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Kat Vixen review

Summary: Kat Vixen is a personal/amateur site that holds content featuring mature/MILF ladies. 100% amateur hard-core material in 16,000+ images, hundreds of videos and a live house cam.

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Uli, 2005-01-03

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Intro promises

- Katvixen - voluptuous 34DDD all natural
- 100% real AMATEUR hardcore action
- Live House Camz 24/7
- Hundreds of videos
- Over 16,000 images
- Girl on Girl action
- Interracial, public gangbangs and more
- Updated three times a week

First impression

Anybody subscribing to this site wants to see Kat - no doubt. And this is indeed the place to see her. As promised, lots of stuff around here. Pics, vids, other girls, camz and so on. And yes, a decent design makes the site looking quite professional. Enough reason to give it a closer look!


Our opinion

I already mentioned it - I bet anybody who is paying for this site is mainly interested in Kat herself, well, I think even more than on many other amateur site. Kat (her real name is Toni) is a big red head lady with - oh boy - marvellous tits, a nice face and some other interesting assets. Everything is a little bit bigger with this lady as usual. Well, although I do not have a BBW-fetish for myself, I like her - she's really looking sexy. Did I mention the tits? A kingdom for hugging them!

Ok, let's discuss the contents the site presents. As promised there is a lot of different sex action: pure showoff, straight with bjs, cumshots, interracial and so on, lesbian with lots of varations, hardcore in nearly all styles. Although there are some strange things in the "gothic"-department (mostly strange makeups) there is no extreme hardcore like bondage, peeing and so on. Katvixen is a member of the swinger and amateur scene and knows a lot of different ladies. Her site shows e.g. Sammy (of Sammy4U), Beth (of Beth&Aaron), Little Cindy, Maryanne, Samantha Luvcox to mention only a few of her friends and partners and a lot of other girls you already might have seen on the net anywhere else. There are even some photoseries showing her boyfriend Torn having sex with other ladies!

This is a site with an uptime of more than five years. So it's not astonishing there is a big lot of pictures around. I was a member of this site in 2003 and from my own records I know there were already 12,000 pics. Comparing what is now I even think there are more than the promised 16,000, surely not less. The older pics were mostly small and their quality was not smashing, many of them looked like weak VHS-records. But the newer pics are astonishing me, they are extreme crisp, sharp and clear and show great details and colors. Their resolution goes up to 1024x768. But I have very much mixed feelings about those newer pics: While I like their quality very much, I have to say the file sizes go up to 1000 KB (for one single pic !) which is simply too much for anybody not having a fast DSL-connection and still a pain to download them with a fast connection. I would recommend Kat to try a little bit higher compression and check whether the quality is not going down too much.

Of course I also checked the movies and can confirm they are ok too. The newer ones have a nice resolution of 320x240 done by digital camera and are crisp and clear. I played them zoomed to full size of my CRT (17") and found they still looked good if you are not sitting too close to the monitor. Their playtime is quite long - half an hour for one single movie is not extraordinary. I counted more than 100 from my records of 2003 and 193 from the actual site.

This wouldn't be a fully fledged amateur sites if there wasn't anything more. And there is: Katvixen includes her own home cam by HouseCamZ and admission to both the cam systems "camz" and "sex cam central". The House-cam-system is 24/7, so this is very voyeuristic. All systems give you access to the cams of a lot of other girls, so this is indeed a lot of additional value.

The site is updated quite often, but don't get fooled here: Kat offers a lot of pics of different ladies. Many of those pics seem to me having been bought so that's not unique content - I have seen some of those series elsewhere. Of course there are updates of Kat herself, but not three times a week.

Those of you who are already members to this site may know it and the others can read it in the message board: The site has received a complete redesign at the end of last year. Katvixen has used a php-tool configured for her site with its own approach. Nevertheless I'm sure I have seen sites created with this tool elsewhere. It creates complete adult sites with anything you could ask for: pics department with slideshow-mode, movies downloadable and streamed, favourite pics by counter or by chance, a message board, room for a bio and so on. Handling is professional and thus ok. I was very pleased when I looked the first time at the members area and saw there was a "Download content in ZIP-file"-function at each picture series - but was also disappointed a lot when I found it wasn't working! C'm on, Kat, that's the only thing that's missing on your site, enable that function! Nevertheless you can download all pics and movies, but download in ZIPs, that's the real comfort!


Katvixen is a site for all those who want to see a little bit different web-lady, but offering all the goodies other good sites give you too. Quality and quantity of the content as well as handling and presentation of the site is good and worth its price. There's not much to complain and not much to improve. The site is also a good starting point into sites of the amateur swinger scene, although there are not that many links to other sites. So if you want to have a closer look at those special tits, give KatVixen a try!

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