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Naked News Anchors review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Naked News Anchors features news programming 6 days a week with gorgeous amateur hosts that get naked as they deliver the hot items for the day. The news is well written, researched and delivered in a very professional way. These girls sound just like the hosts on cable news stations, only they are sexier and, well, naked. With lots of streaming and download options as well as a few extras sections like their up-and-coming "hot models" and all of the amateur test runs and interviews they share the site is a real success.

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Jerry Fritz, 2010-07-23

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Intro promises

- New programs produced 6 days a week
- Best quality video on the internet in multiple formats
- Desktop & mobile streaming available
- Amateur audition vids
- Hot models vids

First impression

If you've ever wanted to see under the blouse of a sexy news anchor here's your chance. Naked News is a really different sort of site that brings you real news 6 days a week... naked. The various models, which they rotate and change from time to time, will do a spot-on job of delivering the news while undressing bit by bit until completely naked. This isn't a sex site though, just a sexy one. If you think they're not serious about reporting the news then you've got another thing coming!

This is certainly a specialty porn site that's going to cater to a specific viewer, and I'm tentatively counting myself among them. Let's log in and see what's happening in the world today!


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Our opinion

Sometimes I get tired of watching CNN's talking heads, listening to the same story run over and over again, so I'll switch over to FOX News. Then it's just a matter of time before they get on my nerves (there's just too many of them on that morning show and only one is a hot babe). I'll drift to CSPAN, local news stations but end up just shutting it off. The news channels have become so trite, so redundant and so... not sexy!!

Just as I was about to bury my head in the sand and forget about what the daily state of the world might be I stumbled upon a site called Naked News Anchors. Though new to me, it's not at all new to the internet. They have been producing original, high quality nude news shows six-days a week for ten years! How did this go under my radar? I have no idea. But once I spotted it I was locked in, signed up and gorging myself on current events and nice boobies.

I think that the site sums up its material perfectly, so let's hear them out: "Naked News Anchors offers a changing roster of completely naked, attractive and intelligent women bringing you the best in International News, Sports, Entertainment, Infotainment and much more". This isn't a sex site. It's a news site. And they get naked.

While watching the daily program or going through archived segments, I was really impressed with the girls' delivery. It was only a stroke of luck that they were topless while talking about geo-political climates and the recent Lebron James trade on Naked News and not dressed normally on some conventional news channel like CNN. They deliver the news perfectly, seriously and effectively. It was very clear that the show has real writers that know how to put together a news program. Just because the girls will strip off and get 100% naked while they talk doesn't mean they aren't really dishing out current events in a smart, articulate manner.

That's probably why I love this site so much. Sure, the content is very very softcore - - just naked girls talking - - and they aren't even all that sexy about getting undressed. But they are naked. And they really recap the news and look much better than those old men on cable television!

New shows are added to their catalogue every day, save Saturday. They get those shows on at about 5:30pm EST and those are going to be found in the "current program" section for 24 hours, until they are replaced by the next days shows. The old ones go to the archives, which you can access and stream or download (downloading is only possible for the latest two days).

There are two other sections besides the standard news programs. There's a tab for "amateurs", this is where you'll see tons of girls that auditioned for the site but didn't make it. They do a nude news segment to test their delivery, then sit down naked and are interviewed by the staff -- their experience, their pasts, their interests and hobbies, etc. A normal job interview, really... just naked!

The other section is labeled "Hot Models" which are softcore strip teases, exposes and interviews that are a little more sexy than the news auditions. These are well developed and really focused around the girls talking about their past, how they got where they are and things like that. The girls are all "up and coming" actresses, performers and the like.

Most of the site is set up for streaming. You can do so in a great quality Flash player or in H.264 MP4 players. There are different sizes and qualities for different connection speeds. No matter what sort of internet you're on there will be an option that works for you. The archived shows can be downloaded in MP4 or H.264 MP4 files. The best option is the H.264 MP4 labeled "Ultra". It has a 512x384 resolution and plays at a 1.6 mbits/s bit rate. The other options are in MP4 format and are 512x384 pixels at 1.6 mbits/s or the smaller one that's 384x288 pixels at 1.0 mbits/s.

The shows work pretty much how your typical news show does. The main show segments are News off the top, On The Web, Sports, Weather, Entertainment and Closing Remarks.

All of this is pretty easy to look through, download, browse and enjoy. The site design loads quickly, the streams are well optimized and it's an attractive, easy to read members area.


If you're hungry for something different, give Naked News Anchors a visit. They deliver real news programs 6 days a week, and they do it naked. The girls are sexy but professional, too, so the news aspect is taken quite seriously. It's a fun way to keep up to date, and way more enjoyable than those annoying 24 hour cable news stations!


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