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Captive Male review

Summary: On Captive Male the women are in charge and dominate their male slaves, which usually involves forced feet/ass/pussy worshipping, bondage and getting fucked with a strap-on. The action is true to the theme, the price is fair, but video quality is not much above average.

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Tamesin, 2008-01-25

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Intro promises

- Weekly hardcore FemDomme updates; occasional bonus updates
- Behind the scenes footage
- Each episode averages 40 minutes in WMV and QuickTime; no DRM limitations
- Videos are downloadable or streaming
- Average of 200 photos per session
- Message board with active participation by Director

First impression

Ouchie, ouchie! Men are all tied up and tortured here at Captive Male! There is no doubt what this site is all about: beautiful, strong women using men for their pleasure. Hm, how will a man react when he's bound, helpless and forced to endure humiliation and pain? Well, there's only one way to find out...


Our opinion

Once inside Captive Male, you'll see the set up is the same as it is on the tour. The simple menu includes Updates, Stars, Calendar, Forum, Links, and Support. There are 20 total shoots, 684 video minutes, 133 video clips, and almost 3,200 pictures. "Updates" is the home page. Just scroll down and see all the episodes. "Stars" contains almost 30 models, listed alphabetically by first name. The roster includes such luminaries as Bobbie Starr, Penny Flame, Sativa Rose, TJ Cummings, and Wild Bill.

Considering how new this site is (since August, 2007), they have quite a cast of stars. A word of warning: If you want to click on the content listed under this category, however, you'll find dead links. I clicked on several of each model's picture sets and videos, and I received the "webpage cannot be found" message. Luckily, these links work from the Updates page. Hopefully this site can keep their webmaster captive until s/he fixes it! "Calendar" links you to a list of all the updates within Captive Male and its sister sites. Additionally, a message board can be found under "Forums," where you can give feedback on the site and perhaps even hook up with someone through their "Personals" thread.

The episodes are laid out in over a dozen thumbnails and a preview clip. There's also a nice description to further pique your interest. Updates are once a week with a good sized video and photo gallery. There are over 100 photos in each gallery, and the video episodes are usually over 30 minutes. Some episodes have twice as many photos. While the tour claimed an average of over 200 photos per session, I didn't see that. There were a few that were over 200, but most fell well below that. I'd say the average was around the 130 mark. The photos open to 1024x682 pixels. Most of the pictures are of screen shot quality; they were still pretty good, though. Some photos are posed and have a clearer image.

The first male was captured in August, 2007, so the site is new; however, they've got a nice collection already started (20 episodes). You can stream the movies in clips, or zip download them in Windows Media or Quicktime format. Each clip is usually several minutes long, with the total episode being around 30 minutes long. Videos open into a 640x480 very good quality screen. Full screen mode diminishes the quality slightly.

One episode caught my eye right away because of its preview picture. A cock was sticking through a glory hole, with Bobbi Starr tying it up and hooking it to an electrical device. Now that's something you don't see everyday in porn! I liked this episode a lot, even though it was heavily edited. (I noticed that on all the clips I watched). For instance, as soon as Ms. Starr saw Wolf's cock going through the glory hole, she immediately tied it up with string. He took his shirt off while pressed against the stall. The next time you saw him, while Ms. Starr was still tying his cock and balls, he was totally naked and his arms bound heavily in rope. Now who did that - lol!?! Anyway, I thought I'd mention that in case you like your action lightly edited.

There were a couple episodes that had two submissives - one female and one male. The one I watched included a fun little vignette: a doctor's assistant turned the tables on her overbearing boss and dominated him and his female patient. She put him through all sorts of deviousness. Something that struck me about this episode was the female sub leaned into the flogging, whereas the male flinched away. I don't think you can script something like that; it seemed natural. And you sure can't fake an erection when having your arse explored by a big ol' strapon.

Throughout these videos, men's genitals were tortured and teased in a variety of ways until they're all shades of red, blue, and purple. Strapons were used often on these men, as well as heavy bondage and cbt. There was also plenty of face, ball, and dick slapping; violent wands; flogging; drooling mouths from ballgags; parachutes and weights; men forced to perform oral sex while being bound and slapped; and gagging on dildos. Sweat poured off these men's faces and bodies; some faces even turned red. If you're into other colors, don't forget the blue cocks and swollen purple balls. Additionally, there was hardcore close up porn in here, where the women used the men for their pleasure. At the end of the episodes I watched, the participants relaxed and discussed the session.


I enjoyed Captive Male. The site is dark and forceful, just like the women who capture and torment their male prey. The site is updated every week with a good quality BDSM photo gallery and video episode. Navigation is simple and the content stays on target: taking men captive and making them endure pain and humiliation. So pull up a chair and be captivated by Captive Male.

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