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Shanes World review

Summary: This site offers a sizable collection and variety of reality porn videos including college sex parties, lesbian slumber parties, and various series, most of them based on group or threesome sex. The site is added to every week but its downloads and streams are average in quality. They also have a bit of advertising in the members area that is misleadingly placed and suffer from quite slow download speeds. For fans of amateur and reality hardcore in group scenarios the collection is still worth having a look at.

Score 70.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2013-02-12

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Intro promises

"Real guys and girls fucking porn stars on vacation!"

- 100% unscripted
- Videos, photos & bonus content

First impression

Shanes World promises you an exciting, ground-floor adventure through wild sex parties with real amateur girls and real porn stars. No scripts here, just cameras rolling while sexy college girls and guys hang out, party, and get into some very serious hardcore action.

The site doesn't make many specific promises outside of showing some thumbnail samples from their videos and galleries, and asserting you'll get access to 100% unscripted photos, videos and bonus content.

I created an account and signed up to see what the members area at Shane's delivers, so read on if you want to know more about what a subscription here really gives you access to.


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Our opinion

Shanes World does take you into a world of college parties, spring break orgies, and sex with beautiful strangers - and even a few porn stars - but it also looks like it takes you on a trip back in time. Most of the content looks to come from the 90s and early 2000s, but there's a good amount of videos to stream and download and the sex does look unscripted and as wild as any college kegger is likely to get!

Sex In Public, At Parties, Outdoors and With Friends!

The site really goes for a non-scripted, low-fi approach to things. A camera is rolling among the crowd of 20-somethings as they are partying or hanging out. A number of scenes come from all-female slumber parties full of girls half naked in pajamas or totally nude lounging, munching chips, sharing sex toys, taking showers together, and eventually getting worked into a pretty intense all-female orgy. These are super candid scenes, with girls talking to the camera when it gets in their face and grinning at it when they notice they're being taped as they're bent over and fucked doggystyle. That is to say this is a gonzo porn style, where the camera guy isn't ignored but included in the fun - no one makes pretend that this is anything but a college party with lots of sex, and lucky for us, someone is there with a camera on.

There are few other series included in the library, like scenes from the DVD series "Threesome Zone" among others.

It's Dated Porn

You'll notice the majority of the videos and pictures here are probably from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Everything from the quality of the playback to the way the girls are dressed and styled is a tip off.

Limited and Average Quality Downloads and Streams

There is just one download option, and while it has a large 1280x720 screen (3 mbits) in most cases, the quality is not that great. Depending on the series, some are a little better than others. You can also stream the movies online in their average quality Flash video player, embedded right into the members area.

The pictures are mostly screen captures, though a few galleries have average photographs that open to 900x600 pixels and look all right.

Good-sized Library and Regular Video Updates

There are over 360 scenes in the library at the time of my visit, and every week they add from 1-3+ new scenes to that archive. This is a fair sized collection indeed. The photo galleries are not updated much - it's been over 100 days since they last added any - but this isn't too disappointing as they are often just screen captures from scenes anyway.

Slow Site, Slow Downloads, Advertising in Members Area

The site is very slow. You can get stuck loading pages for what seems like an eternity. I wasn't able to get more than one download going at a time, and the download was pretty slow even when compared to other sites notorious for having very slow download speeds.

Navigating around is otherwise not too bad. There are a number of ways to sort and browse scenes like popularity, newest, longest, most discussed, et cetera.

While the site speed is annoying, more annoying are the ads all over the members area, including some that are made to look like links to categories that are put right beside a streaming video player. These are links to other sites, however, and not to categories. This sort of misleading advertising is horrible on any site, let alone inside of a members area you've paid to access. There's really no excuse for going about things in this manner.

Bonuses? What Bonuses?

The tour promised some extras but there weren't any that I could find.


Some fun sex parties and group sex content here, but it's dated and the site has issues with download speeds, load times, and too much advertising in the members area.

Shane's World is at times a frustrating site but with fun content. The porn isn't brand new, but it is well made and scratches the group sex/party sex itch very well. The problems are with the site itself - the misleading adverts, the slow download speeds and page load times might make it too much hassle to be worthwhile, but if this is the sort of porn you want to see, the site is still worth a look in.


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