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Daisy Rock UK review

Summary: Daisy Rock is a British pornstar with plenty of personality to fill out her own site. On it she stars in a variety of different movie types including fucking fans, fucking younger girls and exposing men to intense fetish fucking. Newer movies come in great quality HD movies while older ones are average quality. A number of medium quality photo sets are also offered. Daisy seems to truly love performing, and it is worth experiencing.

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Tamesin, 2009-12-08

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Intro promises

- Exclusive content
- 10,000+ images and hours of movies
- Amateur home footage

First impression

Burlesque British babe Daisy Rock is a self-confessed sex addict and exhibitionist and has decided to set her kinky and lusty sights on the porn industry. Her site promises to offer a unique and creative spin on porn. Since she has won the Best Girl/Girl and Best Series awards at the 2007 UK Adult Awards and Most Outrageous Female Performance at the 2008 awards, her personally run paysite should be a delight to see.


Our opinion

As soon as you enter Daisy Rock, you won't see the usual menu option. Instead, you'll see several of the latest updates, and then below that are the movies divided by categories, and then a link to the photo galleries. The movies contain the following categories: Fan Fuck (5+), Manhunt, I am a Slut Girlfriend (5+), My Pornstar Girlfriends (around a dozen), Fucking Teen Girls (5), Fetish (around 15), Events, parties, live shows (around a dozen), and Solo Sessions (5+). "Fan Fuck" is Daisy's own personal casting couch, where fans of hers can apply to be in a porn film with her. "Manhunt" has no content within it, with a message that states "Coming soon." I don't know what this category entails but, if it's in keeping with the rest of this site, it should be something wickedly delightful. "I am a Slut Girlfriend" features videos where she's cuckolding her boyfriend. Sometimes he's even there to hold the camera and film all the action. Since Daisy has a hankering for "Fucking Teen Girls," you'll see some of her exploits under this category. As to how often Daisy Rock updates, I have no idea. There are no dates noted.

You can download or stream the movies in WMV. The newer videos usually come in more than one format, such as in 360x180, 640x360, and HD 1280x720. The older ones generally open to just one size, such as 640x360 (approx. 1.05 Mbps) or 720x576 (approx. 1.16 Mbps). The movies are pretty good quality, with lots of closeups, which generally don't get blurry. Buffering is a breeze, and the videos I watched didn't stop at all to buffer. They can be downloaded too. Most videos are good sized as well; the ones I saw were between around 20 minutes to over 30 minutes in length. Every now and then you'll see a much shorter video, but it's appropriate; for instance, you can't exactly have a 10 minute long video if the only action is Daisy peeing!

There are almost 50 photo galleries, with the photos opening to various sizes, such as 666x1000, 1025x679, 1024x768, and 768x1152 pixels. The quality is generally pretty good, with some very artistic galleries, (i.e., black and white with a retro look). The amount of photos within each gallery varies; the ones I saw had from around 10 to around 80. Unfortunately, there's no zip download option.

The videos I had the pleasure of watching inside Daisy Rock are indeed that - a pleasure. Daisy's wanton voracious appetite for all things sexual is genuine, which is a very nice change of pace to your usual porn site. Daisy herself states that she wants to make unique content that you won't find in your average paysite, and I say she has succeeded. While you'll see much of the same hardcore fucking that you'll find in other members' areas, what makes this site different is Daisy herself. Not only is she an extremely sexual and experimental being, she is also very creative and not afraid to be herself in front of the camera. What that often consists of is Daisy pushing the envelope and taking a gamble as to what to show in her content. Whether you're watching a hot lesbian scene filmed in Daisy's kitchen (with busty babe Sara Jay) or a bdsm themed corporal punishment video showing Daisy submitting to a man who only speaks German, Daisy's personality shows through. In fact, after seeing Daisy's submissive side, I have a hankering to dominate that little British filly! (She also has a wickedly dominant side when it comes to male submissives).

Throughout her content, you get the overwhelming impression that Daisy is being herself. While she may have a general outline of what's going to occur in her movies, the acting just doesn't seem like acting. It's like we're literally being voyeurs, peeking in on her private sexcapades. She claims her orgasms are real, and I can definitely believe it, especially when she gushes. The expressions on her face when she's about ready to cum and slowly reaching that peak are priceless, as well as how spent she looks after cumming. Daisy truly does rock!


I have no reservations in highly recommending Daisy Rock. She does indeed succeed in making unique porn. Much of it has to do with her exhibitionist, experimental, and kinky attitude. I don't think I've ever seen a porn star be so real - throwing herself totally into everything she does. The quality of the content is generally pretty good, though I'm not sure how often the site is updated. As it stands now, there's a good amount of content to keep you satisfied. Daisy Rocks!


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2010-12-20 18:43:57

be warned, she is hideous. I thought I had joined a shemale site