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Playful Hands review

Summary: Playful Hands is for the old school masturbation fans. No fancy electronic toys or the like here - only the girl's own hands and fingers. Photos look great and videos are not bad either.

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Melissa, 2006-11-12

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Intro promises

- Tender and sensual female masturbation
- Without any artificial toys or objects

This is one of those, ďOh what a pretty tour area,Ē sites that I can never resist. Of course they definitely rang my bell when I scrolled downwards and found some black and white shots, they, to me are so sexy, just like the women youíll find through the intro of Playful Hands. Their bodies will live in your mind for days, you wonít be able to shake the impact they leave on you, everything in these advertising pages just exudes sultriness and desire. They let you know your reasons for joining includes the promises of new content being added daily which includes 150 high resolution images and every week you get 20 minutes of DVD quality videos. All of the content to this site is said to be exclusive, along with pledges of, live cams, screen savers and bonus sites too.

First impression

The women shown through the tour of this site absolutely glow with gorgeousness, how could I not be excited to see more of them? Every now and then itís good to find a tender site such as this one, that really dwells on the seductive softness that women can bring to the bedroom, or the kitchen for that matter. If you are a fan of female masturbation and learning their secret methods of feeling the best, then join me inside.


1 day $1.95 (recurring)
30 day $38.85 (recurring)
90 day $76.45 (recurring)
90 day $84.95 (non-recurring)

Credit card, phone

CCBill, PayCom, Verotel

Our opinion

Logging in brought up a page nearly as pretty as what we found through the tour area. The warm colors used for design match the warm bodies that grace these areas. They celebrate the female beauty on this site and itís a celebration worth partaking in. Of course they are advertising all of the bonus material, but just scroll down a bit and youíll get to whatís coming in the future and what they have now as their most recent updates. Everything is bundled into the one area for each girl, the photo sets and the videos are found next to a couple of screen caps so you donít have to go digging like a dog for a bone to find anything, a plus for the navigation here.

Jane F. is the name of the hot brunette that caught my eye, sheís wearing a see-through white little nightie and from the screen caps is seems that sheís chosen the bathroom to get her dirtiest in. She is one of the most recent updates, so my fingers are clicking now to bring her up in full attention to my screen. It seems as if this site has crossed every t and dotted every i in their layout and presentation. Ease is a big factor for many members and youíll be happy to know theyíve strived to give you the simplicity of hot sex here. Pictures, episodes and an ďall in oneĒ movie viewing is condensed to this page so you wonít have to stray for your pay.

Sometimes you can just look at a page and know that it was all done through the eyes of a professional and thatís the case with the images for this pay site. The thumbs are laid out with such uniformity, everything is placed perfectly on the screen, evenly sized, the lighting is great and the poses Jane makes are hot. The wetness of her long hair gives an exotic look to her that will make your blood boil even quicker. Clicking to enlarge pieces of this 130 numbered shots gives us a new page with 850x1280 pixels of delight. I really like the colors theyíve used for this site, the background is white and silver, her pull over sheer next to nothing wear is white and her kick-ass heels are silver, bringing those tones of classiness full screen. They do give you the option for downloading in a ZIP file each page separately, or all of the photos into one file.

The videos are as promised, broken down into 10 pieces of prettiness with the 10th being the all in one watch. These pieces are uploaded daily, so if you choose the most recent ladies, the all in one might not be a part of the working site yet. Jane really is giving a great show of masturbation and youíll find each fragment of fingering here as hot if not hotter than the previous one. The only thing that stays on this lovely lady is her necklace and high heels, the rest is bare and wide open for easy access. The episodes are offered in streaming low, medium and high.

The low choice was indeed low in quality. The medium and high choices gave better quality but the buffering was a bit slow in time and throughout the play it would continue to buffer, stopping the play. Downloading gives us the medium and high choices, and I have to say, Iíve never seen videos download as slowly as they do here. Iím really disappointed in that. I have a higher level DSL connection and these MPEGís are taking forever. The medium came in a video size of 400x300, a larger sized screen that still held a bit of fuzziness, but all in all, it was a pretty good play. The high choice provided a bit more clarity to the play. The video size was 512x384 and the run time seems to be in the same general area for the episodes, a bit less or right at 3 minutes. As for the all in one play, the download time for it was extremely long as well. Thank goodness Jane was worth waiting for, she is seductive in her movements as the wisp of whiteness is shed and her legs are opened.

As mentioned above, they do offer bonus sites with your membership fee. Here is the deal on how it works, when you keep your membership active, youíre given two more sites per month to perk things up for you. Those sites include; Sweet Sophie Moone, Lesbo Honeys, Magic Blondes, Horny Eurosluts, Asshole Fever, Open Air Pleasures, Lez Cuties, Fassinating, DP Fanatics, Flexy Pussy, Dirty 101, Pee Pee Babes, Teach Me Fisting, Footsie Babes, Pee and Blow, Only Swallows, Speculum Play, and, Lusty Grandmas.


I was blown away by Playful Hands when I first began my journey, the layout, the colors used, the girls, the uniformity, the professional look, everything just jived with juiciness. I really enjoyed the images and the way they were presented as well. My complaints donít start until we hit the video section, which even at that area, the only thing I have to belly-ache about is the slowness in buffering and downloading time. The rest is done as par for this site, with an expertís touch. 10 pieces of play, with the latter being the all in one choice for viewing. With the beauty of this site and all the bonus that goes with it, Iím saying yes, the membership fee is worth it.


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