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Czech Wives review

Summary: Czech Wives is a hard-core amateur site with hi-quality images and videos that are streaming or downloadable offered in QuickTime format, along with stories and chat rooms.

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Mads, 2003-05-14

Amateur, Hardcore, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

This site obviously speaks for itself. That means that there are no actual promises, but one can take a free peek at what's inside the member's area by looking at the thumbnail previews. It looks like there's a lot of hardcore and softcore material here, though.

First impression

This site is one of the very best designed sex sites I've ever experienced, due to its simplicity. There's nothing here that doesn't have relevance (like banner ads or annoying flashing texts). Besides it looks like there's plenty of unknown amateur models to choose from here... but let's take a look inside!


Our opinion

Some may get the first impression that this site seems a bit dull, but the brilliant part is that the content is extremely easy to move through due to the simple navigation system. Besides, the design in itself is very unique and really makes this site appear to be something special (in a good way) compared to the state of the art pink colours, flashy banners and overcrowded columns which usually characterize sex sites these days.

The videos can be viewed by streaming sequences, or one can to download the entire movie. The format is Quicktime, which is an excellent choice. Both videos and pictures are high quality and the contents is great as well... this is amateurs only, young women exclusively, but they do know how to pose in front of the camera, though!

Altogether, the model quality is quite high though it's not supermodels you'll find here, but if you're into real-life amateurs having either soft- or hardcore fun you won't have to look no more. There's shitloads of picture and video material here and apart from this one can find erotic stories, chat rooms etc.


Let me round off by emphasizing that this was an altogether very pleasant experience, due to design as well as content. Be there no question that this site due to its transparent and easy-to-navigate interface is one of the most well-designed sexsites out there, even compared to the pro ones.

The quality of the content is furthermore relatively high and it's even original amateur stuff, so if you're into real amateurs instead of the usual silicone models, "Czech Wives" is a good place to go! The streaming of the movies works excellent and so does the downloading, and altogether the model quality is above average... and don't forget, there's a lot of it at a reasonable prize and it's not only movie clips!

What can I say! I'm quite impressed... I think I'll simply end up quoting a pop song of the eighties: "C'mon, join the joyride!"

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