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Krissys Kitty review

Summary: Krissys Kitty is the personal website of amateur teen Krissy. The site is a couple of months old and offers 35+ galleries of average quality pictures and 25+ also average quality videos. Additionally she also offers chat sessions a few times a week.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Melissa, 2008-04-29

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Intro promises

This girl has balls, they just aren’t noticeable! I’m always so impressed with how they can get on film, strip off, get naughty and get off on knowing they’re being watched and barely break a blush. But, I must admit, the girl responsible for all aspects of Krissy’s Kitty has got the body to flaunt. She’s lean, her skin even looks soft, so you can imagine how it must feel, and she has the coy look in her expressions that’s always a big winner. She’s a teen with a dream and she’s making sure it happens.

For this being Krissy’s self ruled world, she does a wonderful job at keeping up with the needs. There is a list of promises that will seek once inside membership, but those are; new photo galleries added every Tuesday and Thursday, new video added every Saturday, there is member chat three times a week, with content covering solo and girlfriend action. She also includes wallpapers, cam photos, games, friends, a diary and more. Oh, and in case you would like to buy something from her store items, members do get discounts.

First impression

I’m always eager to dive into an amateur site, especially ones like this where she is behind everything that goes on and goes up on the net. I like the natural way the tour area is presented, so my hopes are high. I always say with amateur content it’s so easy to envision them working in the grocery store, or just walking down the street, because it could be just anyone, and this site pretty much holds true.


(Not a lot of information was given as to what's recurring and what's not, but I'm assuming most will not be)

30 day $24.95 (recurring @ $21.95)
30 day $24.95 (non recurring)
60 day $46.90
90 day $68.85
180 day $134.70

Credit Card, Check, Mail


Our opinion

Logging into the main membership area, it’s literally dripping with pink... her favorite color maybe? The first thing it made me think of was cotton candy, which is sweet, just like how Krissy looks. She is keeping the amateur-ish look going here, which I like, but at the same time, it’s very nicely done. Text information fills the center stage with the updates and her webcam schedule, and then below are the text links for accessing what she has to offer. Nothing confusing, nothing flashy, just a cute looking page.

I can almost imagine this young girl being a giggler, and yet at the same time she looks like a full-blooded woman with urges and desires, her expressions through the picture sets will tell the tale that this girl can be most anything she wants to be. I must admit she and I do have something in common, we are both panty freaks! She has so many pairs her drawers are ready to burst with content, and I am the same way, there’s just something about panties and shoes that a woman can’t turn down. With this site only being barely 2 months old, I have to give Krissy Kudos for keeping up with making it grow nicely. Yes, there are just 26 galleries, but I’ve reviewed sites that have years under their belt with less content, so congrats for her efforts.

The most recent update is centered around this cute blonde in her stilettos, so if you have a foot fetish of any sort, jump in and check out the heels she’s displaying. Oh, and if you’re looking for hardcore male/female action, forget it, this site is about the solo displays of this young woman and there is some action focusing on her and gal pals, that do know how to bring the camera in close. Wearing a strap on, and sharing some tongue to clit action will be included. From the 36 galleries I’m finding an average number of 60 shots per section, and the thumbs are displayed in a unique way, reminding me of the way photos use to be developed many years ago, with a larger picture and then four smaller ones to the side. These are posed shots, and the quality is actually pretty nice, with maybe a smidge of fuzziness here and there, but definitely something to overlook for the amateur display. The enlargements come in at a nice 900x1200 pixels, and there is a ZIP option!

The video section was laid out with as much ease as the image area, and the quality was very nice. From the 26 additions of moving masturbation portrayals, you get to know Krissy well, and also her home front, because she shoots in just about every room, even while sitting on top of the washing machine. There is sound, she talks her way through before showing her perfectly sized breasts, you know the type, the ones where they are definitely large enough to latch your lips onto, but still with the perkiness that looks good going without a bra in public. WMV was the format chosen for the downloadable dirtiness from this site, and it seems the average run time is close to 3 minutes, with 864Kbps and a video size of 640x480. And, as I said, the quality is really nice, and it’s fun watching her play on the washing machine with her vibrator. You know, if she had timed that right – during the spin cycle, she could have cum much quicker!

As promised, she does hold webcam chats with members, and these are done every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can tell quickly with the way she utilizes each day of the week that this site isn’t just for fun, she’s working it, and doing it well. A nice diary/blog area will keep you up to date on what’s going on in Krissy’s life, some is a little naughty, while other writings are just personal, get to know her type of things, very nice. Oh, and she does include pictures and or videos from time to time, so a little extra does filter in.

There is a candid area where you’ll find some sets, also in a ZIP option where she’s just more kicked back and being her teen self. The bonus link carries wallpapers, avatars, game, etc. The friends area is where she’s going to have some of her bosom buddies sharing photo sets as well, as of the time of this review, there was one installment thus far.


I am a fan of amateur exhibition, and Krissy's Kitty has done justice to the art. She is not only adorable and well built, but she’s young, she’s sexy and she’s doing the work on her own to make it work for her.

Krissy’s Kitty is an easily navigated softcore site, which is new but will be building quickly. The quality through picture sets and videos was very nice, but I can’t help but feel she might want to reevaluate her admission price, in this reviewer’s opinion it’s just a bit high for what’s here at the moment.


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