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Pretty Girls Pee review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Pretty Girls Pee is a fetish site focusing on the videos. They offer thousands upon thousands of images, movies and a lot of information.

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Alexander, 2001-11-13

Fetish, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

Thousands and thousands of pictures
A lot of movies
A lot of information and community

First impression

The design of the site is nice and very tasteful. It doesn't look like a typical pee site, but more seriously and classy.


Our opinion

The intro promises are kept 100%, and the material is of good quality - seems the webmaster has made a real effort to find some good pictures for the site.

The navigation of the site is easy, due to the effective menu on the left.

The pictures are divided into galleries each containing well over 150 pictures of several different girls. There is probably about 20 shots of each, the girls are all caucasian looking and aged around 20-25.
Quality of the pictures is good and they have an OK size.
As the name of the site suggests the content of the pictures is purely pretty girls peeing.
The site is regularly updated, so the webmaster will be adding more content now and then.

An advice to future members: Please note that each gallery has several pages - I didn't notice that right away, since the link was placed almost too discreet in the bottom of the gallery.

The movie archive of the site, at the moment contains a little over a hundred pee and female ejaculate movies, with a file size that varies between 0.2 7.6 MB (most of them 4-6 MB) and some are series.
The quality of most of the movies is good and they can be viewed directly from the site or downloaded,
so you can store the movies for later enjoyment. Some of this movies are contributions made by users.
Unfortunately many of the movies are only around 15 seconds or so, although some are 40 seconds and up to several minutes.

Since our last visit, 3 new features have been added, the first is the announced story section. So far it contains 5 stories, but they are very well written and quite long.

2 new picture categories have also been added; Pee accidents with girls peeing in their pants, and Asian PeePics.
The final new feature is a message board also available for non-members. On the board you can make requests for new kinds of pee material for the site, exchange links or simply discuss any pee-related topic.

PGPee offers a special deal right know, where you get access to an extra site (
The contents of this site is not very extensive, but there are some pictures and movies containing different kinds of materiel.


If you're into pee and looking for quality, this site is worth a visit.
It seems that the webmaster listens to what the members request and then tries to find the material.

Since the last visit a lot of new pictures and movies have been added, making it a fair deal.
You won't find the same kind of pictures or movies everywhere, so if you're looking for a good pee-only site it is worth taking a good look at.

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