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Sport Erotica review

Summary: Sport Erotica is a fetish teen site bringing you promises of, 200,000+ pictures and 100's of thousands of videos.

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Score 30.0 /100
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AdultMonkey, 2002-06-17

Fetish, 18-23


Intro promises

Sports Fuckin' Erotica is yet another site from a gang of pornagraphers whose sole intention is to make money without regard. I've reviewed many sites for this company - a company's name that I do not know. They make all of the over the top promises that I've come to expect: 200,000 pics, 100's of thousands of vids, so on and so forth.

First impression

I can't belive they still have the $5,000.00 contest. I've talked about it before, and I really don't feel like talking about it anymore. The site is geared towards a sports fetish - women dressed up like athletes and the such. It's lusicrous really, these fuckers lead consumers to believe that the site is entirely on topic, yet in reality you'll get nothing of the such. The only good thing I see so far is great navigation. But what good will that do you when all you have is shit to negotiate through.


Credit Card
03 Day $4.95
07 Day $9.95
30 Day $39.95
90 Day $69.95

01 Month $35.00
On-Line Check
01 Month $39.95

Our opinion

No chicks dressed as athletes. No women fucking in football uniforms. Instead you're treated to some shitty generic plug-ins. The plug-ins aren't to blame really. It's the lack of on-topic material that gets me in a pissy fit. This is truly bottom of the barrel.

The vids are more of the same shit. The site will also try to sell you additonal bullshit you'll never ever need. Instead of writing more and more about this site, I'm going to use the rest of the review to list some sites worthy of your attention and money.


Instead of wasting your money here, try some of the sites we have listed in our top reviews section. Sites like Amateur & Teen Kingdom, Karups PC, Matt's Models or DD Girls and many more all have something great to offer.

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