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Sandys Fantasies review

Summary: Sandy's Fantasies is a new site that features famous blonde model Sandy and her girlfriends in high quality pictures and videos. Unfortunately there is not much content on the site yet. Navigation seems a little messy, but pics and videos look very good.

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Melissa, 2006-12-08

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Intro promises

Enter the world of pastel hue softness and the long blonde locks of a perfectly shaped young lady that says she is Europeís leading adult star. Sandyís Fantasies is laid out with her being oh so naughty and nice at the same time, and making a lot of promises. She pledges porn that consists of, hundreds of minutes of HD videos, and thousands of large, high quality pictures of solo and lesbian action. The tour area holds samples of the sweetness they say youíll find here.

First impression

I found myself opening up this site and just saying, ďOh, how pretty.Ē The first intro page greets you with Sandy wearing a fluffy baby doll that looks like something straight from a James Bond movie, then the ďEnterĒ button takes you into the real teasing tour of what she offers, and believe me, thereís not much in the line of clothing to these pages. I like a pretty site, it gives a warm and fuzzy feeling to start out with, to really make you anticipate whatís going to be found within the membership area.


30 days $14.95 (recurring)
90 days $19.95 (recurring @ $14.95 every 30 days after)

Credit card, Check


Our opinion

Ah... and the sweetness continues. Sandy shows off her frolicking friends through the membership area, and they are all rating a high ten on the scale of tantalizing. You also have the opportunity to go into the latest updates, videos, and the top 5 features that are re-submitted each week. Iím not really finding a ton of material to this individual site, but itís one that will tempt the dollar out of your wallet, the quality alone tells you that these are some folks that really care about what their members are getting, and they want to be one step above millions of other sites out there pushing porn as well.

After doing some dirty delving into what is offered on this website I wandered back into the most recent updates to form my opinions on. If you happen to be a picture lover as I am, they are here, as promised, you just follow the links and youíll be taken into the image sets, either through the updates which gives you Decemberís delights, or go into the ďFriendsĒ area, thatís the place where a dozen damsels are keeping their goodies stashed, just waiting for you to open them. I canít resist a picture set by Sandy where sheís wearing some high leather boots and her ankles and wrists are cuffed. There is a lot of sets featuring more than one girl that are enjoying the sweet taste of each other, but this Sandy set really caught my eyes.

She is giving you a glimpse of her restraints in posing motion that will either make you want to take her just as she is, or try to find the key to become her knight in shining armor, either way, you can bet itís going to be a hot time. This lovely blonde has a body that never quits and a selection for the images that pretty well matches. Theyíve done a really nice presentation with the thumbs for this folder, and you do have the option of zipping the files through each page or the full set.

But youíll want to get closer to Sandy, and that is possible with the options of small, medium or large blow ups. The small brings a pixel size of, 421x269, the medium, 800x512, and the luscious large comes in at, 1616x1026, making you feel like the action is taking place right in front of you. Oh, and when they mentioned through the tour that their images are high quality, they didnít lie, these pics are fantastic. Everything from the lighting, the placement of her body, the look on her face that fits the theme and the outfits they have her in ...or out of, it all adds up to some extremely nice picture sets. Youíll find approximately 110+ pics per folder, so thatís a nice count considering these are already the best shots selected by the photographer, and each model carries between one and 6 different sets.

Their ease to please carries over for the video section. Open up this page and youíll find areas to download DivX, QuickTime and WMV. So far there is only one video ripe for the taking when it comes to the month of December, but November and October have about 12 more each for you to enjoy. You will find 69 to be the favorite number for these girls as they slip into that slick slit licking position that makes them feel oh so good. And just so you know, even big girls like these, as lovely as they are, have not outgrown their desire for toys, and they show off how much fun using them correctly can be. You have choices for either watching episodes, this particular piece of prettiness is broken down into 5 parts, or you can download the full length clip through DivX format, and itís 428.35MB. The pieces vary in size, but for example, you have DivX at 67.52MB, WMV bringing in 51.35MB and QuickTime offers 17.01MB, thatís just the calculations for one of the episodes to give you an idea of what youíre looking at.

Just for your information these moisture filled moments take a few moments to start playing when you stream them - as does the downloading, from the high quality thatís given. Any option you bring up for play will give wonderful results. In the downloading phase of fun here the DivX brought the largest video screen for viewing, at 672x504, but it, and the WMV choice enlarged to full screen with nothing but pure seduction and sweetness. The clarity was more than welcome to these eyes as they will be to yours. Thalia and Terri, the two beautiful bombshells that intrigued me with their video really show how lovely it can be between two women. I have to say there are some of the prettiest panties and bras on this site Iíve ever seen.


Beauty, brains and bravery are some of the things about Sandy that I learned through her website, Sandy's Fantasies. Reading the ďAbout MeĒ section told me how she had her share of hardship growing up, but itís made her into the woman she is today, and what a lovely woman that is. She has a look to her eyes that will make you want to hold her while the rest of her body is tempting you in a thousand other directions. Everything promised through the tour held high with truth and this is a very well thought out and put together site, Sandy and her friends have done justice to the world of porn.

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