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1By-Day review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: 1By-Day is the self proclaimed sex calendar with an update every single day consisting of a photo set and accompanying video. Photo quality is absolutely great and the models are glamorous. A great site for any photography lover.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-01-04

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Intro promises

Porn stars Bobbi Eden, Silvia Saint and Sue Diamond do hardcore and anal for DDF! Tereza Fox is back and looking better than ever. New girl Claudia is causing quite a stir since her debut. From Russia with love: DDF have a history of scouring Europe for the top talent, now the goldmines of the Ukraine and Russia are supplying you with some of the top DDF babes: these girls are hot and they want more. See Alissa, Barbara, Eva (aka Alexa May), Dasha, Diana, Priscila, Pamela (aka Vika), Kristy and Kelly L. in scorching hot photo and video ses doing it all for you.

Remember DDF is always on the lookout for fresh talent so expect plenty more babes soon.

First impression

1by-Day is part of the DDF Productions empire, which brags of being “the leading European adult entertainment company” and has eleven other sites under its mighty erotic umbrella, including Only Blowjobs and House of Taboo. DDF Productions calls 1by-Day “the sex calendar” cos it’s updated seven days a week with brand new content. At the time of the writing of this review, there are over two hundred and sixteen thousand photos, more than fourteen hundred videos and six hundred and ninety-three models on 1by-Day, but there will be many, many more photos, videos and models by the time you actually read these words. Not only is 1by-Day called “the sex calendar,” but the site itself contains a nifty sex calendar in its members area to help members keep track of updates. Pretty swanky, huh? I thought you’d like that.


$29.95 (1 month recurring)
$49.95 (2 months, recurring)
$99.00 (5 months non-recurring)

CCBill EU is the designated e-ticket supplier, payment processor and access management provider for DDF Production Ltd.

Our opinion

The sex calendar, which displays the current month and is linked to the past five years of updates, makes up the bulk of the main members area of 1by-Day, though there is also a Girl of the Day on display as well as an assortment of content categories to help members find what they’re looking for; these categories include Beautiful Babes, Brutally Hardcore, Fucking Machines, Facials & Blowjobs, Big Jugs, Lesbian Love, Teens and Foot Fetishes. Each day on the calendar exhibits a headshot of the girl (or girls) that appears (or appear) in that day’s set and, true to the site’s name, each box has a headshot in it, thus proving 1by-Day is in fact updated every single day of the year (yes, it’s even updated on Penguin Awareness Day!). There is a pattern to the calendar, giving 1by-Day a method to its madness: girl-girl content on Sunday, a hardcore set on Friday and solo model material throughout the rest of the week. Click a date on the sex calendar and you’ll find yourself staring at that day’s update, which includes video clips, photos and basic information (measurements, hair color, age, etc.) about the model(s) in question.

The videos on 1by-Day, some of which are letterboxed, have been broken down into clips that are roughly two minutes long and are available for download or streaming in three formats: MOV, AVI and WMV. 1by-Day also provides full-length videos, but they are all WMV files (it should also be noted that older updates are all AVI files and do not include full-length videos). Most of the videos are shot gonzo-style with one cameraman on sets made to look like bedrooms. The older AVI videos are 320x240 in size and look decent enough if you don’t blow ‘em up to full screen. New AVI's are 672x378 and look good. Older AVIs have a lower frame rate, which causes ‘em to be a bit choppy. The MOVs are about the same size as the AVIs, but look better when blown up to full screen mode. Both the short and long WMV files are fuzzier than the previously discussed files, thus blowing them up results in a massive loss of detail. In short, the videos look fine, but they could always look better.

The photos on are a lot more impressive than the videos. Newer pics come in three different sizes (420x280, 800x530 and 1600x1000), though there’s no good reason to view the smaller photos unless you’re on a dialup connection. The large photos are extremely crisp and look absolutely fantastic. Sadly, the older pictures (more than about 2 years old) on the site are sized at 800x530 and do not come with a smaller or larger option. Dang. Click your preferred file size and the pic will open in a new window. All the pics on have been taken separately from the video shoots, so there are no crummy screen caps to view or flashbulbs popping off in the videos. Huzzah! The sets come with a downloadable ZIP file, but the ZIP files can only be downloaded one page at a time, meaning members will have to download multiple ZIP files to get the full sets. Shucks. Apparently a way for downloading entire sets in one file is under way, but not yet functional.

But that’s not all, folks! Act now and you’ll also receive bonus content like wallpapers, outtakes (including bloopers and footage of the crew “goofing off”), the top ten sets on the site, tech support, casting videos that show hopeful models trying out for 1by-Day and a shop that sells official DDF swag, including exclusive DVDs, toys and lingerie. I know what you’re thinking: But what if I get tired of 1by-Day and its constant updating?! Fear not, friend, there are also links to numerous sites that bear the 1by-Day seal of approval. Joining this site is a win-win situation for all parties involved!


1by-Day’s update schedule is so relentless, you could set your watch to it. Not only is the site constantly updated with new content, but the content is exclusive to 1by-Day and impressive to boot. I could blah-blah-blah you until I’m blue in the face, but I’ll keep it short and sweet: 1by-Day is an awesome site that is unlikely to disappoint even the pickiest of pornophiles and picture lovers. Join 1by-Day today with confidence, friends.


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