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Our Home Clips review

Summary: Our Home Clips contains over 50 GB of amateur shot content made by and featuring couples from around the world. The majority of the content is in the form of videos streamed in Flash. Quality varies considerably, and the organization of the content some times overlaps several categories, but it is a great site for fans of authentic amateur clips.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Joseph, 2009-02-10

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Intro promises

" is a really BIG site with over 50 GB of content. With its huge collection of pure homemade porn video clips in over 20 different sex categories covering all topics and descriptions, becomes one of world TOP home made porn sites.

The content is daily updated, 365 days in the year with genuine amateur sex videos. The site navigation is friendly and intuitive.
We have over 10 000 members last year!"

First impression

Updated daily, Our Home Clips purports to have an archive filled with over fifty gigabytes of pics and videos submitted by ordinary web surfers just like you and me. What a horrifying thought! I definitely don’t wanna see people like you and me having sex…ugh. Just the thought of it makes me wanna puke in my soup! Anyway, Our Home Clips contains “genuine home sex videos,” or at least that’s what the site’s makers claim. In reality, a lot of the content on this site seems to have been pulled from the archives of camwhores and solo girl sites, but, then again, those people shoot all their content at home, so maybe this site’s premise still stands up. The tour for Our Home Clips inarticulately brags, “With its huge collection of pure homemade porn video clips in over twenty different sex categories covering all topics and descriptions, Our Home Clips becomes one of world TOP home made porn sites.” But is that really true?! Let us find out…together. To the Porncave!


$19.95 for 30 days, recurs at $17.95 every 30 days
$47.95 for 90 days, recurs at $41.95 every 90 days
$47.95 for 90 days, non-recurring
$69.95 for 180 days, non-recurring

Credit card, online check and 900 number are accepted forms of payment; billing handled by CCBILL, LLC.

Our opinion

Our Home Clips is not unlike most homemade porn sites. First, it’s huge and has a ton of content. Second, all of this content covers a whole mess of XXX niches, from tame things like blowjobs to saucier affairs like group sexcapades. Lastly, and most importantly, Our Home Clips and other sites of its ilk feature only real amateurs, if you don’t count the camwhores, anyway. Which brings us to my main concern with this site: I don’t know how much of this content is actually homemade. As I said, there seems to be quite a few clips from camwhore sites to be found here… thus there’s no way all of this is exclusive…and I’m left wondering if all this shit can be found on countless other pay sites… Troubling, no? A good deal of this shit seems to have been imported from Europe, for whatever that’s worth.

Like I said, this is a big site. Here are some stats To prove my point: Our Home Clips currently has over ten thousand members, (well, they don’t need your money!) over seventy-five hundred video clips, over four thousand pics and over twenty categories, including Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Blowjobs, Couples (Hardcore Sex), Cum in Mouth, Cumshots, Facials, Girl-Girl Action (Lesbians), Group Sex, Handjobs, Interracial Sex, Solo Girls, Solo Women, Tits, Toys, Women Masturbation, Cell Phones Clips, Other, Big Movies and iPod Clips. All these categories help make “the site navigation…friendly and intuitive.” Like a good mother! Of course, there is some overlap in the niches — you’ll find plenty of facials in the Blowjobs category, for instance. The horror!
Obviously, the quality of most of the content on this site leaves much to be desired — this is homemade porn, after all! Hey, when amateurs are using cell phones and webcams to document their sex lives, you can’t expect much, okay? So don’t join this site expecting to see too many high definition videos shot by people who know what they’re doing.

The video clips on Our Home Clips stream in an online Flash player and can also be downloaded in Flash (.flv) format (it should be noted that the clips found in the Cell Phone Clips section stream in QuickTime since they are in .3gp format). The majority of the videos on Our Home Clips are really short — almost all are less than ten minutes in length, though most are far shorter, say, under two minutes in length. But they are some exceptions, notably those found in the Big Movies section. Even though you won’t be able to download them to your PC, they look fine even when viewed in full-screen mode!

Photos on this site are a mixed bag. There aren’t nearly as many pics as there are videos and the quality of said pics is crummier than the quality of aforementioned videos. The resolution of the photos is the same for all the pics: 750 pixels by 500 pixels. The pics make me sleepy.

As stated earlier, this site is updated every single day; in fact, it’s updated multiple times a day! Looks to me like the webmasters of Our Home Clips usually add six episodes a day. And it’s good that these fuckers update so much cos there’s no bonus material to go along with a membership at Our Home Clips. (Insert frowny face here.) No matter, you get a shit-ton of content with your membership.


I love sites like Our Home Clips, thus I loved Our Home Clips. Sure, this site is flawed and the quality of the content varies considerably, but this bitch is a huge porn library, one that will keep any porn fiend busy for ages to come (or is that CUM?! HAR HAR!), so join up, fella! Our Home Clips will give you your homemade porn and camwhore fix!

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