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Susan Wayland review

Summary: Blonde German beauty Susan Wayland's site is dedicated to fans of latex suits of all kinds. The site features Susan displaying all sorts of spectacular latex outfits, but without much nudity. Technical quality is great with HD videos and the amount of pictures and movies is good. The site is easily navigated and pictures come in zip files. Great choice for the latex aficionado.

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Uli, 2009-04-21

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Intro promises

"Susan Wayland - The HIGH CLASS TOP MODEL for Latex Fetish Fashion!"

- Over 28400 exclusive Pictures
- 190min exclusive High Definition Videos in 16:9
- Every second day new Updates
- Download all Updates as ZIP Files
- 100% Exclusive Photography and Videos
- Picture Resolution up to 1600x1067 Pixels
- Special Pictures up to 3500 Pixels
- No Download Limits!
- No PopUps or Spam

Additionally there are a bunch of good looking pictures of Susan, a blonde bombshell - and a lot of latex clothes in even more variants. Each series has a bigger preview photo and some (mostly four) smaller ones. There is a written comment to each series in a very blog-style manner and - I found that a really good idea - some user comments to each page. Gets you a good idea what it is all about.

First impression

The precedence of pictures over text gets continued. The pics are pure Latex fetish! Looking at the promises you already might have suspected the very good and stylish quality of the pics and boy, that's indeed the way it is. Being used to adult sites you will notice something you also might have anticipated from the preview page: There is nearly no full nudity here, more than 90% are tits, pussy and butt covered in latex, some are just tits and very few are all naked. Fetish yes, but less naked skin.


Our opinion

Call her bombshell, call her vamp, beauty or anything you like - German Susan Wayland (nickname "Sway") is NOT the average girl next door neither the average "Fräulein". She can look very innocent, but there is picture proof that she ain't. She is an impressively hot blonde beauty with a marvelous body. Looks very stylish, several tattoos and piercings and perhaps enhanced boobs (just guessing), which at least look great. And latex, that's her passion. Colorful, tight and with endless varieties, ideas and sometimes beautiful surprising views! There is simply no photo where she is not covered more or less in latex. The biggest part of the pictures is the motif more than the nudity which is rare and full nudity nearly doesn't occur. There is no sexual action present defining this site as a fully softcore one.

The pictures look quite stylish - even some of the outdoor pics leave a slight impression that Susan was photographed in a studio. Ok, latex pics are intended to look stylish. Their quality is without doubt very good - look at the preview, imagine those pics a little bigger and you will get an idea of the top quality of the site's pics. Ah yes, forget any spoiled, badly done or amateurish pics - there are none! Also the ideas behind the picture series are amazing and so are the locations - this is neither everyday photography nor the natural snaps of the average amateur site.

At the moment the site has 115+ photo series each with 20 to 100 shots giving you a grand total of nearly 6,000 pictures. Especially the newer ones have a great resolution of ~1600x1050 pixel, low compression rates and quite big file sizes of 300 to 600 kB for each picture.

Do not expect any surprises with the videos after you've seen the pictures. They share a lot of action with the pictures, thus they are of course with latex as the main thing (what did you expect?!?), they are good quality (especial the newer ones which have HD resolution and look quite good) with less nudity. Of course movie is a different media than pics, so the action is sort of posing and simply moving slowly in front of the camera, one movie with Sway introducing herself and telling stories from the shootings, the other ones having synth music as audio.

At the moment the Susan Wayland site presents 34 movies. The playtime is up to 15 minutes, the smaller only last a few minutes. As already said, quality is good (HD with 1280x720 pixel resolution) although not the absolute best I have ever seen - relatively speaking the pictures look even better. Filesizes vary between 20 and 200 MB. Filetypes are WMV and RMVB (Real Media).

There is some additional content besides the main features: Some wallpapers and a list of appearances in magazines, a small link list, a journal (mixture between blog and diary with a few pics), a forum and a bio of Sway. Some bonus supersized pics will get available after an uninterrupted membership of 90 days.

The site design is simple but nice clearly emphasizing the pictures. You can select between galleries and videos, which both open an update list with some thumbs from each series. Typical for this site is that picture series are split into maximum eight single updates, which take place continuously and are displayed on the same page. Every picture is available in three different resolutions: low (330x500 pixel), medium (530x800) and the already mentioned high resolution (1067x1600 pixel). The movies also give you several choices - you can stream them as flash or download as WMV or RMVB. Movies as well as pictures are fully downloadable, all photoseries (the single parts) are available as zip-file. The site is both available in English and German - there is even a German blog up and running.


If you are into glamour Latex stuff and don't care too much about nudity, Susan Wayland will be a great site for you: A hot, spectacularly good looking lady, latex content in endless varieties, great locations, professional pictures and good movies - that's what the Susan Wayland site will bring you.

If you are not particularly interested in latex clothes and more in nudity - stay away, this is not the place for you. The site contains quite a lot of good stuff and is comfortable to handle, download friendly, gets lot of updates, seeks Sway subscriber-interaction and many more things. But I admit, I couldn't find the promised 28,400 pictures - I just counted ~6,000. I hope Sway does not count each pic in every resolution and on the German and English site separately! The price of $29.95 is high, but to be expected for a high-end fetish site like this one.


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