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Sexy Sofia review

Summary: Sexy Sofia is indeed a very sexy girl, but unfortunately her site doesn't deliver nearly enough content to warrant the high price tag. Less than 100 pictures and a handful of videos featuring Sofia.

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Score 40.0 /100
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Melissa, 2006-12-02

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Intro promises

Oh what these pretty little girls wonít do for an education. Sexy Sofia lets you know on the tour area that she is wanting to attend drama classes and in doing so, she needs the funds to make it happen. Thatís where her bare body and her boyfriend come in to play, everything is combining through images and videos to make this 18 year old financially stable enough to attend the classes of her choice. She also relies on some of her female friends to spice up the action here and from the looks of tour, this might be a fun site to delve into. They promise that everything is much dirtier within the walls of membership, with regular updates.

First impression

Iím all for self-supporting your future dreams so if thatís honestly the case here, I wish Sexy Sofia all the luck. She is an adorable blonde with a killer body that I havenít seen totally naked yet, but something tells me when I do, it will be worth ogling at for a few minutes. She has really pretty eyes, the type that will make you forget about your girlfriend or wife and concentrate only on her.


30 days $29.99 (recurring)
60 days $45.00 (recurring)
90 days $75.00 (recurring)

Credit card, phone, check

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Our opinion

Opening up the membership area to this site, I found myself just sitting and looking at it, going, ďOk, now what.Ē There wasnít really any pizzazz or bells and whistles going off, just some links that tells me this is everything offered here. The most recent updates seem to be those of her friends, not her, so weíll seek out this little blondeís beautiful work and then go exploring further. Well, unfortunately I feel itís my place to report that youíll find very little material on this site that is of Sofia, there are 2 (!) picture galleries, which hold approximately 70 pictures. And they are displayed as a long list of filenames rather than thumbnails as usual. Very inconvenient. There was nothing hard-core about these images, it barely rated soft-core, just some scantily clothed pictures and then a few that found her wearing barely nothing and totally nothing at all.

The enlargement sizes were great, coming in at 1704x2272, but even though your screen is more than filled, the quality isnít much to write about. The pictures were lacking clarity but high in graininess, so Iím disappointed in these. There is yet another gallery offered to this site, itís got a heading of, ďVarious Small Photo Gallery 1,Ē however, it is made up of her female friends, but at least these are extremely hard-core, but still grainy and low in quality.

Donít expect much more content when it comes to videos. There are approximately three areas where youíll find some episodes broken down into parts between less than two minutes and a bit over 6 minutes. Youíre looking at 11 episodes in all, and I will admit that the video play was much nicer than the clarity we found in the pictures area. With an average 539 Kbps for these snippets of sex play, it was the video size of up to 640x480 that really made some enjoyment to Sexy Sofia.

Even in full screen viewing it was nice. A lot of the porn you find during these episode runs is very amateur-ish for sure, even in the way she touches herself, thereís no real heat that I could find in it. Her boyfriend does come in with his nicely hung member and after tasting her boxed lunch, he drills inside of her from different positions of pleasure. All of the episodes are through the format of WMV by the way.

My preference in action fell upon her female friends; Charlie, Amy, Anna, Sarah, Gemma, Lucy and Jess. They are what make up some content for this site, which could need the help. I did want to let you know that the episodes are streaming and downloadable. The only other perk offered is a blog area with some sexy pictures offered and some write-ups as well.


I strive above and beyond everything else to offer honesty in my reviews, and honestly speaking I donít think I could recommend this site for the price theyíre asking, for a number of reasons. The quality of the images were of low grade, there was very little material about Sexy Sofia, which is supposed to be the star of the site, it relied too much on a handful of friends to bring some pictures and videos giving it numbers. The videos did have a really nice size to them and they were good quality through WMV, but thatís where my raving would have to stop.

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