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Uniform Taboo review

Summary: Uniform Taboo delivers primarily photo galleries of girls in 8 different types of uniforms. Some uniforms have more galleries than others. A limited amount of videos is also available in average quality. The photo quality is great, but zip files are missing. Overall worth a look for fans of girls in uniforms.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2008-04-02

Fetish, 18-23


Intro promises

- The no.1 online source for uniform porn!
- Now with over 500 high res. picture sets and video galleries of authentic uniform porn. New sets every day!

"If women dressed in role playing uniforms is your cup of tea, then Uniform-Taboo is the right place fo you! Inside, you'll find teasing schoolgirls in their catholic plaid skirt uniforms and thigh-highs, naughty nurses always on call, cheerful cheerleaders, ever so helpful french maids and many more uniforms."

First impression

Are you a sucker for a woman in uniform? Then this site has got you covered, my friend; whether you have a thing for school girls, maids, or even police-women! I have to admit, I understand the appeal of a babe in uniform. I have a thing for French maids, myself. Fortunately, this site doesn't look like it's going to disappoint us.

The tour images look spectacular. Though the primary focus is women in costume, there also appears to be a healthy dose of hardcore thrown into the mix. I saw some real enticing shots of solo masturbation, and hot lesbian action. Perhaps enough to satisfy both your uniform kick, and more conventional appetites as well.


$24.95 - 1 month
$32.95 - 1 month which also includes membership to nylon-taboo and teen-taboo.

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Our opinion

Admittedly, I've always been a bit of a stickler when it comes to design and navigation. Naturally, I was quite relieved to see the layout here, though a bit busy, is well-designed, and has even sports a good-looking colour scheme. Most importantly, you should have no problems finding your way around. Specific content is simply a click away.

The main menu, situated on the left-hand side of the page, gives you a wide variety (15 in total) of options: School Girls, Cheerleaders, Nurses, Maids, Brides, Army, Nuns, Secretaries, Fantasy, Other, Police Force, Sport, History, Formal Wear, and 50's Diner.

Most categories contain at least 8 galleries, although it's worth noting that the secretary category is absolutely empty. The photo galleries contain anywhere from 8 to 200 images with Cheerleaders and School Girls as the most popular. It really varies quite a bit. The pictures themselves are well-shot with a sleek, professional look to them. They have a very unique quality to them that makes me wonder if they're shot on film or digital; all are in the JPEG format and clock in at 40kb with dimensions of 468x700. You can then click again on the photo and get the original sized picture up to 2000x1333 pixels. Unfortunately there's no zip option available.

Though many sets do follow the expected solo-posing formula, with progressive states of nudity as the set unfolds, there are many notable exceptions: lesbian, and MF intercourse shoots. All in all, the photos are hot and well shot. Minor complaint: the photographer sometimes takes large successions of photos just below the girl's neck. I find this pointless and somewhat annoying.

Hats off to them on their consistently babelicious models. There truly is an abundance of fine ladies here, dressed in a variety of outfits. One of my personal favorites is Veronika. She was perfect in her school girl set. Her slender, athletic build and shoulder-length brown hair go well with the plaid skirt, and grey knee-highs. Her body really is exquisite, also. It's evenly tanned in all areas, including the vag and tits.

The mounds of her breasts are quite small, but nicely round. Her areolas are dark and delicious looking. Her ass is nice and plump, but still maintains a youthful, cellulite free appearance. She also has one of the fattest, juiciest snappers I've had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. Check her out!

There's currently only 13 movies at Uniform Taboo. Four of which can be found in the cheerleader category, eight in 'School Girls', and one in the 'Maids'. Hopefully they'll expand their video content in the future because what they have is stellar. Movies can be either downloaded in a series of clips, or in their entirety. Full-length movies have an average running time of 30 minutes, while the clips average 2 minute.

Clips and full-length vids both are downloadable in the WMV format. The clips have a resolution of 640x480 and look good in full-screen mode. Oddly enough, and perhaps due to compression, the full length movies have a lower resolution of 384x288. They look okay but aren't near as sharp as the smaller clips. A shame.

The movies themselves are above-average in both production values and action. I was impressed with how realistic some of the settings looked. The action usually heats up pretty quick, and you're never left with a dull moment.

One steamy lesbian scene contained two cheerleaders: Katerina and Pavlina. They meet in a run-down looking locker room. What starts as light petting and kissing quickly escalates into all-out, hard-core pussy munching and toy play. Perhaps they should have done this on the field, mid-game; that'd certainly help raise team spirit, eh?


I really enjoyed my time spent at Uniform Taboo. It caters well to a popular yet oft-neglected niche. Not all categories are equally full, but I suppose there's enough cos-play here to satisfy most. Unfortunately, the videos, as spectacular as they may be, are few and far between. If these guys up the production and full length quality of the movies, this site would move of to the level of greatness. Still, the current material alone should be enough to garner the attention of serious fans.


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