitty is a chubby amateur (BBW) and this is her personal site with mainly a variety of picture series. Navigation and picture quality could be improved.

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Melissa, 2006-03-16

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Intro promises

Curvy Kitty is a site that was made with your BBW lovers in mind. This cellulite Cinderella has no qualms about showing over every inch of her lovely body. The intro page opens up to some images that look like they were captured from a Polaroid camera, you know the type that develops within so many seconds, which personally I thought was a cute touch. You’ll also find a good bit of text telling you about what the current news and updates are all about. There isn’t much in the line of intro promises except for a blurb in the center of the index page that states there are 2,148 member photos and 369 extra photos, in the guest gallery she claims to have 1 gallery with 15 photos, and this is a new addition, as for the movie clips, there are a total 18, 4 different movies, with 3 of them being complete. Shall we venture in and see what this full figured female has been up to?

First impression

My first impression of Curvy Kitty was “Ok, this is a personal site,” it just had that look to it that maybe Kitty and her better half got together one weekend and said, “Let’s be naughty” and this was the outcome. Don’t get me wrong, the site looks nice and all, but it just doesn’t have that look of professionalism. But, since I’m still on the tour pages I reserve my final comments for the conclusion of my review.


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Our opinion

The member’s page opens up to look strikingly similar to the tour page, except the text is telling you more about Kitty and how she is glad you’ve entered her site. She does have a store area, with a wish list in case you want to buy her that something special that she can use in one of her photo shoots to make your chest swell with pride and your dick puff up with horniness. You’ll find that Kitty is not some petite little thing with curves like an hour glass, but if you enjoy a woman with a bit more “cushion to her pushin’” then you’ll think she is just the BBW berries! Her lack of shyness is portrayed in her advertising images, she’ll flash her cellulite self to the camera in every erotic pose she can think of. I do believe this is going to be a hard-core site because there are penetration photos included and also oral sex. If you enjoy reading, she does supply 11 hot, horny stories to stimulate your mind.

I must admit that I wish the layout had been a bit different for this site. The links are scattered and a bit confusing. But in clicking on the 2005 and 2006 archive areas, I did find 45 photo galleries that held approximately 22-100 photos. Most were lower in count but the 2006 galleries seem to hold more content, so she is growing in her amounts. There is a snippet to let you know what the image theme is for each folder, along with the fact of whether it’s soft-core or hard-core, she has both available. I chose her “Update 39” package to venture into, and here we find Kitty equipped with angel wings but doing devilish acts. Many of these shots are amateur poses, which is nice at times to just get a “what I feel like” layout.

The lighting is so-so actually, better on some than others and I was impressed by that since it’s apparent these weren’t shot professionally. I’m assuming that her husband (Yes, it says on her bio page that she’s married) is the one manning the camera, and when they share the limelight, it must be on an automatic timer because the photos lose that well centered look to them, in fact a couple of the pics aren’t even showing the action so the camera was not put in a position to grab what they must have been going for. Maybe they should have moved the tri-pod a bit? I will say that the thumbs are very nicely sized at, 200x150 pixels, and a simple click on the pic will take it to, 576x768, and nothing is lost in the enlargement. I was a bit surprised that Curvy Kitty and her hubby didn’t weed through the good, the bad and the embarrassing to give a better presentation of the images. I did find some that the lighting was extremely poor, to the point that you just basically see her silhouette, but I guess they wanted to bring you everything and share it all, so you can’t fault them for that. The oral sex shots are pretty good content, Kitty apparently has her own form of “lip-o-suction” that she uses!

As for the movies offered on Curvy Kitty, I mentioned above that there were only 4 different movies broken down into 18 total clips. I decided to check out the one titled, “First Blow Job on Camera.” Here you will find a total of 5 clips that range from 1:30 to almost 2 minutes a piece. I’ll start at the beginning with clip one and we’ll see how the action plays out. Ok, I have to say this, granted there aren’t a lot of movies to this site, but there are promised weekly updates but as for the feeling when you’re watching the movie clips, there is real love between these two people. You can see it in her eyes and you can tell by the way he touches her that they really do adore one another. So if you enjoy sex between people that share emotions, then you’ll enjoy this. The clips play in WMV and since I chose the first clip to give you information on, I found it to be 5343KB in size, the time of it was, 1:46, and the video size was, 640x480. These are streaming and downloadable, and they did come up quickly in the streaming format, a large screen included, but unfortunately the quality of the film wasn’t as clear as I would have liked seeing it. You have no problems seeing the action, but there is a distinct fuzz there as well. It does mention under her “Ideas” link, that the most recent update of information was on 1/4/06 and she had just gotten the digital video camera and was going to start making movies, so that explains why there’s not many up at this time. But actually, for it only being a month, that’s pretty good, so you can look for more movie installments to be coming down the pike.

Clicking on the “Friends” link took me to some banners and text asking you to please visit the websites of those listed.

I still have to admit that navigation was a nuisance to this site, it could have been laid out much more clear on where you can find what and have all the links together and not scattered to and fro. But I must also say that I’ve seen worse and for this being a personal/amateur site, I would have to say Curvy Kitty has done a pretty good job at it.


Curvy Kitty doesn’t have a high monthly fee, which is good, so they aren’t out to rob you for not a lot of content. As the site grows and with some minor tweaking to the lay-out this could be a nice place to visit, especially after a few more months of growth. Kitty is a lovely young woman and the fact that she is plush in her stature hasn’t stopped her from doing what she wants to do, so I say tip your hat to Kitty for that! My first impression of this website was right on the mark by the way. I was disappointed in the navigation and some of the lighting and focusing of the images, but these are real people giving you real sexual action, so maybe some of the fornicating flaws can be overlooked?

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