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In Bed With Ashley review

Summary: Ashley is a 19 year old English rose as she puts it. This is her site where she shows off her large breasts and voluptuous body. The site design and navigation needs a little work to match the high quality content.

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J C, 2006-03-18

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Intro promises

"Hi I'm Ashley, a 19 year old English rose - with a very naughty streak. I may look sweet and innocent, but I'm not shy! I'm studying at uni and when I'm not being photographed in (or out!) of naughty outfits or chatting to my members on here, I'm out partying, getting upto mischief and generally being a naughty little minx! It's so fun having my own website, I love the danger aspect - none of my friends and family know what I get up to in my spare time! ;)"

"Exclusive high definition movies form [sic] my very own personal collection. The future of video is already here!!!"

"Live Webcam
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First impression

Well, aside from the fact that she in my opinion sometimes looks older than a 19 year old, I don't think it'll be too hard to get through the site. She seems to have a very nice, very voluptuous body that's pretty easy on the eyes. I like the color scheme of the site as well. Entering the members section makes everything seem a little less promising. Let's just say that Ashley's looks may have to carry me through more than I had anticipated.


Our opinion

There's not a whole lot to draw you into the look of the site. It gives off the appearance that it was created by someone brand new to the design game. That would be fine if Ashley were creating this site herself, but it's part of a family of sites owned by a corporation. The sub-par graphics and the layout make for a surprisingly uninviting start.

When you get into the picture section, it suffers a different problem. The page is divided into two separate windows. The top window keeps the menu bar and banner up on the top, while the bottom window contains a scrollable section with all the large thumbnails linking to the galleries. I'm all for big preview pics, but I do not like having to scroll the same page twice. Maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal if the mainstay of the site were smaller, or if the webpage crew froze it into place so that you only had to scroll one section of the page. But it doesn't work that way. As far as navigating the links goes, I'm glad the option is always there to go to another section, but as far as navigating the site in general goes, it's not as functional as I'd hoped.

The galleries themselves open up in this bottom window and are spread out over multiple pages to avoid more of the same hassle. You get twelve pics per page with a steady average of five or more pages per set. Each set gives you the option of downloading a zip file of the whole thing. There's also a toggle between large and small and an ability to rate the set from 1 to 5. Maybe it isn't completely set up yet, but I couldn't figure out what the large/small toggle actually did. It didn't change the size of the thumbnails or the size of the image from what I could see.

The photos are well done digital stills that take full advantage of the abundance of light the camera provides without overexposing the image. Almost all of the shots are taken at canted angles which isn't really necessary and sometimes distracts from the beauty of the shot and of the sexy, big breasted model. Clicking on a picture opens it in a new window. The very crisp images are large with a minimum resolution of 1024x768. Adjust your monitors accordingly so you can take it all in.

The site also offers a live chat function, but I don't know how handy that really will ever be. Aside from the brief amount of time Ashley herself plans to drop in (check the forum for that info), if it's truly exclusive to this site or even the family of sites, you have to consider who joins these sites. If talking to a bunch of guys who find the same girls attractive sounds like fun, then go ahead and register your username.

The video section is set up the same as the pics. The only difference here is that there are fewer options. Hopefully you're either set up with a broadband connection or you're a patient person, because the videos are only available in one chunk. The newest stuff is in HD, so that adds to your size and wait as well. The non-HD stuff is a little rough around the edges, but would still surpass the majority of the sites out there. The HD material is very nice and looks extremely clear and detailed when blown up to full screen. There are plenty of 6-10 minute videos and picture sets to keep you interested for quite some time, but none of them that I saw really took it to the slightly higher level of action that I was looking for. They're great at teasing, however.

The forum section allows you to ask questions and submit requests for Ashley. The community isn't extremely active yet, but it's a new site, so just wait. Ashley does a good job of responding to her fans quickly and keeping a great attitude the whole time. This section also features her diary. The posts are brief, but give a decent insight into her personality. There obviously won't be much of note in here, but the big fans will enjoy learning as much about Ashley as she's willing to throw at them.

Lastly, there's the cam. If you click on the section, and you're lucky enough to be on the site when a show is going on, you can access it in all its glory for no additional charge. Enter a username if you want to get in on the chat action, or just sit back and watch it unfold. The girls have sound and the camera provides a good refresh rate and picture quality that isn't too shabby.


Like any individual performer site, the main hurdle to jump is if you find the girl attractive. This one has a certain approachable charm and a good personality to back up the baby face. The site needs work and an internal overhaul to make it a truly immersive, seamless experience. However, there is a lot of solid, high quality content available in this young site with good customer relations, so the technical problems are pretty easy to forget.

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