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Mercedes Ashley review

Summary: Mercedes Ashley is a personal-amateur site that offers numerous free images and then more along with video clips in membership. A chance to meet her personally as well.

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Melissa, 2006-01-03

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Intro promises

What a pretty lady Mercedes Ashley is! She radiates an all woman like glow that is portrayed in her eyes as much as the rest of her naked body on the intro pages. Right up front is an offer to do a live call with her, so that is a plus. I imagine her voice to be dripping with seductiveness if it matches the way she looks then phone sex would be great. They boast across her breasts that she is the winner of Viewer's Choice Awards for best Latina Porn Star! The tour pages show a main menu with a lot offered, her diary/forum, merchandise, video on demand, etc. I have a feeling this is going to be different than most websites that are ventured into.

First impression

My first impression of Mercedes Ashley is what a beautiful creature! And she goes above and beyond to make her website give that little extra something to keep it over the top. The intro page even explains that if you're tired of watching the porn guys fuck the porn chicks, then you should know that you can do her personally. If you are an active member to her website then you can become a part of her, "My Member Fuck Off," contest. All you have to do is live in LA or be a visitor, submit your email address and once it's verified that you are indeed an active member to her site and schedule then you may have the opportunity to do her on her weekly, "The Ho Show." She'll cum to your house, hotel, wherever you want it to happen. Now I call that a personal touch!


30 days $19.95 (recurring)

Credit Card, Check, Mail

Processors: CCBill

Our opinion

There is a free photo gallery offered which will show you how playful and naughty this girl can be. There are 15 pages with approximately 15 images per page, and you'll see that Mercedes is a very busy girl, she is hob-nobbing with some great looking people and getting naughty with most of them. She even has shots of her hobbing on those knobs! The images are all in different thumbnail sizes, but one example would be, 133x150 pixels, and then when you click those are the opening gate to even more images, so I'm a bit confused since it doesn't just enlarge what was already given, but I'm not complaining because the more pictures of her you have, the happier you'll be. When the click is made however the images you're presented with come in at, 401x600 pixels, a nice size for viewing beauty, but could be improved. And apparently it varies from series to series since the pictures seem to origin from the various appearences Mercedes has made in magazines, videos and other websites etc.

There is so much text in different areas of the member's section, please hang in there with me while we decipher it all. Listed under "Mercedes Ashley Member's Section," you'll find the content she has to offer, which includes quite a few images to make you want to move to LA, just for a chance of banging her personally. She offers video clips including one done for you foot fetish lovers, and she has some lovely toes to make you grow. Pedicure, painted and even ringed for a little extra stimulation to your shaft maybe? These clips are offered in Windows Media Player and are sized at, 18 MB. You'll want the most recent version of Windows Media Player to view these the way they should be viewed. They come to you as streaming or downloadable, so you can make your choice. There is also a Video on Demand feature, which means anytime you are ready, they'll play for you. There are no membership fees associated with this option, no recurring billing, it's all pay-per minute set up with streaming and downloadable movies.

There are photo galleries and videos mixed amongst a list of this and that's on the member's page, a bit more confusing than what I personally would like, but the content is so good you tend to overlook the work that it took to get there. Unfortunately there's not a massive amount of material offered for watching, it's more focused towards the live chat and the offers of getting to know you personally, but there is enough to captivate your zipper and make you want more.

You'll find a link for Mercedes Ashley Merchandise Store, which holds some goodies you might be interested in. There are some magazines featuring her on the front cover that she's autographed and send to you for just $14.95, and, if you would like to spend an hour on live web cam chat with this hottie, doing anything and everything that your wicked little mind can think of, the price of $200.00 for the hour will make this happen. You can even purchase used toys and a Polaroid of proof of her using this toy if you are into the scratch and sniff sex play.


Mercedes Ashley is a beautiful woman with a head for knowing how to make money. She tempts you like jiggling string in front of a kitten with the content that she offers on her site, hoping that it will make you desire more and more of her. What is here, is good, I just wish there had been more. Yes, there is a diary etc. offered which is nice, but a woman this pretty needs to have tons of pictures and videos to make you drool. She should focus more on creating exclusive content for her site. I will admit she offered a large amount of free images for those that haven't made up their mind on membership yet.

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