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Helen Volga review

Summary: Helen Volga is an Eastern European photographer with a site that can compete with the big guys. Many amateur models photographed in the studio or often outside. Ranges from regular nude to fetish.

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Uli, 2006-03-06

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Intro promises

I'll shorten some of the intro promises a little bit:

- The female photographer is also a model (i.e. Helen Volga)
- "I add a whole set every day and introduce you 2 new models every week."
- "I shoot every picture myself only."
- "... over 70 models, over 30000 original pics, some interesting home videos." - there are some quite good preview shots and a preview video on the site.
- Common russian Girls from many regions of the former USSR
- Real natural girls, no body modifications, often "full bush".
- All exclusive photos, some girls are only working for Helen Volga
- "There are full length shots of the girls' lovely figures, as well as close-ups of juicy pussies, spread assholes, and hard nipples - every detail you like in a woman."
- There are NO pics with MALE models, no straight sex or anything else - only things women can do alone. Expect simple nudie pics, outdoor, strips, masturbation, some lesbian play, fisting, peeing.
- Models are introduced on live webcam
- "Be A Producer. Order Your Gallery!" - i.e. you can buy pics from Helen Volga choosing yourself which model you want to see and what you want her to do

First impression

Opening the member's part of the site a nicely done portal-site awaits you - presenting the portraits of all the girls at one view - a wide variety of faces - some very interesting and making you curious at once - some less, I bet there's something for every taste. Opening the girl of your taste leads you to her collection of photosets (each with four preview pics) and - sometimes - movies. Clicking one will show you the girl of your taste more or less nude (mostly more), having sex (don't forget NEVER with a man on this site!), acting outdoors and much more - and all of this within several mouseclicks - easy, efficient and very target-oriented!


Our opinion

Although there is some introduction of Helen Volga in the preview parts it seems necessary for me to pick up this issue again: She has an interesting double role on this site, photographer AND model which I consider to be quite rare - or did you ever see Abby Winters pee in her own photoshoots or Suze Randall posing nude? I consider the photographer's role more important so let me take this first. Her pics are very natural - artsy or extremely softened photos are not her job. She definitely has a preference for outdoor pics, well, as good as possible in cold Russia. Just give her a more exotic location ;-) ... Her pics are well done, crisp and clear and she mostly reaches her aim showing the beauty of a woman. The quality of the pics thus is high, especially as their size is normally 1024x768 pixel with acceptable compression - no pics below 80 Kb! Most sets are telling some sort of story, a strip, on the construction ground, taking a piss - there's lots of variety here, and all sets are in my opinion complete shots never leaving you alone with the feeling of missing anything. There are many outdoor shoots and to be honest - I like them!

Concerning her model role I'll use her own words - couldn't say it better: "You will see I'm neither plump nor slim, neither tall nor short, neither young nor old. I'm neither a blonde nor a brunette, and neither ugly nor beautiful. I'm the absolute zero. I'm the ideal model." Although I consider this lady to be beautiful of her own - hm, seems I hit the hay here ;-) - that's a good description.

The other ladies are as already explained a wide variety of younger and older, more or less slender, blondes, redheads, darkhaired types, simply whatever you want, but all as promised all natural girls - this site indeed wasn't a talent shop for Playboy or Vivid. I like the short verbal introduction to each girl - that creates a sort of acquaintance and enriches the pictures of the girl. The sexual action is as promised, from simply nudie pics, sometimes not even showing it all via a little bit more hardcore pics to some VERY hardcore pics - double-self-fisting in pussy and ass is IMHO not that common!

I consider the pics of her site to be the main content of Helen Volga - not her movies. Helen is a photographer, not a director or producer. The movies mostly have two issues, either using a skipping rope or masturbation shoots. The idea behind the masturbation shoots is to put the girl in a room all alone, direct the camera to her and don't disturbe until she's done. The site does not have that many movies at the moment - about 20. While I consider her pics to be professional, her movies seem to me like an amateur's work. They don't have the crispness and sharpness of the pics. Although they have a quite high resolution (640x480 pixel) they seem to have a low datarate and the files are not that big (<50 Mb for up to eight minutes of playtime). Their format is avi with a DivX-codec used.

The additional stuff to the site is either a web cam with Helen herself and one of her models. An interesting offer might be buying photo sets of the girls. You can define what you want to see and from which girl and Helen will try to realize it. Costs you some additional bucks of course!

The design of the site is nice, well done and easy to handle. The portal-look is very suitable for this kind of sites. All content can be reached without trouble and also downloaded. On the other hand there are a few drams to discuss: There were some broken links as well to pics as to movies. This should not happen. Concerning the movies a clear hint is missing what format they are - you'll need a DivX-codec to play them so you should get informed where to get it and which version you need. Of course putting the pictures into ZIP-files for easier download wouldn't be a bad idea.


Well, I like Helen Volga's site. I like it because of its selection of girls which seems unique to me. I like it because of its well done outdoor shots. I like the quality of the pics of course and the design and handling of the site too. On the other side although I consider this site to be well done there's still some way to go to the very top: The site still has to grow (have a look at the enormous size of sites like the already mentioned Abby Winters or Matt's models) and they have to work harder on the movies. It's not a bargain, but it's worth its price.


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