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All Ruth review

Summary: All Ruth is a spin-off site from Simon Scans. One of Simon's models, Ruth, has made her own site with lots of pictures of her and where she finds new models and photographs them herself. Quality is good, and the models are all cute amateurs.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Tracy, 2005-08-30

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Intro promises

"Decency challenged art. Updates, stills, movies, webcam, diary and free stuff.

I make entries in my diary as often as I remember! I guess that the key thing with my diary is that I really write it.

Every set (of photos) on the site gives you the option to cruise through pictures induvidually or to download a zip file that you can save to your computer that contains all on the images from a set.

There are just over a handful of movies on the site so far. Most of which are girl/girl movies both in Mpeg and WMV format. You can also view them in the browser window too which is pretty cool if you ask me!"

First impression

Once you glimpse the girls on AllRuth, their slim and luscious bodies, the stockings, garters and settings, you can't help but feel excited. As soon as you get a peak at the photo thumbnails in the tour, you know this is going to be an amazing site with quality photos, and it certainly helps that this British babe once worked for, and associates her own site with Simon Scans.


30 Day membership: $29.90 (recurring)
60 Day membership: $69.90 (recurring)

Major credit cards are accepted, and CCBill will appear on your statement. UK residents have the option of joining by debit card.

Our opinion

The design of AllRuth is exceptionally clean and high class. The layout is neatly organized and there is plenty of white space that sets off both the thumbnail photos and the text. There is a lot of text giving you information about different areas of the site, a synopsis of photo sets and movies and a diary written by Ruth, herself. Even in reading, I never once felt anything but excited. All text is well-written and it comes to life with the vibrancy of word choices. Ruth's personality and subtle humour definitely shines through, especially in the diary. Of course, I would not expect anything different since Ruth claims to have taken Russian and philosophy in University. Not only is she stunning, but she's smart and interesting, too!

Ruth is 21, blonde, blue eyed, with gorgeous breasts and a body to match. However, not all of the photo galleries are images of her. There are 81 photo sets. Most profile Ruth solo, or in lesbian sets with friends, but there are some solo shoots with other girls. AllRuth hits on most major fetish niches including pissing, glasses, and smoking. While the majority of the photos seemed fashion-like, there was a diversity of styles that included erotic art, and the more natural outdoor public nudity sets. All of the photos are impeccably shot. The lighting ranges from even illumination in color, lesbian sets, to high contrast, and noirish lighting in black and white sets. All photos are downloadable in a zip file, and believe me, you are going to want some of these 1125x750 shots for your personal collection! Each set of photos contains 73-249 images, and considering there are 81 sets, you are looking at an average of over 10,000 images.

There are only 16 movies on AllRuth, but the site tour never leads you to believe otherwise. Like the photos, the videos are mainly solo or lesbian, and when you have exceptional looking girls like this, the films can't be anything but hot! You can either stream 2-15 minute videos in an embedded Windows Media Player, or download them as WMVs or MPGs. The 320x240, 848 kbps videos are nicely shot, and smoothly edited. While the sound was mono and the zooms and pans were a bit shaky, the image was very clear. I loved a number of the videos, especially the lesbian sets, but there were a few like "I Need More Tokens," that I really didn't see the point of even having on the site.

While there is a webcam feature, and you can book one-on-one time with Ruth, there was a notice upon my visit, that there were technical problems with the weekly free show. There was also a note that it was being rectified. Other 'Free Stuff' includes a bio, wallpapers and links to some of Ruth's favorite sites.


I certainly hope that AllRuth adds more videos, and the only real disadvantage of the site other than what I have mentioned, was the lack of a good search engine feature. There are a lot of photos, and I constantly felt like I wanted to find the sets by niche instead of surfing page after page. On the other hand, I loved Ruth, and in my opinion this is a girl who can barely do wrong. She is absolutely gorgeous, and her site is a blend of high quality, and funky sophistication. AllRuth is an independent model site with plenty of photos, just enough erotic sex and fetish material to keep you turned on, and a whole lot of fun and personality.


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