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Melissa Midwest review

Summary: Melissa Midwest is an actual real reality site where you can follow the very attractive Melissa around at her various appearances and errands. Melissa seems to be quite active in her community according to her pictures. Video is not top quality though.

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Score 80.0 /100
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CB, 2007-02-03

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Intro promises

2 New Photo Sets Every Week
2 Webcam Chats Per Week
Chat with me Everyday on my Message Board
Pictures with me and my girlfriends
An Exclusive Email to Contact Me
My AIM Handle to IM Me
100% Exclusive Content
At least 6 new videos every month
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First impression

Melissa is getting to be a household name. You may have seen her on CNN and USA Today recently, on account of the hassle she's been getting from her local police force. It would seem that cops are the same everywhere... just looking for an excuse to mess with you.

So, not only do you get nude ladies, but there's drama as well! Yeah! The previews look ok, it seems as though there's lots of updates, and Melissa says she likes to talk with her fans. Looks like a fun and interactive site.


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Our opinion

Well, it ain't much in the aesthetic department, but at least it's organized. There's definitely a lot of content: You get videos, webcam shows & chats, a virtual Melissa sex game, personal info, a forum (that I couldn't access, unfortunately), and two photo sections - one for regular pics and one that has pics from the webcam shows.

There are two aspects to the content on the site:

The first is the usual sexy stuff: It's all softcore, with some toys and food here and there, and lots of posing and playing. Sometimes Melissa has fun with her girlfriends (Sweet Adri makes several appearances), but it's generally pretty tame. Which is totally fine - lots of people prefer that sort of stuff over crazy explicit hardcore, and it can be really hot when you leave some things up to the imagination. I can also understand that as a performer, you may want to keep some things private.

The second is the real interesting stuff, like when she films things like an appearance on the Bubba Show (a satellite radio sex show), getting arrested, going to parties and conventions, a news clip from FOX... she even posted the episode of Court TV that she appeared in. This sort of content adds a real personal touch to things, and in my opinion this is what a real reality site should be about. (As opposed to those staged "reality" bits you see on other sites.) It gives you more of an idea about what she's like as a person, and makes you feel special that she is willing to share these things with you. Many people join sites because they like to live vicariously, or are really into voyeurism - these little peeks into real life will undoubtedly appeal to that demographic.

Melissa also likes to keep in touch with her fans, and provides members with several ways to get in touch with her. This adds yet another aspect to the reality bit, and value to the membership. Not many sites off this sort of contact with the performers.

Considering how all the press is touting this website as "one of the most popular adult sites on the net", I did expect the content to be of a higher quality. Most of the videos I downloaded are pretty grainy, even though they are at a reasonable bit rate (around 1032 kbps). There is a handful of "high-def" vids that look much nicer (2250 kbps), and it's too bad that these aren't the benchmark for the rest of the collection. The photos look pretty good, but vary a bit in clarity - which is okay, considering it isn't professional photography. Besides, there's a certain appeal to amateur photos, knowing that they were taken at leisure without the glitz and staging of a pro photo studio. It's just a more relaxed way to do things, and it comes out in the photos. DIY all the way!

Quality aside, there is certainly a lot to choose from, with a total of 264 picture sets and 134 videos at the time of this review.


Melissa Midwest scores high with nice personal touches and interesting content. Definitely recommended for reality aficionados and softcore fans! I'd like to see better looking video, and if you're only in it for the movies you may want to reconsider. All in all, this is an interesting site, and shows a lot of promise.


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