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Share Adult review

Summary: Share Adult offers original and authentic amateur content. Quality, theme and everything else varies greatly due to its amateur origins, but it is a pretty solid collection of true amateur shot pictures and videos. Price may be a bit high though.

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Score 73.0 /100
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Uli, 2009-01-21

Amateur, 18-23, Blowjob, Boobs, Butts, Movies, Videos

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Intro promises

This is one of those sites that doesn't like to talk a lot but lets the facts speak: There's simply no direct promises besides "Watch hot sexy girlfriends in videos" and "Download 1000s of amateur pictures".

Instead there are 18 demo movies, mostly without doubt true amateur and hardcore content with low to medium level quality and a playtime between ten seconds and one minute. Secondly there are 40 bigger thumbs (240x240 pixel) also showing pure amateur pics with and without hardcore action and lots of variation.

First impression

Checking out the preview you might already have gotten this impression: This is not a site with the typical photo series (many pictures with the same model, sequential action and same location) or professional movies, but rather an unstructured collection of amateur photos and amateur movies collected from endless sources showing lots of different amateur ladies. To me there's no doubt this is indeed 99+% genuine amateur content. Well, that's what they claim on their member's site - and they ask their members to submit their own stuff.


Our opinion

The most precise description I can give of this site is: Share Adult is a site with amateur photos and amateur movies of amateur women. You think I'm kidding? Well, perhaps, but this is the only common ground I can find for this site. Everything else is varying: models (there are rarely two or more pictures featuring the same lady), action (from full hardcore scenes to normal everyday and nearly fully clothed depictions), picture quality (from quite good, big and state of actual photography down to underexposed and stamp-size-liked quality), location (simply everywhere where it is possible to take photos or movies).

I checked out the content more closely to see whether I had seen pictures or movies anywhere else. There were very few ones I knew from other sites, but nevertheless this collection is genuine and was not taken from other similar sites. BTW, I found it remarkable that people's faces or eyes normally weren't blurred.

The site is quite big: It features more than 17,000 pictures and over 200 movies. The resolution and length of movies is varying as wildly as the level of quality and the content presented. Filetype is mostly WMV. Do not expect any HD-level quality here, even the better level stuff is merely NTSC/PAL resolution.

Design and handling of the site is nothing spectacular, but on the other side easy to handle without the danger of getting lost anywhere and without annoying gadgets and Flash videos. Its main objective is to just present the content. Pics and movies are divided in collections, images, videos and a few themed collections like Asian, blowjob, boobs and ebony. Each collection opens an overview site with thumbs (both of pics and movies). Clicking on a thumb opens a new page. There is navigation within the picture content - you can jump through the collections forward and backward or go back directly to the overview sites. The movies are opened directly from the overview sites. They are not streamed, just normal WMV-files. You may download all content (pics and movies) directly, but zip-files are not available.

There's one topic left: If this is indeed a full and genuine amateur collection from lots of different girls, how did Share Adult manage to build it from the ground up? The answer obviously hides behind the link "Submit your own pictures and movies". It opens a page where you can do so (this site also can be reached from the free parts of Share Adult) and promises three prizes each month drawn among the contributors. I'm astonished, but obviously this works.


Share Adult is a pure amateur site loaded with genuine amateur content, both in front and behind the camera. Models, quality, style, themes are varying wildly, just the way it is when you collect pictures and movies from whomever and where ever you can get them.

This site is very much different from the typical amateur sites like say ATK Galleria or Abby Winters, where the depicted models are also amateurs like in Share Adult, but everything else is done by professionals and all the stuff is arranged in series with accompanying movies.

Share Adult features a big collection but is due to the way it harvests the pictures, a big mess of solitary pictures and movies. You just have to like the idea of this site - if you don't and think this is just everyday material, stay away.

I found the rating of this site very difficult because of the very mixed material. At first the price of this site of $24,95 seemed exaggerated to me, but because they need the incentives to motivate girls and couples to send in their very private stuff, it might be justified.

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Total average: 75.9/100 Our score: 73.0/100

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