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Andi Sins review

Summary: Andi Sins, a 26-year-old brunette amateur who shares nude pictures and movies with fans on an amateur network. Here you'll find a mix of solo teasing, stripping, masturbation and kinky fetish material that is currently updating several times a week. Content qualities are good and well suited to the amateur niche. Overall an impressive amateur site run by the performer.

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Caliente, 2009-10-09

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Intro promises

Andi Sins is a 26 year old, with blue eyes, black hair. She is a bisexual and always up for a good time.On her site you can see many different fetishes. Some are smoking, bondage, pantyhose, feet, and shaving. She loves taking pictures and sharing them. You're also promised a way to get in touch with Andi and request specific photo sets.

First impression

This is one attractive lady, long black hair with a tight tanned body. For an amateur she seems to have a whole world of content - either there is someone helping her and designing her outfits, locations etc or she's a very creative girl with a very naughty mind! But either way I like it! The page is long, basically everything, all her photo set thumbs and video updates are all listed here which I usually don't like but this time it doesn't seem that bad at all.


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Our opinion

Yep, it's definitely all on one page. Andi Sins' page is part of an amateur site called Lifestyle amateurs where basically anyone (although I'm sure they control this) can host their own page and upload a whole bunch of material, pics, videos, whatever. So they will most likely have total control over their own content and from what I can tell Andi does a decent job, it all looks quite varied and interesting. I can't for the life of me pick her accent, at first I thought it was British, then American and now I'm settling for Southern States, but could be very wrong. Apologies if so!

There were a whopping 107 photos sets on Andi's page at time of review and 46 videos. The cool thing is they're ALL different, I mean the photos aren't taken at a video shoot, each is independent. So this girl works hard! It's not your typical porn site, you get to not chat, but interact with Andi, you can email her with requests for photo sets and who knows maybe if you ask nicely enough, she'll film you something special as well! The search function is very straight forward seeing as everything is on the same page, you can only search for vids or pics anyway so that's self explanatory. There's also a blog which where you can keep up with what Andi's been doing, like most blogs it just tells you what's been happening but there's a bit of background info on the woman herself which is quite interesting.

The photos are of varying quality, most around 970x1213px but some were very grainy, as if shot by a crappy point and shoot digital camera. Having said that however, the majority were good res and feature Andi doing some pretty cool stuff. She usually strips off to completely nude then you're graced with some open leg posing, but it's quite tasteful and there's no spread of pussy. BUT Andi gets a little more freaky in some of the videos. Each photo set has around 60 pictures, and can range in anything from shaving her pussy, to washing her hair to stripping off a sexy nurse and on the most part it's damn hot! I'm not usually one for solo amateur girls but there's something about Andi that kept me watching. God she's got a great ass! The lighting is not bad, fairly simply done but this IS amateur remember, so well done for achieving the results she got, they're very good. You can view the photos in a slide show or download them all in a zip file. Easy.

The videos, right well, there are a few of them. You can view the vids in a flash player or right click on .wmv or .flv files and download the whole thing. Again, it's pretty simple, not clips or screen snaps or varying file sizes but that doesn't matter here. Video image size came in at 720x480px, so it's like watching a high quality youtube sized vid. The videos were lesser in quality than the pics, Andi often shoots indoors and could do with a bit more lighting, it wouldn't take much just to bring her out a bit and reduce the graininess. It appears Andi has filmed all of her videos by herself, the camera is locked off and she performs whatever she's doing all in one take. She's not the most natural person in front of a camera but her slight awkwardness is endearing. However once the toy or activity has been introduced it's all on. Don't expect a lot of over the top moaning and groaning, this is real, people! It's great the way she tries out toys people have suggested, and even talks during the filming (one quite entertaining scene when she uses anal beads) but not so much it's off putting. If Andi is putting any of this on then she is a very convincing actor, as most of the orgasms seem very real so if she's faking it, she's doing a damn good job. You can add the vids to your favourites and rate them as well.


I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with Andi Sins' site. For an amateur she surely has ticked all the right boxes. If you're after a simple site where you can check out a girl (who responds to requests!) who's sexy and willing to get dirty and even is a bit humorous then Andi Sins website is for you. If she could just use one simple light on the video shoots it would raise the quality massively.


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