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Extreme Holly review

Summary: Extreme Holly delivers weird and hardcore fetish content. She has both pictures and videos of her and her male assistants playing and messing around with food, pee, speculums and other stuff.

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Uli, 2005-01-19

Fetish, Personal-Amateur, Hardcore, Sologirls


Intro promises

- Who knew a babe this hot could be so EXTREME?
- Holly makes sluts cry and men horny
- come see her adventures in cum drinking, face slapping and crazy watersports
- watch her take on lots of big cocks, little whores and everything in between
- Holly wrecks the whores and craves the cock
- sucking off, humilation, violation, puking

First impression

"Extreme" is one of the most important promises in porn and is heard quite often. "Extreme" in fact does not mean only unusual sex actions (the further away from the "missionary position" the better) but also might mean that a website / person is specialized in one extreme action like very big dildos, cum parties and whatever. When a site claims to be extreme it always has to be determined what sort of extreme action (and of course how extreme) is shown.

Thus Holly's preview already shows, that
a) the claim to be extreme is justified and
b) indeed a bigger variety of extreme sex is presented.

Since the preview shots are obviously taken from the normal site contents, there is no lie about them - Holly shows what is promised. The preview just gives you an idea about the contents, but sadly not about the full picture size and quality neither of the pics nor of the movies.


3-day trial $4.86 (recurring)
30-day $30.86 (recurring)
30-day $33.86 (non-recurring)
90-day $68.86 (non-recurring)
180-day $98.86 (non-recurring)
Billing service is either CCBill or Paycom.

Our opinion

Well, the members area welcomes you with a handy design - simply the sections shown as tiles and a small listing about new stuff at the top - no long search what's shown here. Pics and Movies left and in the middle, so that's the place to begin.

The pics and the movies were taken from the same shootings, so the description of the "extreme" action has to be made only once: Yes, to answer the obviousquestion first, the action is indeed extreme. Of course there's normal fucking, dildo games and most of the stuff you find on average hardcore sites too. But you will soon see the difference: Even such shoots are not done in love and tenderness, but with intended violence. E.g. dragging by the hair is nothing special. You don't have to wait long for the extreme action: cum shots on Holly by lots of guys while groping her body everywhere, golden showers including pee douche and pee drinking, hard ass fucking, fisting, deepthroating of cocks just to name of few. One of Holly's specials is vomitting and you should be aware that you will see it in detail as well on the movies as on the pics. Not just puking in the toilet, no, puking on each other during lesbian games, puking on a guy's cock and so on. The girls (Holly is not the only one doing that) force themselves to vomit with deepthroating dildos and cocks and they seem to be specialized in doing that. Another more harmless (but even extraordinary) specialty is Holly's grimaces, which sometimes look funny, but sometimes also fierce and strange - seldom you see a model mugging except on bloopers!

Ah yes, sorry, forgot to introduce the models: At first there's Holly herself, a nice raven-haired lady with a sexy body. I think she's a good type for doing such extreme shots. Second there are her pals Vanessa, Erin, Summer and a few more who are certainly not less extreme than Holly herself. All the girls are of the young girl-next-door-type, just young nice girls. There's another specialty to mention: it's Vanessa's tatoo: I have to admit I have never seen a tatoo that strange: She got the wings of a butterfly tatooed left and right aside her pussy so that it forms the body of the butterfly - imagine the poor tatooer doing that looking at the girl's pussy all the time! I didn't mention it so far, but it seems nearly as a matter of course: all girls are fully shaved.

Now let's talk about quality and quantity: At the moment there are 44 series of pictures available. One series has up to 400 pictures and many have around 200 and more. Updates are done weekly or even twice a week. The pics have resolutions of up to 750 to 1100 pixel, calling them "fullscreen" is not exaggerated. They are clear and ok, but not of extreme crisp and professional quality. Get it right, it's not bad, but the last 10 percent to the top in quality are missing.

As mentioned, each picture series have their corresponding movies. They have an acceptable quality with an average resolution of 320x240 pixels, up to 50 MB of size and playtimes of 10 minutes or more and are well taped. They are all WMV (V8).

There's some more content on the site: bloopers (all are movie clips) e.g. showing Holly wanting to piss but not being able to, more private shots showing Holly's crazy life (pics and movies), a journal, a "Fuck Holly"-part (yes, Holly is indeed willing to get fucked by strangers if they are willing to be photographed), some games (taken from a different server), a link page and of course some bonus sites and feeds. I think the most valuable sites of the latter is the camz-site, so although Holly does no cam shows herselfs (she should!), she at least offers the admittance to some.

I shortly mentioned the site design: It's just of the kiss-html-type (kiss= keep it simple, stupid), but on the other side it is easy to use and does not bother you with idiotic gimmicks. All content is downloadable without hassle.


Holly's site is nothing less than a fully fledged personal hardcore site. There's a lot of content on the site with an acceptable quality. The site is very hardcore and I indeed think the attribute "extreme" is appropriate. Thus you have to think about whether you really want to see this - I admit I didn't find the idea of making a girl puke on a guy's cock that sexy. But If you wan't to watch it, here's the place you can. The price of the site is close towards the upper limit of acceptability, so my recommendation is to check the preview thoroughly.

Screenshots from Extreme Holly

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