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Naomi St. Claire review

Summary: Naomi St. Claire is a petite brunette girl who offers her members photo and video sets. Unfortunately both photos and videos are way too small to live up to today's standards. The amount of content is also a bit sparse.

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Score 55.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-05-30

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Intro promises

Youíve definitely purchased a house in the right neighborhood because they say that Naomi St. Claire is the girl next door. This is her official site, promising to hold thousands of high resolution pictures, that are being updated weekly, as are the videos. She says everything is exclusive and high quality. I say, itís going to be interesting on following the path of promises.

First impression

Naomi is a cute brunette with perky b-cup breats. She doesn't state her age, but I would estimate that she is 20 years old. My womenís intuition is throwing some radar right now. Iím not exactly sure what to think about this site from just the tour area. Yes, you have whatís offered down the left side, but I donít care for the images that are offered, the way they look, quality, etc. But Iíll reserve my opinion until the review has been written and the conclusion made.


3 days $2.95 (recurring @ monthly rate)
30 days $14.95 (recurring)

Credit card, Check


Our opinion

The membership area seems to be laid out pretty nicely, giving you the most recent updates, a little excerpt of news and then again, the links down the left side. She does have a blog thatís going to be added soon and also live chat, but as of yet, they arenít available. This is more than just a personal amateur site because Naomi has invited a lot of her friends over to make the material even spicier.

Her picture galleries confirm the fact that this lady is bisexual, and from the look of things, she can satisfy you, whatever chromosome you are carrying the most of. Of the 31 folders that are offered, the majority seem to be solo posing, but there are some tossed in that include men and women for her libido. The content counts seem to waver, the numbers range from 33 to nearly 200, but they do all seem to be self posing and not just grabbed from the videos themselves.

You get portrait and landscape layout on the thumbs, and with the bordered look, youíve got some nice quality in the presentation. Her pierced clit and hard nipples go nicely with the backdrops theyíve used, it just has warm, rich colors, etc. Each picture holds 532x800 pixels. They donít exactly fill your screen, but the quality is nice enough, I wouldn't call it the highest of high, but decent.

In the video section, you wonít find many choices, itís limited to just 13 separate stimulators, but they offer some nice, hard-core action as the premise. Everything from hard-core with more than one man to hot lesbian action as well. You get the entire episode - no clips, and they seem to be ranging in different times, some are a bit over 4 minutes, while others exceed 13. Iím beginning to feel that my first impression was right from my womenís intuition, because the quality didnít pass the test at all.

You have only one format offered, WMV, which is fine, but, the video size is the nearly outdated 320x240 and a very meek 423Kbps. No offerings for a low, medium and high, just one option and thatís it. The lighting was extremely poor, so for some of the presentations you have a hard time seeing whatís going on, between the blurriness and the darkness. These are all download only, no chance for streaming, which even though download is usually the best, itís nice to have the option.

The only extras youíll find to this site are the wallpapers offered in different sizes, such as 1600x1200, 1280x960, and 1024x768.


In wrapping up Naomi St. Claire, Iíll say this much; she does bring you some hard-core action, but not much of it. The numbers are really low, and the quality isnít much higher. You have Naomi in situations of solo, girl/girl and girl/boy/boy, through pictures and videos. The membership fee is relatively low, which is good, because in the material count and quality, it definitely lacks and doesn't nearly do Naomi justice. They promise high quality through tour, but that was a somewhat empty promise.

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