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CKE18 review

Summary: CKE18 delivers a unique experience with their Chakuero models - Japanese bikini girls who push the limit of non-nude teasing. The girls pose in bikinis and take off their tops, but keep their nipples and other parts covered, if barely. Some are even masturbated beneath their thong bottoms, and the camera gets many closeups between their legs where that tiny strip of fabric covers just he bare minimum! The library is large, added to daily, and offers some excellent HD streaming and high res pictures. There are no downloads here, though. The site runs some fun contests and giveaways as part of the members experience as well. Overall, a really fun and erotically charged site for lovers of Japanese girls.

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Jerry Fritz, 2013-02-06

Asian, 18-23, High-definition, Movies, Softcore, Videos

Japanese girls, masturbation, non nude, petite

Intro promises

"An adventure into the world of Tokyo Chakuero idols - the most extreme Japanese tease!"

- Giveaways (wet panties, et cetera)
- Daily updates
- Streaming HD Video
- High-res pictures
- New models added all the time

First impression

CKE18 promises the most extreme Japanese teasing from a library of totally original HD videos and picture galleries. The site is based in Tokyo and works with 18 year old Gravure (bikini) models that will most often be wearing tiny bikinis and tiny thongs in videos that push things to the limit of teasing. The models never show much out right nudity here, but they do just about everything else and the results are extremely erotic and a lot of fun.

The site promises some great media options, regular updates every day, and access to a number of giveaways and other fun contests hosted by the site with real prizes, like wet panties or clothes the girls wore during a shoot. They'll even fly out to your house to do a shoot there for $15,000! The site looks as attractive as its petite Japanese bikini babes. I signed up to have a look around the site and see what it had to offer.


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Our opinion

CKE18 stars Chakuero idols, which are just gravure babes who tread even closer to the fine line between bikini model and porn star in Japan. Specifically, a Chakuero girl teases by being almost naked but never being totally naked - topless but covering her breasts with her arm, wearing see-through bikini tops, etc. This site takes that concept to its absolute most intense end in the promised streaming HD videos and high resolution photos. With other fun features and giveaways, the site is really something different and is very well run.

Petite and Beautiful Chakuero Idols

All of their pretty Japanese girls are 18 or 19 years old, with slender and almost fragile looking bodies. Their soft pale skin, shapely limbs and small breasts when combined with the girls' teasing and taunting behavior is a powerfully erotic cocktail to drink down. They have about 30 different girls in the library so far, so each girl tends to have multiple scenes and galleries to her credit. As promised on their tour they do try to involve one or more new girls each month as well, to keep things fresh for their membres.

Chakuero = Nearly-Nude Teasing

So the girls don't get totally naked in every set (though they do get topless and show glimpses of other parts), but it's a technical detail in most of the scenes. Perhaps the best way to show you what the site is all about is to talk about a scene starring petite Aya. She is wearing a white one-piece and the hosts spray her gently with water, until her dark nipples can easily be seen through the sheen of the fabric. She is bent over and we admire her round bottom, massage her, and pull up on her one piece bathing suit to draw the crotch of it tight between her ass cheeks and over her pussy lips - but still no actual nudity here. Later the host's hands reach under her top and squeeze and massage her breasts, with a glimpse of nipple through his fingers and the fabric, and finally she sits down with her legs spread, and the host masturbates her pussy underneath the one piece suit until she cums. This is the sort of limit-pressing non-nude content that you will find throughout the library, with girls pussy lips all but laid bare save a thing strap of thong still drawn tight between them, and flashes of their breasts and nipples but not for more than an a few instants. There's a lot of erotic teasing, with girls sucking on sex toys like real cocks, being masturbated and rubbed through their bikinis and panties, and more. They get very creative working within the constraints of the niche, while pushing it to its absolute limit. You do get some topless videos and sets, and glimpses of naked buttholes at times.

HD Video Streams But No Downloads

Every video in the library can be streamed online instantly in an embedded Flash video player. The default player is not HD, but looks great. You can click the HD emblem in the top right corner for HD streaming that is crystal clear and looks fantastic. If you put these movies to full screen they still look very good, with enough detail to see the texture and tone of the petite Japanese girls' skin.

As fantastic as the streaming quality is, I was still disappointed I couldn't download and save any of the movies permanently to my personal collection. They were hot and exciting, and it is the sort of content you'll want to see more than once. You'll have to keep your subscription and log back in to do it, though.

High Resolution Pictures

Every update came with the promised 1800px pictures- they open to 1800x1200 pixels and are razor sharp and brightly lit. Each update has at least a dozen or so pictures. Some have many more, and some updates will be galleries only with no videos. You can browse pictures online and save individual shots but they don't have any way to download complete galleries in zip-archives.

Exclusive Library With Daily Updates

There were over 200 videos and galleries in the library at the time of my visit and as promised there were updates every single day. They introduce at least one new model every day, but so far there are just about 30 girls who have been on the site, each with multiple updates to her credit. You can look up the girls profiles and see all of the shoots she has been involved in, browse the library by tags or by popularity or date. It is a quality members area that makes it easy to browse and enjoy.

Unique "Project Junction" Features and Giveaways

They get members involved by running these "project junction" promotions that aim to get the site and its members into a more interactive space. The one running at the time of my visit is for writing up a review of a model named Ageha and of the CKE18 site in general - the review the model likes best wins. They will airmail you the dress she wore during a recent shoot. Other prizes include wallpapers, wet panties, skirts, and other clothing items.


CKE18 delivers very erotic non-nude videos and galleries with some of the hottest teasing 18 year old Japanese girls in Tokyo.

The site is very well put together, with a clear concept that is executed to perfection in all of their exclusive videos and galleries. I was a little disappointed that there were no downloads for the movies, but the HD streaming looks fantastic, and as promised they are adding new ones every day. With a beautiful cast of girls, this very unique Japanese porn site is really something special and it is definitely worth your time to visit and see for yourself.


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