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VIP Cams review

Summary: VIP Cams is a live chat site, where you get a chance to know the models before you ask them to spread or perform some other action for you. The camera quality is good and the models seem hot and friendly. It does come at a price though - most private chats are $4.99 a minute!

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Mephistopheles, 2008-04-23

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Intro promises

Q: What do I get with my membership?
A: In addition to the 1000's of pictures and videos of the great models, you get 30$ worth of bonus time to take your favorite girl in a private 1on1 show!

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First impression

I love a good old-fashioned porn flick as much as the next guy; though, sometimes I need that extra added kick that a prerecorded film just can't seem to provide. Case in point: VIP-Cams boasts to have tons of models, all of which are ready and willing to do whatever you wish. We've all thought one time or other how great it'd be to have a girl carry out our dirtiest desires when our spouses simply aren't up to scratch. Well, here's your chance!


$29.99 for monthly access, including a bonus 30$ of live show free

Private shows are $1.49-7.49 per minute. Most are $4.99 or $5.99.

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa and Mastercard

Our opinion

Immediately upon logging, I was pleased to find that there were in 27 models online. That's always a good sign and one of the first things I look for when reviewing these types of sites. Overall, I'm liking the look of the member's area. It's well designed and has an upper-class feel which suits its VIP moniker.

Topping the page you'll find a stylish, black and white banner featuring two gorgeous babes necking. Further down the middle you'll find links to featured events, as well as a list of the girls who are currently online. On the left-hand side of the page you'll find all of the menus used for navigating the site.

The selection of models here is quite impressive. There's currently 1308 to choose from. Clicking a model's photograph will take to her own personal page. Here you'll find tons of information about the model, including her measurements, favorite position, and fantasies. Hell, just in case you're into astrology, they even include the girls sign.

In addition, there's also two photo galleries. This should 'cum' in handy if for you pic-hounds, or if you just want to get a better look at the girl before viewing putting down your hard-earned cash on a live show. You'll have the option of choosing between still shots (screen caps) from the girls' shows or professionally shot photographs.

The photographs, which is to be expected, are by far the superior of the two. They sport a large resolution of 750x1000 pixels and are clear as bell. I was actually a little surprised to find such good photos on a cam site. The screen caps from the live shows, aside from their postage stamp sized resolution, are actually pretty clear themselves.

Then again, you aren't reading this review to hear about the pics, huh? I guess it's time we move on to talking about what this site's really about - the cam feeds! Well, viewing a public show is free and part of your monthly membership; however, once you go private it's gonna cost you about $5.99 a minute.

As far as viewing the cams is concerned, you have two basic options: Broadband or Lowband. Surprisingly, there's not that huge of a gap in the basic visual quality of the two. The real notable difference is the frame rate. If you go low-band, the girls' movements become far less fluid and reminiscent of those old Charlie Chaplin films, e.g., very jerky and unnatural looking.

Fret not, however, the Broadband suffers from none of these issues and looks superb. After a sometimes slow start (which you don't get charged for) the videos stream effortlessly. I should add, in the private shows you get the option of viewing the girls in full-screen mode. It doesn't actually take up the whole screen, though; it's more of a 'fuller screen'. And that's probably for the best. How would you type your commands to her?

Speaking of which, I had very good experiences with the two girls I encountered. Once we got into private chat, I got right down to business and started making demands. I wasn't rude, but you could say I was a bit 'cold'. This is, however, for your benefit. I know a lot of you guys aren't going to be able to waste valuable minutes while these models just take their time.

Fortunately, the babes I tried were extremely obedient. For example, I told one girl, right off the bat that she needed to stick her finger up her ass. After the briefest hesitation and a little giggle, she had her finger so far up there that her knuckles were touching her anus.

The other girls were also more than willing to fulfill all of my kinky requests and in a timely fashion, too! I should mention, however, that not all of these girls are into anal. In fact, it'd probably be best if you used the public chat to find out what they're what each girl is comfortable with.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that they've also got streaming and downloadable videos, too. I'm not sure of the exact count, but it looks like upwards of 100 scenes. The cool thing is that these scenes maintain the voyeuristic feel of watching the cams. What I mean is, the girls seem VERY aware of the camera. In a, particularly hot, lesbian scene I was watching one of the girls stared directly into the cam several times.

In addition to this, members also have free access to a daily show with various models. Pornstar Gina Lynn was featured this day in a 90 minute show.


VIP Cams easy to navigate, has TONS of models, and the cam feeds are absolutely top-notch. It's damn near flawless. The only problem I see with it, and this may turn off some of you, is the price. On top of the 30 dollars a month member's fee you also have to add additional funds to the site if you ever want to view any private shows. At upwards of $5.99 per minute, this can get awfully expensive.

On the bright side - there is a free daily show and new members get 30 dollars worth of minutes free with their first month. I'm not sure I'd recommend this to newbies of this genre. If you, however, consider yourself a hardcore cam site enthusiast and feel that you haven't been satisfied by those other cam sites, this is likely just what the doctor ordered.

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