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All Shaved Models review

Summary: All Shaved Models is an amateur teen site with a photography/studio feel. All original content from 49+ models, including, 7,000 hi-quality images and a video library.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Goodgravy, 2003-07-20

Photography / studio, Amateur, 18-23, Babes


Intro promises

-- All Original content
-- 49 Clean Shaved Sexy Scandinavian Amateur Models
-- 7 thousand Large HQ Original Photos
-- An expanding video library (currently 1.5 hours of shaved model videos in HQ Real Media format)

First impression

Wow, sites like this are a reviewer's dream: the simple layout, the lack of popups and "bonus" links coupled with the near absence of writing makes getting a feel for All Shaved Models a breeze. It's clear that this isn't a massive site by any stretch of the imagination, but its promise of all exclusive galleries and films of "49 sexy, shaved Scandinavian models" is a consideriable hook for potential members. Design and description don't seem to be priorities here, but hopefully the content is.


One month: 19.95, recurring
3 months: $34.95

Billing by CCBill.

Our opinion

I'm afraid I've become accustomed to ridiculously large numbers when adult sites start making claims about the size of their archives. The 7,000 photos appearing in the AS-models' galleries may seem on the scant side to those more familiar with large, big budget porn webhouses. I'll also confess to finding a niche site devoted to shaved models a bit comical at an age when at least 80% of the actresses in the mainstream adult industry go for the pre-pubescent look. Put it this way: spend $30 or $35 a month for a membership with any of the so called adult "mega sites" out there, and you'll have somewhere in the vicinity of 250,000 pics of "shaved models" to work with. What then justifies steering clear of the mammoth adult content merchanidisers and, well, giving your money to a site like AS-models?

After a couple hours of cruising around ASM, I'm prepared to venture some preliminary ideas. First, the photo quality, as promised, is stunning. With many photos as large as 1307X980 and hovering right around a meg and a half each in size, ASM is beyond reproach in terms of image quality. Each of the 49 featured models has, on average, two or three photo series, each with 60-80 thumbailed pics. Tastes vary, surely, but on the whole, ASM isn't lying about the sexiness of their models. My overall impression is of a very nice range of feminine forms with a refreshing shortage of silicon. It is obvious that the girls have lots of personality and "inner beauty" to go with their looks as well. The content is straight-up glossy mag stuff. Cheap studio interiors arethe norm, with a few location shots provide a bit of variation. Poses are sufficiently lewd and unsavory, and most of the models really appear to be enjoying themselves. There are a few girl-girl shoots, but the focus is generally on single models with and without toys. Recent updates suggest a movement toward fisting and multi-digit penetration, but much of the content is a bit softer in nature.

I'm tempted to mention the video shorts along with the other of ASM's finer qualities, but I'm afraid there just isn't enough offered at present to say much. I did a quick sampling, looking at ten of the 49 models' pages. Only 3 of the ten I surveyed featured in videos. ASM has begun to include both .mpeg and .ram movies, but the majority of the 12-15 shorts that seem to comprise the library are in Real media format and average around 4 minutes at a little more than 2 meg. per minute. The quality's quite good for real media, and the soundtracks provide a bit of comic relief. With the source material ranging from early Miles Davis to really syrupy 80's New Age, you can be assured of giggle. Despite the occasionally unsexy music, though, the vids are nicely edited and feature a range of camera angles. Many of the films involve masturbation with and without toys, but there's no sex to speak of at the moment. The bottom line is, what's here is pretty fun, there just isn't all that much of it.


For a "shaved model" site there's a strange lack of actual shaving sessions, so don't expect any particular emphasis on the transformation from wild and wooley to smooth and tender. If the combination of fresh faces and northern European beauty sounds too good to pass up, though, this may just be your cup of tea. This is a small site with fairly limited content, but the photo quality and the attractiveness of the featured models make for a respectable gallery of Scandinavian amateurs, and the videos will surely leave members itchy for the regular updates. Given the no-frills approach of the site and its not-quite-modest price tag ($20/month), it's perhaps not an unparalleled value in adult sites, but if you've taken the tour and found a number of the featured models to your liking, the large large format photo galleries may alone warrant the expense. Ultimately, you should expect bigger and better things from All Shaved Models in the future, but do look carefully before you leap.


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