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Lady Izabella review

Summary: Lady Izabella is a personal/amateur fetish site. There are 10,000+ images, a website store, but no mention of videos.

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Score 80.0 /100
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J., 2004-08-03

Personal-Amateur, Amateur, Fetish, Sologirls


Intro promises

- All images 800x600 or larger
- Nylons, panties, feet, lingerie
- Over 10,000 pictures
- Updates every two weeks (over 5,000 of Lady Izabella)

First impression

Okay, so past the entrance page you get... another entrance page. Luckily, this one is filled with a bunch of ads and a total of 3 pictures and one "Enter" link for this site and, let's see, 36 ads for other sites. That's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. The most that can be said for that is "At least they're not popups." In her "preview" section you get some non-nudes and she appears to be as into lingerie and nylons and whatnot as any professional fetishist. She says right up front that she doesn't get fully nude on the site and makes it clear that the site is for lingerie people pretty much exclusively.


Credit Card

30 days: $14.95 (recurring)
30 days: $16.95 (non-recurring)
90 days: $38.95 (recurring)

Check or Money Order

90 days: $45.00

Our opinion

Lady Izabella is an extremely attractive wife-next-door type with a nice natural body and a love for posing in lingerie and nylons and whatnot. Her site's design is extremely simple, with just a navigation bar running down the left side of the screen in the members' section.

The "Galleries" section is where the bulk of the Lady Izabella content on the site resides- I count about 80 sets of her, though the first one listed is gallery #46, so there must be some earlier ones for which I can't seem to find a link. Each set is listed on the gallery page with a thumbnail giving you an idea of the content. There's kind of a nice viewing system here- clicking on a set opens a new window that has the image and then thumbs of the images running down the left side. It actually works pretty efficiently and I like it a lot. The intro was right on most counts here- all pictures are at or around 800x600 resolution which, while not great, suits the purposes of the site pretty well. The sets range in size from about 50-150 a set (with some smaller, though not many) and the content is purely foot/leg/panty/lingerie/nylon stuff, but she does actually get fully naked at some points. The photography, as expected, is pretty amateur. There's actually some attention to lighting here, but the person taking the photos (likely her husband) is obviously not a professional.

To be fair, though, he really does try a lot harder than most amateurs. Most of the sets are in a regular room of the house- nothing too fancy like outdoor stuff or sets. The one thing that bothers me about the picture section is that the sets are not downloadable in .zips. That would certainly add some more navigational ease, though in all I have very few problems with the site layout. The pictures are also available in a convenient "Updates" format that works out pretty well, especially if you visit the site often. It includes the Lady Izabella sets as well as the "guest" sets that are also on the site.

Speaking of the "guest" sets, there are essentially two sections for them. One, called "Features," includes girls that were "hand-picked" by Lady Izabella and another, called "Guest Models," features random girls who sent her a set to be posted. The majority of models in both of these sections are girls who have similar sites to Iza's. You'll find lots more foot and lingerie stuff here, though the sets are all pretty small. Some of the girls include some more hardcore stuff as well but, again, these sets are not huge. There's nothing wrong with these sets, but I'm a little disappointed that they're essentially just preview sets for the other models' sites.

Other than pictures, there are some standard personal site extras here as well, including a short bio, some desktops and member graphics, a store where you can buy atuographed photos and custom photo sets, and a new forum where you can talk with and request poses and outfits from Lady Izabella. There's also some fan fiction, plenty of links, and a chat section that gives you Izabella's ICQ number and times that she'll be on.


All in all, this is a pretty standard personal amateur site. It never tries to be anything else, really, and I like the fact that she has chosen and stuck with a niche. There's certainly no shortage of nylon/panty/lingerie stuff on the net, but if that's what you're into, I doubt you'll be disappointed with Lady Izabella. Check out some of the sample pics we have here and, if you think she's hot (I certainly do), join up. The price is good, but I was hoping for some alternate third party content to supplement the leggy stuff, but for fans of that genre, this site probably won't disappoint.


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