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Samantha Capelli review

Summary: Samantha Capelli is a 22 year-old redhead beauty starring on her own all new site. So far it only contains 14 updates consisting of good quality photos as well as a few high def videos. Action is solo teasing and masturbation.

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Joseph, 2008-01-24

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Intro promises

"Welcome! I've always dreamed about my own space. I have been a webcam model for three years. Usually a growth for webcam model means her own website. But I kept delaying with it. Surfing such sites, unfortunately I come upon the same - there are girls, such beautiful dolls, but all they are identical! Without any personality. I don't want to be like them. My members always loved me because I am special and have a bright inner life. And only thanks to them I believed that I can keep all this and use it on my site. So welcome to the very special place on the web!"

First impression

Samantha Capelli, a slim fox with dyed red hair, has been a webcam model for three years now and has just launched her own site (finally!). According to the site’s tour, Capelli “treat[s] all [her] members like [her] best friends. If you are a person who has a rich inward life and doesn’t have [a] fun limitation, [she needs] you!” I have a low tolerance for good times, so I guess I’m not needed. Sigh.

Anyway, some of Capelli’s best friends (i.e., members) speak out about Capelli on her site. Ian, for example, declares, “[Capelli is] one of those rare girls who seems to maintain her dignity, despite her situation/surroundings (I respect that).” Bob describes Capelli as “utterly sensational” and “a real treat.” Cooperr (Cooper R.?) calls her a “very cute girl with bags of personality.” Finally, Twister says Capelli is his “number one cammer in the world” and admits that he “can’t think of a word to describe her,” so he made up his own: “sssssccchhhlurbulfasculous.” Yeah, I’d say “sssssccchhhlurbulfasculous” pretty much sums up Samantha Capelli.


$29.99 for 30 days then $24.99 every 30 days until canceled.

Credit cards only. is the authorized sales agent for this site.

Our opinion

Look, Samantha Capelli’s site is brand new, thus it doesn’t have much content on it yet. And that’s not good. On the plus side, she promises to update her site weekly (none of her content is date stamped, so I can’t confirm or refute this claim) and also vows to host free webcam shows every Friday, thus it is all good as they say in the hood. In other words, her site will be sssssccchhhlurbulfasculous in no time.

Samantha Capelli’s site is impossibly easy to navigate — just set your gaze to the left side of the screen and you shall find all the pertinent links; look to the bottom of the screen and you will see all the latest updates. And that’s about it. Easy, huh?

Updates are made to look like little magazine covers in the members area. Cute, eh? Click a cover and you will discover what’s inside of it: either a photo gallery or a video and a brief description of said contents that was allegedly written by Capelli herself (yeah, right). Content on Samantha Capelli’s site is pretty tame — nothing hardcore here, just solo stripping and posing.

Seeing as Capelli got her start as a cam girl, it comes as no surprise that her cam seems to be the draw of her site. And each new member gets twenty minutes of private webcam time just for signing up! (Just click the “Contact Me” link in the members area after you sign up and you will see Capelli’s personal e-mail — shoot her a note with a request for your bonus and you will get your bonus “really soon,” as she allegedly checks her email several times day, assuming she’s the person you're actually emailing, something I highly doubt. It should be noted that the “Contact Me” area also contains a brief profile of our heroine.) Oddly enough, there are no archived webcam clips on the site.

Currently, there are just five photo galleries to be found on Samantha Capelli’s site. And the galleries only contain twenty to ninety photos a piece. Yeah, I know, keep your bellyaching to yourself, tuff guy. What this site lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality; in other words, the photos on this site, which can be viewed one at a time or in a zipped file, are fucking amazing! Not only are the pics high-resolution, they’re gigantic!

There is a single video on Samantha Capelli’s site at the present time. The video can be played in Windows Media and, honestly, looks a little grainy; Capelli claims the clip is “homemade” and it looks it. The video is thirteen minutes long and is a montage of two scenes, one of which shows Capelli stripping on a bed and another depicts her stripping in front of a window as cheesy music sets the mood for both segments.

Bonuses? Well, you get two additional photo galleries featuring other models, Charlotte and Jenny, to be specific. Charlotte and Jenny are photographed frolicking on the beach in various states of undress. And that’s it for bonuses, unless you count Capelli’s journal. The journal looks like it’s updated whenever a new set is added to the site, as all the entries (well, both of the entries) discuss the creation of content for the site — there is no personal information posted on the journal. And, to be honest, I don’t get the impression that Samantha Capelli actually pens her own journal entries — they’re so impersonal that they could’ve been written by anyone, like, say, the site’s webmaster. Or maybe even me! (Cue thunderclap.) Alas, I did not pen these entries. (Cue thunderclap.)


Sadly, there isn’t a whole lot of material on Samantha Capelli’s site just yet, which is a bummer. Fortunately, Samantha Capelli is hot as shit and does a weekly cam show, so I guess it doesn’t matter (I’m sure there will be plenty of content on this site in no time). Yes, folks, Samantha Capelli truly is sssssccchhhlurbulfasculous.


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