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Foxy Mud review

Summary: On Foxy Mud the models seem to like getting more dirty than on your usual porn site. The content quality is really great and with an emphasis on pictures. This is an unusual fetish, but if it is something for you then Foxy Mud is a must see.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Melissa, 2006-04-26

Fetish, Photography / studio, Amateur, Mature / MILF, Softcore, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

The intro page to this site, Foxy Mud opens up to show you what a dirty job this is going to be. But oh, what a fun job as well. The first tour reminds me of a newspaper front page, a large image in the center and then text all around it... so these folks have a lot to say. They do let you know right up front that they hold 6,054 pictures and 6 videos as of the day this review was written. The articles give you information about who they are, what theyíre all about and what this site holds in store, which includes more videos soon. This site brings you nudes in mud, and the brain behind the brown mess is Foxy, given that name because she is an artful woman, like a little fox. They do promise two or more updates per month.

First impression

I think Iím going to enjoy this website. Iím used to looking at babes that are doing everything that make-up will allow to make them beautiful, while these ladies are in the business of turning you on more - the more they get dirty. A little spin with the soil on that idea, but I like it and I think Iím going to enjoy digging through the thickness of it to find all their dirty little secrets.


30 days - 25 Euros (about USD 31.50)
90 days - 60 Euros (about USD 75.80)
180 days - 90 Euros (about USD 113.70)

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Our opinion

The memberís section opens up to the same page as intro, covering the write-ups and also allowing you access into the hidden treasures they have in store for you. There is a link across the top labeled, ďFree StuffĒ which entitles you to, a list of updates, a biography, wallpapers, links, next updates and a list of Foxy Mudís friends. But itís under the Member link that we find everything weíre really looking for. Here is where theyíve nestled the photos, videos, backstage items and bonuses too. Letís go exploring!

Opening up the pictures area youíre greeted with somewhat before and after shots to advertise this folder of fun. The first one to greet you is a pretty brunette that is dressed in an evening gown, with long black gloves to match, oh, and stockings that are made of mud! Yep, she is submerging herself into this sloppy soup of sexuality until you can no longer tell what she was wearing, hell, you canít even tell what sex she is! There are small write ups to accompany the galleries and you usually get a flash of their stash, whatís held between their legs before itís covered to make it look like a cunt made of clay.
Only complaint is that you seem to be unable to save the pictures as regular .jpg's. They only like to be saved as .bmp. That's a shame.

There arenít just solo romps in the rubbish here, youíll find all sorts of wrestling and playing between parties while the mud coats them in numerous layers. Of course, Iíve always heard mud baths are wonderful for the skin so these models should have the best complexions going. The thumbs are nicely sized but itís the enlargements that will really get your attention. They fill your screen with 1200x800 pixels and youíll have great views of hardened nipples through the thickness of muck. Youíll find 47 galleries to this site, all holding quite a few images. There is just a handful that fall under the number of 100, most are over that number. The models arenít the normal babes that you find on most sites, instead, they are walk of life women that may not have that perfect hour-glass figure, but they are all lovely and all very dirty... in different ways.

Here you will find only one video that includes a male and a female, so thatís the one I want to gather the information from. There are some screen caps to accompany the video by the way, so you do get a few more images from this site. This particular clip has a run time of 19:30 and it seems that the movies are only offered as downloadable choices. The format they play in seems to be a little confusing. The files are named *.avi.wmv but they are in fact encoded in WMV9. Youíll find that the lengths of these clips run from 5 minutes to 22 minutes, the more recent ones seem to be the longer playing. This particular clip was 105 MB. I had a little trouble with this longer clip so Iím moving on to some of the smaller ones to see if my luck changes. The smaller one played MUCH better than I even expected. It must have just been a fluke on the one attempt because the others are wonderful. Downloading them brought up the Windows Media Player and they immediately started once download was complete and the quality was outstanding. Even in the full screen viewing there was no quality lost. The technical information on this particular clip is, it has a run time of 5:34 minutes, itís 30.2 MB and the video size is, 640x480.

The Bonus section to this site brings you even more pictures, with more mud and fun. No article of clothing is safe and no body part is untouched by this wave of sludge that everyone seems to be having an excellent time romping in. I stand by my original thoughts on this being a fun site to review.


In my opinion Foxy Mud was a dirty joy to witness and explore. The images were high resolution and you definitely get quite a few to give you a peek into this muddy perversion. With the average amount of pics being 100+ in each of the 61 folders. Granted, the video amount is low, but they promise in the intro that more will be added, which pleases me because I am really fond of the quality while viewing them. Even in full screen mode they were clear and more than enjoyable. If you get into the fetish of mud wrestling, mud masturbation and just some down right dirty fun, then youíll want to check out this site, and until then... ĒHereís mud in your eye!Ē


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