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Real Orgies review

Summary: Real Orgies wants to provide video footage of real swinger parties or other orgy events. Yet it somehow seems to be lacking something. While there are some good and apparently authentic scenes, there are a few from a gangbang event and a group sex scene that seems to be from a porn movie. Price is high compared to the only 18 scenes.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Fred Lake, 2008-04-15

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Intro promises

"Two guys and a girl is an orgy? NO WAY!"

They don't really have more "intro" than that, and get right to the sample photos and brief descriptions of various orgies. They claim frequent updates, high quality 400x300 movies, and high download speed.

First impression

Entering the members area, you have their (rather obscene) logo at the top, with two rectangles below. The left one is a list of the site content (broken down by scene, with links to each section) and the right one with bonus content (stuff they bought or traded advertising for from Dare Ring and Party Hardcore).

Below that is a large square containing links to bonus content including Mature Pervs, Juicy Cameltoes, Giant Women (as in women who are very tall, not fat women), Bushy females, Vintage Sex movies, Giant Natural Boobs, Home made Smut videos, Japan Fuck Fest, and Sell Your Sex Tape.


$24.95 per month (recurring) by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, or JCB) through Verotel.
$25.00 per month by phone or E-check (recurring).

Our opinion

Item number one, and it's either a biggie or nothing depending on what you want, this is a MOVIES ONLY SITE and there are no still photos. (This is a big marketing mistake they could solve by just creating a file of screen captures.) Most of the movies are in WMV format and will not work on Mac OS9 but will work on Mac OSX. Three of the movies (the Japanese 30-person orgy) are in MPG and will play on just about anything. One is in AVI format. Picture quality ranges from good to poor.

There are a mere 18 events divided into 92 movie clips. (Some have one, some have up to 12.) I have seen some of these elsewhere, and given the wide variety in film quality, style, and format, these were obviously bought from a dozen different sources and are not the unique product of the site owners. That said, the site owners have brought together a variety of sex orgy videos in one place with a wide variety of themes. (One is a 30-year-old tape of a hippie sex party from the Decade of Free Love.) You will find orgies at sex clubs, private orgies, and some of that strange Japanese TV stuff where they get a bunch of girls together and orchestrate an event. Some of these movies seem be from some gang bang events or similar though.

While the events are not well-labeled (you actually have to go back out of the site to the preview area to see event titles), it's all naked people being naughty, so who cares. I mean, it's not like "If this has oral sex, it must be Belgium" since the action is pretty much global and universal. One of the Japanese events is a blowjob contest; the rest seem to be general orgies by real people, not staged events. Most seem to be from Europe but there is one from Brazil.

Each event has a thumbnail photo and a row of numbers; the numbers directly go to the film segments. There is no narration or caption to set up the scene or explain what's going on. (Well, what's going on is a freaking orgy, so maybe a caption would just clutter things.) Events include: coed shower, two pool parties, something in a bar, something about dinner, a swinger party, a boat party, a British party, Las Vegas convention, a 70s hippie orgy, two orgies from Brazil, two Japanse production events, and others.

On the bonus stuff: Dare Ring is shot in Oregon, where the producer gets a bunch of college kids together to play some ridiculous game that includes drawing cards (such as: remove one article of clothing, pick someone and strip them naked, do oral sex on the person to your left until they are satisfied); what is here are the actual clips from one of their dozen or so games. The Party Hardcore "bonus" just links to some of their numerous free sample pages. The rest go to a sample page with a movie from another site.


They aren't going to win any film awards, but these ARE home movies that somebody (several somebodies) shot at several swinger clubs. If you want to see what real swingers do, this is probably it. Real Orgies is worth a look if you don't mind the grainy footage, lack of still photos and limited selection. Price is a bit high compared to the amount of content though.

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