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Sexy Male Celebrities review

Summary: Sexy Male Celebrities is a celeb site featuring sexy celebrity men with full frontal nudity, full out sex, candid shots and topless views. The content quality varies based on source and the videos are streaming only. There's not a lot of male celebrity sites out there so this helps fill the void, but it could do a lot better with the video content.

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Tiffany, 2010-11-09

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First impression

Sexy Male Celebrities - do I really need to say more than this to describe the site concept? This is a compilation of hot male celebrities, both straight and gay, showing off their hot bodies and occasional flashes of their man parts.

Sexy Male Celebrities has a very network template look to it. Navigation runs along the top of the page, a celebrity directory allows you to search A-Z and you can also do a keyword or category search of the page. The latest updates are a mix of photos and videos. You have paparazzi photos, screen caps and video content featuring these hard and horny celebrities.


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Our opinion

The Gossip Member’s Network is a collection of 8 themed celebrity sites, although Sexy Male Celebrities is probably the only one you’re going to spend any real time on, as the rest are more focused on the female celebrity side of things. You’ll see that they were not lying about the frequent updates - there are guys getting loaded up every single day, often multiple times a day. There are shirtless candids, steamy sex scenes, masturbation, full frontal nudity and a variety of other sexy male celebrity content. You’ll see all sorts of celebrities from movie stars to athletes too.

You are getting 218 combined photo and video sets. Sexy Male Celebrities is heavier on the photo sets than the videos. The content quality varies largely based on the source, which is par for course for pretty much every celebrity site out there. Photo sets offer slideshows and zip downloads. If a celebrity has both photos and videos associated with the particular set, you can click between both halves of the set by using the episode tabs. The videos are streaming only and use a standard Flash player. The overall quality is pretty good and they range from short clips to sex tape in length. However, the streaming only thing does make me very annoyed at their tour claim “unlimited downloads.”

This celebrity content is not exclusive to Sexy Male Celebrities, so you may have checked it out before. The other celebrity sites have a very similar setup to Sexy Male Celebrities. You get 7 additional celeb themed sites so you can take a look through these, but as I mentioned they’re pretty much all about the lady celebrities.


Sexy Male Celebrities is your typical, non-exclusive celebrity site. You don’t see a whole lot of male-focused celebrity sites so it gets a nod based on that, but it does seem a bit thrown together. A template like design, little description on the sets and streaming only video makes it difficult to recommend.


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