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Victor Lindenborn review

Summary: Victor Lindenborn is a soft-core site with a photography/studio feel to it. Pictures can be downloaded in zip files, high resolution videos and a pay-per-girl option.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Mads, 2003-12-18

Photography / studio, Softcore, Babes


Intro promises

- Picture resolution up to 1000*1500 pixel
- Pictures can be downloaded in zipped packages
- Since December 2003; high resolution (640*480) videos of the girls
- Pay per girl

First impression

This seems to be a very decent site (in the positive sense of the word) with a very attractive interface. The models come forward as all natural and very handsome indeed in a rather unconventional self-regulatory horizontal slide picture-show and it certainly will be exciting to see more of them on the inside.


Basic membership - free

Voucher for 1 pictorial - $5
Vouchers for 10 pictorials - $40
Vouchers for 20 pictorials - $70

Payment by credit card

Our opinion

There’s a really slender and simple touch to the graphical design which suits the eloquent content… first and foremost Lindenborn obviously tries his best to keep all the girls as ‘natural’ as possible. This is refreshing as opposed to the usual war-paint worn by the average porn starlets on the web nowadays… and the interface encapsulates the intentions of a ‘natural’ touch really well.

Let me emphasize right away; if you’re a hardcore movie fan Victor Lindenborn is probably a ‘no go’ due to the simple fact that the site literally has no hardcore content and secondly its primary asset is by far the pictures.

What Victor Lindeborn on the other hand DOES offer is a unique approach for the quality-oriented softcore fan. As a free member one can purchase credit, for which one can ‘buy per girl’ i.e. one can browse the girls by the girlie slideshow and as one clicks a girl’s picture one enters her section which contains a few free previews.
If one decides that the girl in question qualifies for ones personal collection one can simply buy the set by using the before- mentioned credit. A few stats concerning the model, the time of the shoot and the number of pics gives additional insight to the set before purchasing it. The system updates the purchase immediately and from one’s personal section one can choose to download zipped (compressed) packages of the girls set in four different resolutions from 400*600 and up to the amazing 1000*1500 pixel (The size varies from roughly 3 to 12 MB). An easy to use interface secures that nothing goes wrong… excellent!
Once purchased, you can see the pictorials online each time you log in to the site.

As far as the videos goes, this is obviously a very recent feature of the site as it currently only is available for the latest model, however it deserves mention that a video clip costs the same as a picture set and they can be downloaded in two resolutions (320*240 and 640*480). The picture quality of both still and moving pictures doesn’t really need any comments except perhaps ‘perfect’ and it deserves mention that one can view each by online if downloads isn’t desired.

The content as such is quite innocent and the exposure of the girls never exceeds a full bodied naked posture or the like. Stylistically the pictures are perfect, the setup is professional and the surroundings are inspiring and enjoyable… and so are the beautiful girls.

Hence, if you’re intrigued by a traditional style of portraying girls which leaves something for the imagination a visit to Lindenborn’s page is absolutely worthwhile.


Sometimes softcore sites strikes the hardcore porn enthusiast as plain boring and a waste of time and as I’ve indicated above Victor Lindeborn is a softcore site indeed, but what makes it worthwhile is the high standards of the models and the content altogether. Secondly, what you see here as a free member is really what you get when you decide to pay for it… there’s absolutely no B.S. here, only perfect quality material.

I wouldn’t say that Victor Lindenborn has the chance of transforming a hardcore enthusiast into a being erotic novice, ‘cause in this respect Victor Lindenborn has too much of an aesthetic feel which clearly exceeds the urge for ‘action’. But certainly most people would enjoy the erotic personalities of the beautiful natural models which Victor Lindenborn successfully manages to capture within a framework of exceptional high quality.

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