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Club Flashers review

Summary: Club Flashers offers a collection of photos and videos shot at night clubs or parties where girls flash their tits and ass during contests or just for fun. Photos are decent quality, but videos are only average in quality and are streaming only. A good collection of public nudity especially with its similar bonus sites although not updated as often as promised.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2009-02-16

Amateur, Reality, 18-23, Boobs, Butts, Videos, Movies

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Intro promises

- Updated daily
- All models are amateurs, some exclusive to this site
- Movies in WMV and MPG formats
- Bonus sites

First impression

Want to know what goes on inside a wild nightclub? Then you might want to check out Club Flashers. As the name implies, the women here are more than happy to get wild and flash their body parts. And, as is common in many nightclubs, there are various contests where the women try to outdo one another, such as wet t-shirt contests, booty shake contests, and more. Why go to a nightclub that might be lame when you can watch all the action at some of the raunchiest clubs right here.


$29.99/30 days, recurring

Credit cards through Epoch

Our opinion

There are two parts to the menu; one with links, and the other as thumbnails. Simple links along the top include Adventures (where you'll see the photo galleries and videos); Blog (which hasn't been updated since November, 2008); Store (where you can buy dvds), and Support. The thumbnail menu consists of Adventures; The Girls (over 40 girls, although many of them have links to other sites that aren't nightclub based); Search for your DreamGirl (where you can search via name, series, location, and category); Bonus (sites); Hardcore (streaming videos); Daily Blog (not updated for a few months); Behind the Scenes; and Store. A note about the bonus sites: I didn't see any of the bonus sites that they advertised on the tour under "Bonus." However, when on the main page, just scroll down, and you'll find them.

There are around 100 nightclub adventures, with accompanying video and photo gallery. Each of the weekly episodes are broken into a few clips, with each clip being between 3 to 4 minutes long. They stream in a 640x480 (1.50 Mbps) sized screen and are the kind of quality you expect to find in a nightclub setting. Bear in mind I wrote "stream." I couldn't find a way to download any of the movies, and I feel this is a major drawback to the site.

You can zip download the galleries, however. There's also a slide show option available. The pictures open to a wide range of sizes: 750x500, 666x499, 800x591, etc. Suffice it to say, there's no uniform pixel size. The quality is pretty decent for a night club setting, but I wish some of the pictures could be bigger and less blurry. There's no set amount of how many pictures come in each gallery. I saw one gallery had around 10 photos, while other galleries had over 200. I'd say the average is around 50.

The videos are pretty good (though I wish they were downloadable). They show women getting totally wild during a girls night out. If you've ever wondered just what women do when they go clubbing, you'll find it here. The videos are raw and have that unabashedly wild feel to them that you expect to find at a nightclub where anything goes. The women get up on stage, flashing, stripping, and dancing very suggestively - sometimes alone or with each other. When they get naked, the camera is right there, sometimes within a mere couple inches, filming very close up and sometimes hardcore scenes. In one video series I watched, one of the women got so turned on by showing off her body and dancing suggestively with another woman that she went in the back room to masturbate. The camera gets a lot of incredibly close up shots of her pussy and ass while she plays with herself.

Most of the videos, however, have to do with women dancing up on stage, and the men ogling them and trying to get them to compete with each other by outstripping or out booty-shaking the other women on the stage. If some of the women are generally shy outside of the club, inside the club they seem to shed their inhibitions as they shed their clothes. Alcohol might have something to do with that, along with the fun and "anything goes" atmosphere that many of the women have. I'm sure that if a shy woman is surrounded by a bunch of women who have a devil-may-care attitude, they're going to be swept up in the moment and surprise even themselves as to how raunchy they can get.


Club Flashers is a decent site for public nudity, flashing, and amateur women getting totally wild in a nightclub. The updates are weekly (not daily as the tour indicates), and there's a good amount of bonus sites to go with your membership. The quality of the content is pretty good, considering that the setting is in a nightclub, and it's all amateur.

The main drawback - and it's a pretty sizable one - is that the videos are not downloadable. If you don't usually download your videos, then you'll probably enjoy this site. If you like to save your favorite videos, then you'll be very disappointed in this site.


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