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NDN Girls review

Summary: NDN Girls is a fun and unique amateur site where the host, Shimmy, tours around reservations and casinos and picks up real Native American babes to hook up with. The long movies are offered in good quality downloads and star a variety of American Indian babes, from teens to MILFs. The site is new and needs more content than its currently 12 scenes, but with regular updates there's no reason it shouldn't be one of the better sites in the niche.

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Jerry Fritz, 2010-03-11

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Intro promises

NDN Girls promises its viewers "Native Pornstars, Casino Girls, College Students, Reservation Hotties" and more, all in 100% exclusive movies. Beyond the exclusivity of the content, the NDN Girls tour doesn't really mention media formats, numbers or anything else specific.

First impression

I couldn't find many specifics on the tour - - what sort of video quality or quantity of content remain a mystery to visitors - - but the images and preview videos do a good job of conveying what sort of porn is on tap here. By the looks of it, lots of raw, gritty amateur goodness. The scenes look unscripted, detailed and involved and I was pretty eager to get inside the members area and start downloading. There are few sites in this niche (Native American Girls) so any new site is more than welcome in my book!


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Our opinion

One thing is very clear upon signing into the members area and that is that this is very much a work in progress. NDN Girls just launched a few weeks prior to this visit and though it has mostly found its footing, there are signs that things are still being worked on. All of the site's photographs, for example, are in a simple gallery and several menu items don't lead to anything. The webmaster, Shimmy, is pretty upfront with his members about where he's at though. His last update message read simply: "Photos just uploaded. Still working around the clock to get all the video content encoded and uploaded. Enjoy!" In other words, he's working hard to get things up to the highest standards.

A lot of the hard work has been done already. All of the movies are available in 720p HD downloads, for example. Some of the first updates on the site are in DivX, but the majority and most recent are in H.264 formatted MP4 files that look great with the 1280x720 resolution. However this isn't the whole truth. While they are encoded as HD movies, the actual movie is a Standard definition movie converted with black stripes in both sides. They look good, but aren't real HD movies. You can download most as a full-length movie, but some are divided into parts. It's usually one or the other. File sizes reach up to 1.5gb and larger. I think the site should continue to divide the movies in a couple of segments instead of one huge file. Movies can also be downloaded in iPod/iPhone optimized MP4 files that are much smaller.

All of these movies are listed on the main page. It's just a long list of thumbnails and long, detailed descriptions followed by links to the files for download. I really liked the descriptions. They go indepth about the scene, the girls, how he met them, what they got into and more. This sort of intimacy is also on show in the videos. It's clear these weren't quick studio shoots, but long, fun encounters that must have been edited down to a consumable length. At this point there is a total of 12 episodes.

There is a great variety of action online so far. Most scenes will involve hand jobs or blowjobs but you'll see a variety of girls - - some look hot and are maybe 20 years old. Others are older MILFs, still others are welfare crack whores (literally). Fetishes are played with as well: smoking, preggo, insertions, etc.

There are photos, you can click a link that takes you to a simple gallery with an array of thumbnails that aren't sorted. Click them to view the high-res images which are large and crisp. Most scenes have at least a handful of pics, but you'll have to open and look at them to see which are for which scenes.

For now the links to the "bonus" content don't work, so it looks like we're only going to enjoy the core collection of exclusive movies. There aren't many yet but so long as the site keeps updating, I think we can expect great things from NDN Girls.


NDN Girls is a new site and it shows. The webmaster, Shimmy, is working over time as we speak to get more content uploaded and ready to be enjoyed. Though the site is still a little rough I think it shows a lot of promise. For anyone into Native American girls, this site should be a great option for you, though at the time of this review it is in its launch phase.


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