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Fetish Delight review

Summary: Fetish Delight is a hard-core, amateur fetish site. There is over 3,500 images and videos with everything being original and unique content.

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Score 60.0 /100
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J., 2004-06-17

Fetish, Hardcore, Amateur


Intro promises

- Over 3500 pictures and videos
- Original and unique content
- Weekly updates (sometimes biweekly)

First impression

Judging by the plethora of sample pics right up front here, these guys aren't messing around. Right on the sample page, you can see a girl sticking a needle through her toe and a girl sitting on a thumbtack dildo. They're not kidding about this pain business. The layout looks a little generic- it has kind of a livejournal look to it. It's not bad, but it's not blowing me away.


Credit Card, Online Check, Phone

30 days: $9.95 (recurring) [Not available by phone]
30 days: $12.95 (non-recurring)

Our opinion

One of the first things I notice is that there's no direct link for member login. You have to go in by clicking on a "Members click here to view the whole set" link on the preview page. It's a small thing, but not a good sign. Clicking there opens up a set after you login and immediately I notice that the sets are not broken up into seperate pages. This makes for some very long loadtimes on some of the larger sets (upwards of 150 photos).

The photo content is, as to be expected by the intro, lot of pain, bondage and discipline. There's forks being pounded into heels, beds of nails, lots of limb suspension, nipple clamping, bruisers and tons of other stuff I didn't know people actually used. Wooden and metal ponies, saran wrap, some footplay, some fisting, some pissing, and lots of hosiery. If there's a taboo fetish this site doesn't cover, I don't want to see it. A good percentage of the photo sets are with the same girl- an older (40s is my guess) white woman who's very girl... err... woman-next-door. There are around 50 sets on the site, which seem to have gotten more extreme with time.

The photo quality is, in a word, shady. It's obviously just a basic camera with a flash on it. There's no lighting, there's no attention to setting (it's a bedroom). Closeups have that characteristic point-and-shoot flash brightness in the foreground and darkness in the background. Anyone with a camera, a willing girl and a handful of thumbtacks could have taken these pictures. Not that there isn't a certain fitting feeling to that style in this genre- I just can't stand when no time is taken to make the pictures look a little more professional. The default resolution of these pictures is 600X800 which is, of course, not very high. However, there is a way to change the resolution on the side of the page. You can make the images 1024X768 or 1600X1200. These higher resolutions make the detailcome out a little bit, but honestly, no amount of pixels per inch are going to make these look like quality photography. There's also on video so far in both a lo and hi resolution version (both are .wmv). The lo res version is about postage stamp-sized (160x120) and at a nearly bare minimum encoding rate of 38kbps. The hi res is a respectable 320x240 and a bitrate of 150kbps. The video was shot on a comsumer digital video camera and is really just a taping of a photoshoot. But the site says that you probably want to hear her screams of pain and delight, and that you may. Some definite work needs to be done on the quality of the video, just as with the photos.


Fetish Delight has all original and exclusive content in a genre in which content is hard to come by. I appreciate that fact. But I cannot overlook the complete lack of interest in creating high quality content for the site. It's obviously a small operation, and I like the little guy. But this little guy needs to take a photography class, buy a better camera, and hire someone to layout his site. I can only recommend this site for real fans of the genre, as the low quality is enough to turn most people away from it, even at the very reasonable price.

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